Friday, 30 January 2015

Mascara Review

I’m a bit picky when it comes to mascara’s. I’ve long lashes and it’s really hard to find the perfect mascara. With perfect I mean: make my lashes black, don’t let my lashes stick together and curl them a little.
There are millions of mascara’s in stores so it’s really hard to find a good one. For now I’ve tried these four mascara’s the last few months and I’d like to tell you my opinion about them.

Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp ultra-volume mascara 
This mascara looks beautifull, it’s short, a dark purple package and the letters shimmer in the light, I really like it.
The brush is thick, that scared me in the beginning. I thought I was going to poke in my eye. But I didn’t. And the brush has soft “hairs” on the end. I don’t really like soft brushes because I don’t feel like it makes my lashes look as I want them to look. My lashes has to curl and get black because the length is good enough and most soft brushes don’t do that.  And this brush did its work perfectly. I loved the way it curled my lashes and made them black without sticking my lashes together. I didn’t expect much from this mascara but actually it’s pretty good. I really like the results. And I’m going to buy this one definitely again.

Rimmel London scandal eyes show off mascara 
This one disappointed me the most and I really regret buying it. It was a waste of money for me. I choose this mascara because of the “ball” on top of the brush. I thought that it would be useful but I don’t know why I thought that. Also the mascara is not very liquid. When I opened it for the first time it looked like it was an old mascara I found after cleaning my room or something. It had a lot of lumps and when I try to put it on my lashes it barely coloured my lashes black. It looked like it was dried out. One good thing about the brush is that it spread my lashes really good. They didn’t stick together, what always happens when I put mascara on, because it was a hard plastic brush and that’s a plus. But I'm also thinking, my lashes didn't stick together because it was dried out. I will not buy this mascara again.

Rimmel London lash accelerator mascara with grow-lash effect 
This one is really black. But I (again) didn’t like the brush. This time because the brush didn’t reached all my lashes and my lashes stick together after I applied the mascara but it makes your lashes black! That’s for sure. (I choose the 003 extreme black)
In combination with the scandal eyes mascara brush they work really well. First I use the scandal eyes to spread my lashes that they won’t stick together and then I put on the lash accelerator to make my lashes black. This mascara is very liquid. This is a mascara that allright and does its work pretty well in combination with another brush.

Miss Sporty Studio lash 3D volumythic mascara
This cheap one surprised me! I always used expensive mascara’s but when I didn’t had enough money to buy expensive make-up I tried this Miss Sporty mascara. And the results were surprising! The wand is long and the brush is really good, it’s hard plastic but not too hard. The mascara is liquid enough to spread my lashes and make them black! It’s easy to apply the mascara because the end of the wand is bend in the way my lashes are. For sure I’m going to use this mascara again. I really like it.

So this was my opinion about these mascara’s. I really want to know what your favourite mascara is. You can leave it in the comments below!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 26 January 2015

Books review

This Christmas holiday I suddenly had a feeling I had to read books. Normally I don’t have time to read books. I always have to do something and I have enough study books to read. So I decided to buy some books in a second-hand shop. I love to walk around in there and everything is soo cheap and old! And when I came in the shop last time I found these three fantastic girly books. Sometimes I like to read very difficult crime books but I decided for these funny looking books. The reviews on the cover were good, so for €2,50 I bought three (!) books. And in my two weeks holiday I read all of them. They are all English books but Sharon Griffiths book is a translated book. Officially it’s English.

Sharon Griffiths: The Accidental Time Traveller (Ouderwets Verliefd)

Rosie is a journalist. (And that’s the reason why I bought this book! ;) ) She has to do an interview with a lady for a reality show that is going to be filmed in her area and it’s about the fifties. She rings the doorbell but she feels very sick and passes out when the lady opens the door. When she wakes up she is in the house but everything is changed and it looks like she is back in the fifties. The old lady that opened the door for her is gone and there is someone else that helps her recover. Rosie thinks she is in the reality show because everyone is acting weird around here. So she start looking for hidden cameras and tries to act like everything is just a show. But the time goes by and some friends in her ‘old’ life are even in the show too! But they all act like they have never seen her. She doesn’t understand it. And then she realizes that this isn’t a show at all but that she is in the fifties for real!

I really liked this book. I never expected this book to end the way it ended. It was really surprising and that’s what I like about books. I love surprises. And this was a good one. I didn’t wanted to end the book, but when it happened I wasn’t sad at all. It was well written and I couldn’t stop because in the beginning I didn’t understand it either but in the end the pieces come together and I could complete the puzzle. I loved it!

Rosie Wilde: Life’s too Short to frost a Cupcake

This book is about Alice. She has a steady job and a boyfriend and lives in London. Then her boss offers her to go to America and without hesitation she says yes. But everything turns out to be different and she ends up living in the middle of nowhere instead New York. Then she makes some unbelievable big bloopers and she lies a lot to make her life a little better in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. She has a fight with the person she really needs to talk to if she wants to keep her job and after a long time with lots of ups and downs and a cheating boyfriend everything turns out well in the end. Which you wanted for her because of the tough time she had to go through.

This book is called ’Life too Short to frost a Cupcake’ but I don’t really know why. It’s a really cool title though! But the cupcake part was one of the smallest parts in the whole book. This book wasn’t that surprising but still lovely to read. Again a good story with some little surprising elements. Not as big as in ‘The Accidental Time Traveller’ but I loved reading this book. This book ends like the way you wishes for Alice after everything she had to go trough!

Jenny Colgan: West End Girls

The twins Lizzy and Penny doesn’t look like each other at all. One is thin the other not. They are each other’s opposites. When their grandma has to go to a hospital she offers her house in Chelsea to the girls to look after while she is away. Happily they move into their new house in Chelsea. They both go for job hunting, both in their own ways. Penny in very attractive clothes with the idea that she doesn’t want to work hard for her money. Lizzy in just in her normal outfit and she is ready to work, no matter what job it’s going to be. They both live complete different lifes and sometimes their lifelines crosses each other which are very funny moments in the book. This book had a massive twist in the end which I didn’t expect at all. In the beginning I thought this is just a funny book. But in the end it teaches you a little lesson how life is.

I loved this book also. It was as I said very unexpected in the end. In the beginning I was a bit confused who was who because every paragraph Jenny Colgan tells the story from one of the twins point of view. (And I kept confusing the names of the twins but I think that is just my problem) But after I figured out how she had written her book it was good to read and easy to read. I love her writing style and how fast I could read this. I read this book in two days. I couldn’t stop just like the other books.

I think these books were really good books. I bought these books before holiday but hadn’t read one of them yet because I wasn’t in the mood. But while on holiday these books were perfect and I loved reading all of them.

Xx Rianne
Thursday, 22 January 2015

Test Week

These two weeks I've tests. And these two weeks I have to learn and work like an idiot because I do everything last minute. The whole 10 weeks of classes I'll be like: oh I'll do that later. And then in the end when I've to hand in everything I've to stay up late because of all the work I didn't do in those 10 weeks of school. While in these two weeks of barely sleep or time to have fun I always think WeHeartIt is a good app to use when I take a break from all the work. And so I found these pictures and thought I'll share it with you. Just for fun. (So I could write this blogpost instead of learning and working)

Source: WeHeartIt.

So right now I've to go back to work again...I can't wait for the next break of 12 hours scrolling through WeHeartIt and checking Instagram and Twitter.
I hope I get everything finished before the deadline!

Xx Rianne

Monday, 19 January 2015

5 tips against greasy hair

Since I’m a teenager I have to wash my hair every day. Otherwise you will think I don’t have a shower at home, or you think I’m a caveman or whatever. So every day I have to wash my hair because it’s so greasy. I tried every shampoo against it but I’ve seen nothing really worked at all. I tried powders, baby shampoos, natural shampoo and the most expensive shampoo’s I’ve ever seen (a hair dresser said to me that the expensive one was THE one that could solve the problem and I believed her but sadly it didn’t work. It costed €15!!!!).
The problem was only getting worse: when I was 14/15 years old, the day hadn’t ended yet and my hair was so oily that it looked like I hadn’t showered for days. I decided to cut my hair “short”. (I always had long hair and I cut my hair till it was on my shoulders) in hope my hair wouldn’t be so oily and heavy but that didn’t work either. So I was very sad that I cut my hair with no result.

These 5 tips doesn’t solve the problem of greasy hair but it makes it a little less worse. But don’t expect it to be gone.

1. Do not brush you hair too often. Your hair comes in contact with your skin and the oil of the skin will stick on your hair which makes it looks wispy and oily. Brushing your hair in the morning and in the evening is enough.

2. Don’t use a conditioner. And if you want to use it, apply it only on the lower half of your hair and avoid contact with the skin of your head. Conditioner makes your hair soft and is meant to nourish dry hair. And you have greasy hair so it’s not really needed to put it in your whole hair. Do the same with hair masks, only apply it on the lower half of your hair. (I always use conditioner on the lower half of my hair because the ends of my hair are usually dry.)
And if you want, you can change the routine of washing your hair. Do conditioner first and then use shampoo. People say it makes your hair less heavy because the shampoo will get the leftovers of conditioner out of your hair. Since I've changed my washing routine it feels like my hair is less heavy.

3. Don’t go too often with your hand through your hair. It will have the same effect as the brush and maybe even worse; if you eat something greasy and then go through your hair that will make your hair gets more oily than usual. If you always have you hair hanging lose then maybe you should try to wear your hair in a ponytail, a braid, a messy bun or tuck you hair behind your ears. This way you don’t have to touch your hair every time.

4. Try not to shower every day. I know this sounds disgusting when you have greasy hair and the first few years of the problem I didn’t follow to this tip because it just didn’t work then. They say that if you shower everyday it’s not good for you skin and it'll produce more oil because the natural oils get washed out everytime you shower.
I’m trying this right now. And I do not see the results immediately but I think I have to be patient with this. I try to shower once in two days. And then I try to shower once in three days and hopefully I will get back to “normal” like 2 or 3 times a week.
If you want to try this too and you do a sport than remember that after you sported you shower to get all the sweat of off your body. So if you are going to try to shower once in two days try to shower on the days you sport. And just in general if you want to try this: do this in your holidays when you’re staying home. So you don’t have to do a walk of shame with greasy hair through school...

5. Use dry shampoo. When your hair gets a little oily and you don’t want to shower immediately than this is the perfect invention ever!! Spray the dry shampoo in your hair, wait two minutes and then brush it. Your hair isn’t oily anymore and it will give your hair some volume.
Don’t spray too much or too close on your hair. I did it once and my hair turned grey. Then I still had to shower and that was something I just wanted to avoid. But really this is a golden invention for everyone with greasy hair. Right now I’m using the ‘Andrelon droogshampoo langer fris’ (Dutch brand).

I hope this will help a little but the real tip is to have patients and wait. My hair was horrible for 4 years if I’m right and it’s getting a little better now I’m getting older. Step by step.
I see that if I compare my hair today with four years ago I really see a change in going from very greasy hair to a little less greasy. It’s still not over but there is a change and I’m really happy about that. Four years is a long time to wait but I hope soon my hair is not that greasy anymore.

Let me know what you do to get rid of your greasy hair. Share it and leave your tips in the comments below. Thanks!

Xx Rianne
Saturday, 17 January 2015

Trip to Brussels

This week I went with school to Brussels. It was meant for us to learn a lot about the European Parliament and about the Radio and Television there. So we visited the parliament and we went to VRT. (Vlaamse Radio and Television.) The three days were full planned and we didn't have a lot of free time. So me and my friend sneaked off while we had to interview someone because we wanted to use that one hour to shop. The evenings were free too so we went out to an Irish pub and drunk some Belgian Beer. I really enjoyed this trip and made some pictures that I want to share with you.

This is at 'Grand Place'. Here Willem van Oranje grew up. He's very important for our Dutch history so here we sang with our group 'het Wilhelmus' our national anthem. A traditional thing for this trip with school.

Me and Mariska by Manneke Pis. I expected this man would be bigger. But I finally have seen this so famous peeing man...

European Parliament.
It was raining most of the time those three days...

Old school mailbox

In this cute little restaurant we ate French bread. We were here a little early but when lunch time came it was so crowded we couldn't normally walk there so much people came there to buy lunch. I forgot the name of this restaurant but I guess it's 'Le Dauphin' because it's written on the wall. But I'm not 100% sure. It was near the European Parliament.

This was in the Bershka when me and my friend went shopping. I Love this quote so much!

I only bought one thing in the Pimkie. I don't know how to call this piece but I love it! It's so super soft and warm!

I made new memories there in Belgium and I will never forget this trip. I've laughed so much with my friends and it was just so much fun! I love Belgium!

Xx Erika Rianne

Monday, 12 January 2015

How To: Soft Lips in Sixty Seconds

Winter has come and my lips are not happy with that. Sometimes they get so dry that when I smile I feel like my lips are going to burst. And sometimes that happens and then they start bleeding… and that hurts a lot and doesn’t look really good.

The Pink Nivea lip butter is my favourite at this moment

Now there is an easy way to stop this problem. All you need is a soft clean toothbrush and a lot of lip balm. I always make the toothbrush wet before I brush my lips, because I don’t like the feeling of a dry toothbrush on my lips.
Here’s what you have to do:
Get a clean soft toothbrush and, if you want to, make the brush wet with some drops of water. Then make little circles with the brush on your lips.
That’s basically all you’ve to do. Your scrubbing your lip. Then you apply a lot of lip balm on your lips.
Do not brush your lips like you’re going to brush your teeth because the skin of your lips is very thin and it will hurt you. (Your lips have the thinnest skin of your whole body)

It’s also not needed to brush too long. And don’t do this every day, that’s not good for the thin skin on your lips. If you want to do this regularly then only do this once a week.
I only do this when my lips are chapped. It’s not a regular thing I do.
Also, you can use all kind of lip balms as long as they are very moisturizing. And better do this before you go to sleep. Then it doesn’t matter how much lip balm you put on lips, nobody’s going to see it. ;)
Please don’t forget to apply the lip balm because if you forget it, it won’t work at all and your lips will only get dryer and they’ll look way worse than before you did this treatment. I can tell…

So brush you lips very soft in little circles and do not push too hard. Then dry your lips (if you made your toothbrush wet) and put on a lot of lip balm. Clean your toothbrush. Et voila! Your lips are as soft as silk in sixty seconds.

Xx Rianne
Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Yves Rocher Pencil & Catrice Eyebrow Set

My eyebrows are very light coloured and almost a year ago I started to fill in my eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil.
I was using the pencil for a little while and then a friend told me I should try the Catrice eyebrow set when we went to the Kruidvat. And I’m going to tell you what I think about both of these two completely different products with the same purpose. 

Yves Rocher eyebrow pencil

Yves Rocher eyebrow pencil
I used to fill in my eyebrows with the Yves Rocher eyebrow pencil. It’s really easy and a good start if you never used to fill in your eyebrows before. The only thing is that you have to find a good colour that will match your facial expression. Don’t buy a pencil that is too dark and try to keep it as natural as possible, but that’s what you have to do with every make-up you buy and use. Well that’s my opinion. I like to keep things natural and not too much. If you have a different opinion about that, that’s okay of course!
I didn’t know which colour would be the best so I asked for help and the lady that helped me was really nice. (I don’t like to ask people for help. I think it makes me look stupid..) But she explained to me why the pencil she gave me is the best for me. Because I’m a blonde she gave me the 02 cendrĂ© eyebrow pencil. It’s a perfect colour I think. It’s not too dark and it doesn’t give me a fake look. I’ve tried to find the same colour in different shops but I haven’t found a cheaper pencil yet. Also when you buy an eyebrow pencil you have to buy a special make-up pencil sharpener just that you don’t forget that like I did.  haha.
So I had to buy one too and that’s the only extra you will need.
There also was a brush on the other end of my pencil and two lids that cover both ends. I really like the effect of this pencil. It’s easy and it’s up to you how dark you want your eyebrows to be. If you draw the line thicker it will be a darker colour, simply as that.

Catrice eyebrow set
This cute little box was recommended by my friend. She is also using it. And she said that I should try it too. It was almost the same colour as my pencil. So I decided to buy this cute little eyebrow set. Look at the little brush and tweezers in the drawer!
But the tools are a little bit too small I guess. I can barely hold the brush in my hand. But it fits in the box and the box is easy to take with me when I’m on the road. But I bought a larger brush because that works so much easier than this little one. This brush is so small that when I fill in my eyebrows I see more hand than the brush. Also I’m not a fan of the little tweezers. I don’t think I’m ever going to use them because they are so small, but I keep them in the little drawer so whenever my eyebrows are ‘wild’ I  always have tweezers with me to pick those wild hairs away. There is a mirror in the box which is always very useful but is also small. It's just a whole small package so that is very logical. I just mention it a hundred times and I don't know why because I really like the idea that everything is so small and easy to take with me.

This is the box opened with the little drawer and the mirror. The mirror is a little bit small but it's very useful for when you're on the way.  I hope you can see that the brush and tweezers are really small.

Now the colours. When I drew on my hand with the pencil, I noticed that I had to draw multiple times before the colour was visible enough to take a picture of. I didn’t notice that when I used it for my eyebrow. But I don’t really mind. I really like the colour as I said before.
The second one is the first colour from the Catrice eyebrow set I call it number 1 because Catrice didn't give the colours a name. This is the colour I use for my eyebrows. It  looks really light on my skin but it gives my eyebrows a good natural colour. Colour number 2 is very dark as you can see. I don’t use it. It’s very pigmented and when you have darker hair than me I think that colour is perfect.
 Yves Rocher 02 CendrĂ©, Catrice colour 1, Catrice colour 2

I really like both of the products and I don’t think I can choose between them. But right now I’m using the Catrice eyebrow set.  I thank my friend for recommending this one to me! I’m really happy that I finally have visible eyebrows.

Xx Rianne