Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Funs and Fails of 2015

The year is almost over and I thought it would be fun to do a fail and fun blogpost.
I’ve also been blogger for a year now and I’ve learned a lot. I’ve failed. In life, in blogging, in trying. But I’ve also had lots of fun moment with trying, blogging and life. so I though I’ll make a little list of things in which I failed and had fun with.


I bought a phone last year around February. After trying it out I found out it was a horrible phone because my hand was to small for it. And I just couldn’t deal with it, in the end I thought it was ugly. The next day I brought it back and went back to my old school, 5 year old Samsung galaxy ace. But it’s just the big fail that I finally bought a phone and then hate it! But I’m so glad that I returned that phone... My new years resolution is to buy a new phone. One I truly like. Not only because of the price.

Another fail is to post on every Monday. I’ve already told this in another blogpost. But man.. this is so hard. I keep making promises and I break them 99% of the time. And then I disappoint you and myself. I really try, but I just keep failing at this. I hope and really going to try to make this better in 2016.

The November Instagram Challenge. This is I guess my biggest fail. But it has story. I started and had everything written down in my diary because I knew I would forget to post. The first 5 days went very well and proudly I posted that I was doing well. Literally the next two days I forgot to post. Then I posted 2 or 3 days and got bad internship news. My world was shaking and I had so much stress the week after that, I completely forgot everything around me because I had to decide what to do. Go on with my internship or stop. In the end I didn't stop and choose for the online internship and not the newspaper and that was a really good discision. But after that, I never picked the challenge up again. So there is now barely a week of the challenge on my Instagram. How embarrassing.


This year traveling has been crazy. I’ve never visited so many city’s ever in a year. Thanks to school I got to visit Brussels and London. And thanks to my parents we went to Luxembourg and Barcelona. Crazy crazy crazy but very fun days which I look back at with the biggest smile on my face. And I hope I'll get new chances to travel soon!

The concerts are also highlights of this year. I've waiting almost a year to see 5SOS live. and then it finally happened. Soon after that I had the chance to see Hey Violet live and it was just amazing. I love going to concerts! ,Oh and next year I’m going to see 5sos again!!

The blogging. It’s just amazing to blog. When I’ve got free time I’m always thinking about this. What can I do next? What should I still be doing? It’s always on my mind and it’s a good thing to have on my mind. It's just my way to spend time on my lonely attic in Ede. This is now hobby of mine.

No, I'm not on a dating site. But this has to do with, a dating site in Holland. I had to do streetinterviews for the newspaper. I had to wait in the middle of a busy street for the photographer to come. So I stood there with my phone waiting for him to call. Suddenly a man, around 40 years old, walks over to me and asks me: 'Are you from Lexa?' At first I didn't realise what he was saying. So I just said no. Later I realised that that 40 year old man was thinking that I was his date... HI-LA-RI-OUS!! 

Events from left to right: Brussels, Sail Amsterdam, Barcelona,
Harry Potter Studios, Barcelona, London,
Meeting Hey Violet, Luxembourg, Barcelona

I could make both lists a lot longer. But I choose these because these were the first moments I thought off which made me laugh and/or cry this year. But there are much more moments that I'll never forget that happened this year. Because this year was amazing. I learned a lot. And with a lot I mean a LOT. Seriously, this year was eye opening for me. I've cried and laughed and became a stronger girl.
And I hope for all of you that this year was also an awesome year. I wish you all the best for 2016. I hope next year is filled with lots of love, fun, laughter, family, friends and new perfect moments to remember for the rest of your life. Stay save on new years eve (if you're aloud to shoot fireworks into the sky) and I'll see you next year!!

Xx Rianne
Sunday, 20 December 2015

My Blog Turns One!!

Today my blog turns one! How crazy is this? My first blogpost is an under construction blogpost. I’m not quite proud of that but hey, I had to post something because my blog was changing every 3 seconds because I was trying out things. I thought it would be very confusing to someone that is visiting my blog and everyday it looks different because I changed colour, header, font. Just everything you can change I changed the first week. Even for me it was sometimes confusing. One day I had changed settings and I was happy with it. The other day I saw my blog and was like: what was I thinking yesterday??

Little me on my first birthday. (I took of the hat immediatly. I didn't like it)
But that post was not my very first post. I’ve had a blog with two friends before this blog. We had big plans and February 2014 we got the blog online. The deal was: before my 17th birthday and we made it! I was so proud of it and I kept coming with ideas and stuff. But as the time flew by and the new school year was coming both my friends dropped out of the blog. So I decided to start my own blog. I got all my blogposts of that blog and rewrote them and posted them on here. So the first two month’s I could post a lot. It was quite good to have a buffer like that!

I had amazing plans for my blog but failed miserably because I’ve seen how hard it is to post on every Monday and how hard (good) photography is. Sometimes I just had nothing to blog about. Sometimes I had thousand ideas and not a single second to take photos or write the post. Every Monday that I don’t post I feel guilty. I really want to, but these last months has been a crazy rollercoaster with internship, life, no social life, work, no sleep. And especially December is crazy with Christmas parties, dinners and school. (And worst of all: I don’t have Christmas holidays this year.) On the train I was working on this blogpost because even on Sunday I barely have time to sit down and write a post…

But for next year I’ve got some amazing plans. I’ve already planned new blogposts, got a little new idea and hope it’s going to work out. And I hope that after January, when I have finished my internship, things will be a little bit less busy. 
I hope everyone has loved the journey so far and I hope you still keep visiting my blog because even though I didn’t post every Monday I have enjoyed everything and loved writing and sharing about my life experiences. Again, I hope you enjoyed this just as much as I did. And I enjoy it a LOT! Hope you'll visit me for another few years!!

All the love, Rianne
Sunday, 6 December 2015

Dutch Tradition: Sinterklaas

We all know Santa right? Do you also know Sinterklaas? No? Well, get yourself a cup of tea, take a seat and learn from this history about the Dutch children’s friend. So I’m going to try to explain to you guys what Sinterklaas is... Here is my attempt.

Photo: Pinterest
Sinterklaas arriving on his boat

Sinterklaas looks a lot like Santa. He also has a beard but longer than Santa. Santa has elves that help him and Sinterklaas has helpers we call: pieten. (The last 4 or 5 years there’s a huge discussion if the way the pieten looks like are racist or not because we paint our face black and wear wigs and funny sort of satin looking outfit… As a child I never thought it was racist, and I still don’t think this children’s event is based on racist thoughts but other people feel discriminated which I also understand. To make it clear, I’ve never compared zwarte piet to someone with a darker skin colour. 

And I really understand that it hurts people who have (had) to deal with racism due to zwarte piet: translation: black piet. So I’m also okay with coloured faces they introduced one or two years ago than only black faces to stop the racism. My biggest problem with this discussion is that it's completely getting out of hand. Grown-ups (black and white) are literally yelling at each other without listening and saying the worst things to each other... The tradition mood has changed from everything happy to a heated never ending discussion.) But I don’t feel like discussing the racist-or-not-part. But I had to tell this because this is a major thing in here in Holland. I just want to talk about the happiness it brought me as a little girl.

photo: Pinterest
Chocolate letters, pepernoten, kruidnoten, schuimpjes and of course presents!
I’m going to tell you the story of this wonderful man. (Yes, it’s a college this time, you seriously are going to learn something about the Dutch traditions)

Once a year an old man comes from Spain on his boat to the Netherlands to celebrate his birthday on December 5th. And no one knows how old he exactly is... The old man has very funny and sweet helpers: (zwarte) pieten. A whole year Sinterklaas and his pieten are preparing for the best three weeks in the Netherlands. November 14th this year he had arrived on the boat full of candy: pepernoten, kruidnoten, taaitaai poppen and chocolate letters and of course presents for all of us!
For us, as family, every Saturday we were allowed to put our shoe nearby the door. (It looks like Christmas with the socks on the fireplace)
Then we had to sing a song to Sinterklaas and the pieten to let them know we set our shoe and show them that we've been a sweet boy or girl this year and really would love to get some present in our shoe!! Then the next morning the shoe is filled with a present or/and some candy.

Me and my friend Michelle uppacking our presents at school
And then, the big day arrives. The whole three weeks has been filled with ridiculous songs about Sinterklaas and finally it’s December 5th. The big day. On that day Sinterklaas comes and leave a sack full of presents at your front door, or what happened often to us,piet was being funny and he hid the sack with presents somewhere in our house and we had to look for it. (After he sneaky knocked on our door. The door knocking is very important! There is ALWAYS knocking.)
The whole evening is about food, family and presents and it’s like the best thing that ever happened to me when I was a little girl.
The whole day I was excited and wanted to know when Sinterklaas would come and bring us presents. But you never know when he’s coming because Sinterklaas has to go to every boy and girl in the country.

Me and my sister with piet 'hats' and schminked faces

Sinterklaas also has a big red book. In that book is written all the good and the bad things you did that year and how much presents you get. (That’s just bullsh*t, it’s only to keep us, little jumping pumped up kids grounded J ) I was always a bit scared of Sinterklaas. He was so beautifully dressed and he just looks very impressing. Piet has always been my favourite because he gives me candy and is always funny.

I still love this time of the year. Even though I’m older now and know the secret of this children’s day and the discussion. Now we mostly buy presents for each other. Something like secret Santa but different. And we have a nice dinner together. But I think the moment that we’re all together and have fun is the best part of Sinterklaas nowadays.

photo: Pinterest

I know Sinterklaas looks a lot like Christmas but as a proud dutchy I can say that the tradition of Sinterklaas is older than the story of Father Christmas. (Although I also love love love Christmas, we don't celebrate it with presents.) We have Sinterklaas on December 5th.

So, now you’ve learned a little bit about our awesome tradition. I hoped you liked it and found it interesting!

Xx Rianne
Friday, 4 December 2015

And The Winner Is...

I am very excited to give these clothes away from Dresslink*! Even though not many people entered for this giveaway. (which is only better for the once that entered! The smaller the blog, so the more chance you have to win ;) ) 

sooo, the winner of my very first giveaway is….

* drumroll*

Photo: Clipartpanda

Congrats girl!! I hope you love the clothes just as much as I do. Also, I emailed you so get back to me ASAP to give me your details so I can sent the clothes to you as soon as possible!

Xx Rianne
Friday, 20 November 2015

Life Update #2 Struggles

So as you may have noticed. I haven’t updated any of my social media this past week. No November Instagram Challenge, no tweets, nothing. And I think I can explain now what happened.

In my latest life update I was talking about how happy I was with my internship. Sadly things are never going the way you want it to. That’s the shitty thing about life. And things went bad for me. Thursday last week I received the bad news that it was better for me to stop my internship AND study. My internship coordinator of the newspaper said I wouldn’t make it in the world of journalism and told me I could better stop. (Later she told me the newspaper world isn’t my place because I’m too soft and happy for the hard newspaper world... So I’m going to search for other opportunities.) I don’t like to share it on here because who wants to hear this news and share this embarssing moment with others?! I was so happy and thought things were going okay. They never gave me signals that I had to work harder or something like that. And when the bad news came on Thursday last week I cried. But after having a conversation with the coordinator from the newspaper and my teacher I decided that I’ll stop. At least, working for the newspaper. I’m going to work online now for two weeks. If that goes okay I’ll stay and if not I’ll end this internship and go find a new one for the last two months.

So now the big word is finally out. It all the time in my head and I kept thinking about it and I had to focus on making the right decision to stop or to go on with this internship. And that’s a decision I had to think about for a whole week. And I couldn’t focus on my social media/blog.

I just needed a break. The giveaway was already planned and ready to post so I just posted it because I had to. But I didn't feel like being on other social media then... It’s been hard for me to make the right decision on my internship. I just didn’t see it coming and was for at least that day out of the running. I still hope that I made the right decision and hope everything will go better after this.
So this is to everyone out there who has huge struggles at the moment. We all have them. Share them with people, because it’s so good to hear others advice and to notice you are not alone with the tears and pain.
I wasn’t very happy with the news that I could better stop my internship and study. I am ashamed of it. I’ve been studying journalism for 2 years, and I still fail at the job I want to do later?! (In her opinion…) How embarrassing is that!
But when I told people around me about this, they told me that it’s hard to deal with but that it never is a failure and that I’m not a failure either. This is a learning process. That I received this news is only better for me. Although at the moment I do not see it that way. I just hope that, after this is behind me, I’ll see the lesson behind it. And I hope that you can think like that too. That maybe right now you’re embarrassed by what you did or what happened to you. But that you’ll see later that it made your stronger. No matter how much you cried about it or felt horrible and no matter how much pain it was.

I believe that in the end it’s going to be okay. Maybe right now your future looks not very exciting, but you have to keep going. Share your problems with friends and family or trust person at your school. (Also calling some anonym help line can sometimes relieve so much weight from your shoulders. Every country has them, just google for your country’s phone number.)
In the end we’re going to be fine. We have to break to get stronger. Even though right now you don’t see the main point of these bad things happening in your life.
Don’t give up, stand up and fight!!

All the love!
This is something we all have to remind ourselves off! (photo found on WeHeartIt)

Xx Rianne
Monday, 16 November 2015

Giveaway - Dresslink Jumpsuit, Dress and Short (EU)

I’m so excited to tell you guys that I'm allowed to give away some awesome clothes from*. I already created a blogpost with clothes that I would love to have hanging in my wardrobe this Autumn and now I’ll give you the chance to win a really nice dress, jumpsuit and super handy little short that I choose from their collection. The winner is going to be so lucky because secretly I want to keep these clothes myself!! :)
I hope I can make one of you really happy with these three items! You can click on the pink words (link to Dresslink) to get more information about the clothes.
Also the clothes are Size S. The conditions about this giveaway are mentioned below.

I choose this jumpsuit because it looks so stylish and you can't see it right now but it has a crossed back strap which looks really great! 

This dress looks a bit cold for Autumn but it has fake furr on the inside of the dress that'll make it perfect for this time of the year. You won't be cold! Also, you can combine a grey dress with every accesoires that you own to spice your outfit up a little.

This has nothing to with Autumn but when I saw this short I was so happy. This is a perfect short to wear under your dresses and skirts. If you wear this underneath it you don't have to worry about walking in your underwear when the winds catches your dress or skirt because this cute short will be shown and not underwear! I just thought that this is something that everyone needs in their wardrobe! So that's why it's in this giveaway.

The giveaway conditions:
~ You can enter by emailing your name and why you want to win these clothes to Use mail subject: Dresslink Giveaway. (If you don’t use this subject, you’re email gets lost in the sea of other emails)
~This giveaway is open for people that live in Europe only.
~Monday 30th of November is the last day that you can enter. If you still enter after that date you’re too late and you won’t be in the competition.
~Follow me on at least one of my social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin'google(+). And share this post with your friends if you like :) Repost with the hashtag #DresslinkGiveaway and tag me in the post.
~I’ll announce 1 winner here on my blog on December 4th. And I email the winner. If you don’t answer you’re email within three days I’ll have to choose a new winner.

So please, don’t forget to check your email!!

Xx Rianne

This contest is closed now.                                                                                                 
Saturday, 7 November 2015

November Instagram Challenge Update #1

So I've been doing this challenge for almost a whole week now and I must say it's going very well. Especially since I wrote all the days down in my diary.
My diary is my everything since I’m at this new internship so every day I look in it at least ten time so that is a good reminder. And I'm surprised I haven't missed a day yet.
But I sneaked day 1. I used an old selfie because I'm so bad at taking selfies and this one was alright... I think, so I posted it. But I had to go through almost all my photo albums to find a selfie that I was happy with. All the other days I had photographed/screenshotted (5sos image) myself.
And don't you think the drawing of the piggy in the sand is cool?
I still love that photo and love the unknown person who drew it.

Also, this post is posted on Saturday but that’s because it’s past midnight right now that I'm writing. So for me it still feels like it's still Friday. My planning was messed up, like always. So that's why it's a bit later...
The next update will be on Friday the 13th!!! Prepare yourself and take care of yourself!;)

Xx Rianne
Monday, 2 November 2015

Benefit The PORE fessional Review

I’ve tried a lot of things to get rid of my pores. Unfortunately there is no remedy for it. I found it out after some research. There are only remedy’s to keep your pores smaller and that’s by cleaning your face. So that’s what I did but I still hated to see my pores on my cheeks. You get big(ger) pores when you’re in puberty or as I believe is my case: it’s in my genes. My dad has it too. So I guess I got it from him... thanks dad ;) But yeah, all I did was keeping my face as clean as possible so the pores wouldn’t get clogged and become spots.

But now I’ve found a products that hides my pores. And I’m so happy about it! Benefits POREfessional is so good. Seriously, since I bought this product I haven’t stopped using it. Before I bought this product I tried it out in the shop, because this product is kind of expensive. But I was very happy with the results. I hadn’t applied it on both my cheeks so I could compare them to each other. And all I saw was a huge difference. Not a suddenly pore-less cheek but less pores on the cheek I had the POREfessional on.

What does this product exactly do?

Well, it doesn’t make my pores vanish like magic. It just covers my pores up, precisely what Benefit promised the effect would be. I don’t know exactly how it works but it looks like some kind of BB cream but then way lighter than that. Again as Benefit promised it feels silky soft. It also has a little pigment in it as you can see in the photo below. So you can also wear it without make-up. Which I also do often when I don’t feel like doing all my make-up.
It also makes my cheeks feel super soft. So that’s an extra you get when you use The POREfessional.

In the end I can still see my pores, so it’s not all gone. But they are much less visible and it makes me feel good about that. I mean, I see my face every day in the mirror and now I’m less insecure about it. So for me, this product is amazing and is doing its work very well!

For 300 ml I paid €30,-. And I think that’s a lot. But hey, it does its work and then I’m okay with the price. I’ve tried lots of products and this is the only one that really made me see difference.
I would really recommend you this product if you have the same ‘problem’ as I have.

Xx Rianne

Also I've started the November Instagram challenge. Follow me on there!
Sunday, 1 November 2015

November Instragram Challenge

I love to see photos of others on Intsagram but I always forget to post photo's myself. That's because I’ve such an old phone that can't take good photos and I always forget to take photos of special moments.
So when I was at my internship (shh, don't tell I was thinking about my blog while I actually had to work. I had some free time.) I thought: Let's do a challenge.
I went to Pinterest (at home, not while I was at my internship) and found a cool schedule that tells me what I should photograph for a whole month. So I thought let's get this challenge started and see how good I am...

This is the schedule I'm going to try to follow. So if you wanna join me, you can use this one too. And let me know your Instagram name in the comments if your joining me so I can follow you and see your photos!
Sadly I can't give anyone credits to this photoschedule because I found it on Pinterest and when I wanted to go the site where it's from it only shows me the photo. Nothing else. But I want to thank this person who made it! Thank you unknown person!

So go follow me on my Instagram ErikaRianne and see how I’m going to deal with this challenge.
See you there!
I also keep you here up to date on every Friday what I've been photographing the whole week and why and everything you need know about this challenge and how I feel about it!

Wish me luck!

Xx Rianne

Monday, 19 October 2015

Barcelona Day 4

I'm so sorry for this post being so late. I had planned on doing this on Friday or Saturday but the weekend has been crazy and I haven't been feeling very well. So finally here is the last post of our weekend. Day 4. This day was all about football because we were going to the stadium Camp Nou. We really wanted to see a game of Barca but sadly October 17th they had to play in Camp Nou so we did a tour through it and didn't see a game..

This is the biggest stadium I’ve ever seen. And of course some Dutch football players were proudly shown there. Names like Koeman, Cruijff and De Boer. Funny to see those Dutch names there and how proud everyone is at them. It makes me proud too.  The stadium is very impressive and the information we got through our ‘telephone’ < the thing that talked when you typed in a number to get information about a cup or shoes or changing rooms.
Of course I had to sit down in the press seats and enjoyed the view over the whole stadium. We walked through it and at the end we wanted to buy shirts. Until we realised how much one football shirt costed and we walked away because we’re not going to pay more than €100,- for a football shirt. That a bit crazy we thought.

After visiting Camp Nou we all separated to do the last things we really wanted to do. Marijke, Tjerk and I went to a little Tapas bar and eat some tapas and to go to some shops and I spotted a Sephora. We don’t have a Sephora in Holland so I told Marijke & Tjerk that we had to go in so I could watch and maybe buy. But when we walked into the shop we first had to walk down a red carpet, then a staircase down and…. there was make-up heaven. This shop was so big. I’d never seen a Sephora so big. There was so much make-up I couldn’t choose and I was more interested in the expensive make-up I can never buy but still tried out testers for fun. We quickly walked away because I think that some prices are absurd and I just don’t have the money.

We had also spotted people with flower ice cream and we really wanted to get that too. So we searched for the ice cream shop and bought these cute flower ice creams. The ice cream was so good. I had chocolate ice cream and it literally melted on my tongue and the stracciatella flavour was also really good.
Then it was time to go back to the hotel and pick up our bags to go to the airport. We checked in, ate some food and then had to wait till we were boarding. Because it was dark I couldn’t take any photos during the flight because my body was reflecting in the window. But flying at night is also wonderful. The bright lighted places where cities and villages are look like lava on the ground because of the lighted streets that looks orange from above.
This weekend was amazing with the whole family and we had so much fun! I’ll never forget this!!

Xx Rianne

The other Barcelona Days:
Thursday, 15 October 2015

Barcelona Day 3

After an amazing night we woke up and had some breakfast again. We immediately went to the Sagrada Familia because we had a guided tour at the church. The moment we stepped out of the underground the church was towering above us. A beautiful and very impressive sight. Our guide told us that the front and another 10 towers needs to be built so I can’t even imagine how huge this church will be when it’s finally done. The ‘front’ we thought was the front wasn’t. The front isn’t built yet and they hope in 2026 the church will be finished because then it’ll be exactly 100 years after Gaudi’s death.
But what we saw and what the guide told us was very interesting. Really, if you visit that church you need to have a guide. If you just walk around you miss so much of the thoughts behind the light, the towers, the front, the back, the inside. I loved how much thoughts Gaudi had put in the church and how the people who are building always keep in mind what Gaudi had planned for this church.

After visiting the Sagrada Familia we went to park Güell. Again a beautiful park with lots of thoughts in it and of course the Gaudi banks. To sit on those banks you had to pay, but we didn’t felt like paying for a bank even though it is very special. The line also was crazy long and we didn’t want to stand in line so long. We were hungry so we went looking for some food. I bought a crepe and sadly didn’t photograph it. But this was the best Nutella crepe I’ve ever had. (So much Nutella!!!!)

The view from Park Güell

And after walking around and some shopping we went looking for a restaurant. While walking around a lot of people from the restaurant are trying to talk you into their restaurant. After declining some we went into a cute restaurant which also had tapas and other Spanish food but also pizza. Because I was craving pizza I choose a pizza with olives, ham, cheese and mushrooms. I was so full but when we could choose desserts I immediately fell in love with the little chocolate cake. So I also choose a chocolate cake with melted chocolate inside. While we were eating 2 man came in and played guitar and sang songs which added something special to the evening. This was already our last night in Barcelona. Times goes so fast when you’re having fun. Unbelievable.
Tomorrow the last day will be up.

Xx Rianne

The other Barcelona Days:
Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Barcelona Day 2

10-10-2015. That was the official day that my parents were celebrating their 25th anniversary. In the morning we had a lovely breakfast with croissants, toasts, chocolate milk, chocolate cupcakes and Jus d’orange. At least that was wat I ate every morning. There was a lot more choice but these were my favourites.

After we got dressed we went to explore the city and did some shopping. I bought a dress in H&M and KIKO had sale so happy me bought cheap nail polish, a mascara and a lip pen. I wanted to buy more but I had to think about the millilitres in hand luggage for the flight and I was scared that I had too much so I didn’t bought more. Then we sat in the sun and eat some nachos with guacamole and half of the day was already over. The weather was so nice by the way. It was like 23 degrees so we were all wearing shorts and it was actually weird because it’s October. ;) We also wanted to visit the beach but we had to walk a long way all around the bay. So we choose to go in a riksja. The man that was driving our riksja took an awesome photo with us when we took a selfie. It was a little bit too cold to swim so we just sat down and had a drink together near the beach.

Because we were going to eat very late we also went to a market with loads of food, candy, fruit and so much fish. And the smell at the fish part of the market was horrible and the crabs were alive and that’s just something we are not used to here in Holland. So my eyes were almost plopping out of my head but it seems very normal in Spain that fish is sold like that. So I’m sorry for everyone around there who saw my shocked face...

Around 9:30 PM we went to a restaurant and had the best tapas ever. It was delicious and although fish is not my favourite I still eat some fish and a little piece of octopus. It doesn’t taste bad, it’s just when you chew on it, it’s weird. So I did like the taste but the thought of octopus and how it felt when I chewed on it made it that I don’t think I’ll eat it again. But I could eat so much other things that I didn’t had to worry that I wouldn’t have enough that night. They also had vegetarian paella which was very good too. I ate also a lot of fruit and vegetables and a lot of paella. The desserts were also delicious. The macaron was perfect and I had little cakes and of course a chocolate cake and again some fruits. 

After eating tapas we went to the next room in the restaurant and there we watched the flamenco. I had never seen this dance before and must say I was very surprised about it but I really enjoyed the show. Sadly, but of course, everything was sung in Spanish so I didn’t understand the story they were singing and dancing. But it was good to see that they had put their soul in the dance and the music and this night was the most special night of the whole weekend. The restaurant was also very beautiful and the people were very nice. After the show we discussed it with each other and because it was far past midnight we all went to sleep. Getting ready for the next day!

It was really hard to get a good photo because their dance moves were so quick there is always a blurry arm or foot somewhere.

Xx Rianne

The other Barcelona Days:
Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Barcelona Day 1

This weekend we celebrated our parents’ 25th anniversary in Barcelona. We went with our whole family to Spain and stayed at a lovely Hotel in Barcelona near La Rambla a very, very busy street!!

Friday morning we were leaving our little village and drove to Schiphol Airport. It was my very first flight and I was really nervous. I had no idea what to expect and was excited and scared at the same time. I was sat next to the window and the moment the airplane took off it was so weird. The feeling in my stomach first made me feel sick but soon I was used to it and the whole 2 hours I’ve been watching non-stop out of the window. Watching the clouds from above and the beautiful landscape and mountains and the sea.

We arrived in the afternoon and walked to our hotel, put down our luggage and immediately went for a walk on La Rambla. I’ve been in busy streets but this street is nothing what I’ve ever seen. So many people in one street. It’s crazy. And all the time I had to be aware of pickpockets and I had to watch where I was going because of people selling things on the street. Really, if I lived there I would go crazy. But for holiday it is amazing. So many different people. I loved it. We also visited a beautiful church with a garden with goose and huge palm trees and the inside of the church was also amazing with a lot of golden statues and beautiful flowers.

In the evening we went to a restaurant called Nuria and I ate a burger. (I know, being in Spain and eating a burger and not tapas) But the burger was delicious. I was so hungry after the flight and walking down the streets that it really was a good choice. Also the dessert was yummy. The brownie was still warm and the vanilla ice cream on top melted and eating both at the same time is like an explosion of flavours and warmth and cold. 

The others (Sander, Jessica, Marijke, Tjerk and Inge) went to a little cocktail bar on the other side of the street of our hotel but I went to bed because I was so tired.
This was day one of this amazing weekend. Tomorrow day 2 will be up because I’ve got so much to tell that this cannot fit in 1 post. It's going to be 4 posts about the 4 days.

See you tomorrow!

Xx Rianne

The other Barcelona days:

Friday, 2 October 2015

Autumn Time

While I’m writing this it is 7:45 PM and it’s already so dark I had to put on my lamp to see things clear. It’s getting dark so soon and it’s also getting colder and colder. So yeah, time for autumn! I love every season but what I love about autumn is the leaves. They are colouring red, yellow and brown. And I also love chestnuts when they’ve just fallen from the trees. They’re so beautiful and shiny. Oh and the crispy leaves on the ground. Who doesn’t love to step on crispy leaves? I always do that. But when autumn comes it also means, new clothes! So I made a wish list with these lovely clothes from dresslink*<-- click the link!

This grey cosy sweater is what I need for winter. When it’s freezing outside and Christmas time. I would sit inside watching the snow fall with a hot chocolate in my hand. This is perfect for winter.

This cardigan is just it. Look at the marshmallow pink colour. And I love how the black line on the edge makes it little less my-little-pony-ish.. I think it look very comfortable. I can't decide if I would go for the apricot colour or the pink one. I love both them.

This shirt with nice collar I love because how the ends look like a peplum. I mean, look at it. Isn’t it cute? The collar, the shoulders and the back are white and I just love it. A normal black jeans with it and the outfit is simple but cute. I want!

I love stripes. I don’t know why. I love it more than dots. And I think this blouse will go so well with my pencil skirt. I can easily use a jacket over it and its autumn ready.

I love this dress. Especially because it has long sleeves. So good for autumn! Wearing some tights under it and the outfit is ready. I love that it has gold in it. But that it doesn’t shine like crazy.

I hope you enjoy Autumn just as much as I do.

Xx Rianne
Monday, 28 September 2015

Movie Review: The Scorch Trials

Saturday night I went with my sister Marijke to the movie Maze Runner the Scorch Trials. Last year I went to the Maze Runner and had no idea what the movie was going to be like. I had no idea it was a series because I’d never heard of the books before. So when I saw it with my other sister Inge last year I was so angry that again I was tied to a series. I mean, I was then bound to: The Hobbit, The Hunger Games and the Divergent series. And now this one again?! But I’m very glad I went last year and this Saturday I went to the Scorch Trials.

Source: IMDb
The movie started and there is no time to get into the movie. It literally is: the cinema gets dark and it starts. No time to think. The first movie ended with the helicopter and this movie starts at that point. No introduction, so I strongly recommend to watch the first movie again before you go and see this one if you don’t remember the story very well after a year. 

Then there are like a thousand scary moments in the film. I’m not a hero, especially when I’m watching a movie I’m the most scared person in the cinema. And my sister is just like me, and we both joked we were on special ‘jump’ chairs. Because we kept being scared and we jumped up in our chairs of shock moments. We joked a lot about it, because of the constant tension (is that the right word?) in the movie.
We both loved it so much. My sister got some clues that I missed through the movie but explained to me later. And really I love this movie. I want to see it again and again. I’ve seen the Maze Runner for like 4 times and I think I’m going to watch the Scorch Trials a lot also.

But I love the movie and how the actors acted. The pain, fear and the loss of some persons I could feel. I’m totally devastated by some things in this movie. Oh and can Dylan O’Brien get evem hotter? Really that's a big plus for me in the movie ;) So I hope to see him as Thomas and the rest of the Gladers next year on the big screen! I can’t wait and hate that I have to wait so long again for the next movie. I’ve told myself, I let myself surprise by not reading the books. I like to read the books afterwards and watching the movies first. I know, that’s weird. I do it sometimes. Not always. But with this series I'm doing it.

I really recommend this movie to everyone. And if you haven't seen the Maze Runner. Go watch it. I loved both movies and was completly drawn into to the movies and didn't hear anything around me because I was so focused which is a really good thing!

Have you seen the movie? Did you like it too?

Xx Rianne
Monday, 21 September 2015


Lately I’ve seen a lot of these hairbands called: invisibobble. And my brother’s girlfriend is a hairdresser and she was always wearing them too. So I got curious about it and asked if I could borrow one. Because they’re a bit expensive and I thought: ”if it doesn’t work and I buy it, it would be a waste of my money”. So after a week I was very happy about the results. I noticed that after I had worn the hairband that the ‘bobble’ in my hair wasn’t that visible than when I had a normal hairband in my hair. So I bought a box with these special hairbands.

Now after almost a half year I’ve found out that: yes, it does make the bobble less visible. But: no, it doesn’t disappear. Also, I’ve got very thin hair and when I wear the hairband my hair is going in the ‘bobbles’ of the hairband. Which makes it impossible for me to take out the hairband without pulling 50.000 hairs out of my head. So at first I was so happy that I didn’t have that horrible bobble in my hair. But at a second thought, I’m not that happy about it anymore. I’m scared that I go bald.

I still use it though, because they look better around your wrist than a normal hairband. Because when I took a normal hairband of my wrist I always had a red mark of the hairband that had been way to tight around my wrist. When I grab this invisibobble hairband it doesn’t have those bad marks.
And most of the time I’m playing with the hairband when I’m bored. Really, that invisibobble hairband never gets boring. I keep stretching it and then trying to pull it together to make it as small as it was when I got it out of the box. I even pulled the hairband once over my head to see if it could fit. And it did go over my head and I had made a choker necklace! It was a little too tight though, so I wouldn’t recommend doing that. ;)

So as you heard this hairband isn’t really good for in my hair and I barely use it for my hair. But I always got it with me to play with and to pass time when I’m bored. So it still has a good working for me. Maybe not what it’s been made for. But I found my own way to use it!

In the photo the hairbands are just out of the package. I've got one that is stretched out and that I always use. But because the light was very bad today I couldn't make a good photo. I'll upload a photo tomorrow or wednesday of the stretched hairband that I use and play with.

Do you also have invisibobble? Do you have the same problem as I have or does it work better for you? Let me know in the comments below.

Xx Rianne

Here's the photo as promised. This invisibobble is strechted out a little although I've seen much worse. It does fit around my wrist very well and this is my favourite one to play with!
I had to use a lot of extra filters to make the photo bright because the light isn't very good in the evening. So that's why it's a bit blury.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Life Update

So lately I've been very busy. I've got an internship at the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands. And as you can imagine, that is crazy and it makes me feel a lot of pressure about the articles that I have to write. It is fun though, I learn a lot and I’m allowed to do some cool stuff. Still it takes up a lot of time and I have to make long days and long travels.

So that's what I've been up to these past three weeks actually. But what I’d love to tell you is that yesterday I got the chance to meet Randy Fenoli. You know him from the TLC program Say Yes To The Dress. (Do I even have to tell you that?!) I didn't interview him but I helped carrying the camera and had to write a ghost article. That is like writing an article but it never gets published. So my coordinator can look at it and help me getting better at writing. So I was pretty nervous about that!

Randy is a very kind man. When we came in he shook our hands and we all got greeted by a 'Hello beautiful'. Then we introduced ourselves and he could not pronounce my name right. My name is 100% Dutch so I don't really mind that it goes wrong. It’s just hard for people who are not Dutch to say my name. I always say: it's something like Rihanna, the singer. He apologized like three times but  I said that it was all right. Then we quickly started with the interview and because we only had half an hour it was soon over. I mean, that half hour felt like two minutes.
Randy also showed us his book and now I want it so bad. I'm not getting married soon, but who doesn't want tips from Randy about finding The Dress or just dream about their wedding!

Photo from instagram vrouw_nl

My internship is for 5 months. I try to post as often as I can. But it’s very busy and all. I’ll try to keep my promise: every Monday a new post!

What have been up to these weeks?

Xx Rianne
Monday, 14 September 2015

Top 10 Favourite Nail Polishes

Since I’m so in love with nail art and nail polish I thought it would be nice to tell you all about my favourite colours. I’ve made a top 10 and it’s not that I love the number one more than the number 10. I love all the colours equally as much.

1. Peachella by Rita Ora Rimmel London

I love this colour because it’s such a different and soft colour. I’ve worn this colour a lot this summer. When Rita Ora launched these pastel coloured nail polish line my eyes fell on this colour and I just had to buy it. I bought it and I loved it as much as I thought I would. One thing: I use three layers of nail polish until I think I’ve got good results. But then the colour is as bright as you can see on the photo. If I do one or two layers I still can see my nails through it and I hate when I see that. So when polishing my nails with this colour I make sure to have a lot of time to let my nails dry.

2. China Glaze Boho Blues

This colour I bought in Luxembourg this year. The colour is a bit lighter than sky blue and a bit darker than baby blue. And that what I liked about it. I haven’t had a blue like this one so that’s why I added it to my collection. At the moment I’m wearing the colour on my toe nails and it looks really happy because it’s also very bright.

3. Max factor Nailfinity Wine Red

This is a colour that I barely use. This is also one my very first nail polishes and I don’t want it to go empty because I haven’t seen this colour in the shops anymore. This red is a deep shiny colour and love how much it sparkles on my nails. It really catches attention. What surprises me the most is that this nail polish hasn’t dried out and I think I’ve got this nail polish for like 6 or 7 years. I mean, that’s very good quality!

4. Ciaté Fashionista Sister

This is such a weird colour but I love it because of that. It looks kind of red but I also see hints of purple in it. I mean when it’s on my nails it looks different than in the bottle and the colour is so deep and dark. It also make it looks like I’m wearing fake nails but they’re my own nails with this nails polish on it. Some people even asked me about it if these were my own nails or not... a wonderful effect this polish has, don’t you think? On the photo it also looks more purple but in real life it looks like red in the bottle.

5. Peggy Sage Fuchsia Diva

I bought this colour also while I was in Luxembourg. I had never heard of Peggy Sage before so I was really excited when I walked into a shop that had a whole wall of her nail polishes. I had a really hard time choosing which colour I wanted to buy. But I have a love for colours like purple and fuchsia. So when I saw this colour I loved it instantly. But at home when I put the colour on my nails I thought it was more fuchsia then it actually is on my nails. My nails look redder than the fuchsia colour in the bottle. But still the colour on my nails looks beautiful and the coverages is really good.

6. MUA Plum Noir

I don’t use this colour very often because I’ve a lot of purples and I like to wear this one as a base coat for the’ Fur-Effect’ that I bought at the same time. Because I use it for the Fur Effect there is also some fur in the coat because of re-applying. And applying fur makes a lot of mess and that’s why I don’t use for just one colour on my nails. It looks weird when there are bobbles or fur on my nails when it’s not supposed to be there. You can see my Fur-Effect nails in this blogpost and then you hopefully understand why I love this colour so much, because I love the Fur-Effect with this polish under it.

7. NYC Lavender Cupcake

Again a purple colour. But this one is very different. I like how light and cute this colour is. Look only at the name of this one. ‘Lavender Cupcake’ is a name that I just have to love. I love this colour but because it’s going to be autumn in a few weeks I like darker shades. But when it’s spring and summer I wear this one a lot. I’ve this colour for a while now and starts to dry out a little. :(

8. Tanya Burr Riding Hood

I’ve wanted a Tanya Burr nail polish for sooo long! Since she released them I was so excited and loved the reviews I read. And then I was in London, as you might know, and I wanted to buy so many things. And I didn’t have enough money so sadly I only bought one colour of Tanya’s nail polishes. I really hate myself for not buying more colours because this red is fab-u-lous! I mean, it’s called Riding Hood of course based on little red riding hood and Tanya knows what she is talking about. With red she means red. Very deep red and one layer is enough to cover my nails completely. I use two layers because the red gets so much deeper and that’s what I love so much about this polish.

9. Candy Crush Rimmel London

I know these are 5 colours but I always wear them together as one matching nail polish. The colours are so happy and I like the effect the ‘crushed candy’ has. It looks so much like summer and normally when a new collection of nail polish is released I don’t buy them all but when I saw this I just had to buy them. When I apply these colours I do at least two or three layers before my nails are fully covered. So it takes a while before my nails are dry. When I put these on my nails I always make sure I’ve got enough time so I wouldn’t smudge them. Also, the yellow colour chips of the first after like 2 or 3 days. But the other colours stay for almost a week.

10. W.I.C. by Herôme 101

This green is a kind of weird colour. I barely wear it because I don’t like it on my nails normally. But when it’s Christmas I always create Christmas trees on my nail and this the best green I’ve ever bought that matches so good with the green of a Christmas tree. So it’s a weird choice for being in my top 10 list but because it’s my tradition to create Christmas nails every year by using this colour it just has to be in this post.

Note to this review about my favourites: I’ve used at least two or three layers of nail polish to get these colours. Because I think than the nail polish is at its best and brightest and also the colour covers the best then. Also, sometimes you see that my fingertips are very shiny. After using the remover a few times on my nails my fingers didn’t like the liquid very much… So my skin started to react weirdly to it and it looked like my skin was that one of a snake which wasn’t very pretty. So I put lip balm around my nails to protect my skin.

Xx Rianne