Test Week


These two weeks I've tests. And these two weeks I have to learn and work like an idiot because I do everything last minute. The whole 10 weeks of classes I'll be like: oh I'll do that later. And then in the end when I've to hand in everything I've to stay up late because of all the work I didn't do in those 10 weeks of school. While in these two weeks of barely sleep or time to have fun I always think WeHeartIt is a good app to use when I take a break from all the work. And so I found these pictures and thought I'll share it with you. Just for fun. (So I could write this blogpost instead of learning and working)

Source: WeHeartIt.

So right now I've to go back to work again...I can't wait for the next break of 12 hours scrolling through WeHeartIt and checking Instagram and Twitter.
I hope I get everything finished before the deadline!

Xx Rianne

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8 reacties

  1. Haha. I loved reading through this. Procrastination at its best! Just followed via GFC. (: x

    1. I think I'm the best when it comes to procrastinate my homework.. I wish I wasn't! :S Thanks for the follow! Xx

  2. I know how you feel, I hate revising or studying for tests. I hope you do well though! :)

  3. I laughed so hard on the first one hahahah
    Good luck on your exams !! :D


  4. Heel herkenbaar! Zijn de tentamens wel goed gegaan en heb je je deadlines gehaald? Succes!

    1. Ik heb niet alles gehaald voor de deadlines.. Maar de tentamens gingen wel aardig goed naar mijn idee!


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