Monday, 12 January 2015

How To: Soft Lips in Sixty Seconds

Winter has come and my lips are not happy with that. Sometimes they get so dry that when I smile I feel like my lips are going to burst. And sometimes that happens and then they start bleeding… and that hurts a lot and doesn’t look really good.

The Pink Nivea lip butter is my favourite at this moment

Now there is an easy way to stop this problem. All you need is a soft clean toothbrush and a lot of lip balm. I always make the toothbrush wet before I brush my lips, because I don’t like the feeling of a dry toothbrush on my lips.
Here’s what you have to do:
Get a clean soft toothbrush and, if you want to, make the brush wet with some drops of water. Then make little circles with the brush on your lips.
That’s basically all you’ve to do. Your scrubbing your lip. Then you apply a lot of lip balm on your lips.
Do not brush your lips like you’re going to brush your teeth because the skin of your lips is very thin and it will hurt you. (Your lips have the thinnest skin of your whole body)

It’s also not needed to brush too long. And don’t do this every day, that’s not good for the thin skin on your lips. If you want to do this regularly then only do this once a week.
I only do this when my lips are chapped. It’s not a regular thing I do.
Also, you can use all kind of lip balms as long as they are very moisturizing. And better do this before you go to sleep. Then it doesn’t matter how much lip balm you put on lips, nobody’s going to see it. ;)
Please don’t forget to apply the lip balm because if you forget it, it won’t work at all and your lips will only get dryer and they’ll look way worse than before you did this treatment. I can tell…

So brush you lips very soft in little circles and do not push too hard. Then dry your lips (if you made your toothbrush wet) and put on a lot of lip balm. Clean your toothbrush. Et voila! Your lips are as soft as silk in sixty seconds.

Xx Rianne
4 comments on "How To: Soft Lips in Sixty Seconds"
  1. Good post! I like Baby Lips balm.

  2. Nice post! Thanks for sharing the trick with toothbrush. I'm gonna try it next time when my lips are chapped. Oh, and I love labello lip balms! :D

  3. Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely going to try this :)