Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm Going to London!

I’ve got some excited news to tell!! Me and my friends are planning a trip to London!!!! It’s actually school related but the moment we heard that we could choose any country in Europe we didn’t had a real discussion about where we wanted to go to. We all said that we wanted to go to London and so it was decided. But then we had to wait a very long time because somewhere at the beginning in year one we already knew we wanted to go to London. And then we had to wait till the end of year two. But this semester we’re going! It’s finally happening!

My favourite picture from the visit in 2011

I can’t wait to go back to London. I’ve been there once with school and that was 4 years ago. I can’t believe it has been so long!! But I fell in love with the city and said that I would go back there very soon. I was only 5 days in London and I wish I never left. So since then I’ve been only dreaming on and on about going back and walk in London again. And now school gives us an opportunity to stay in a country for 2 weeks! And I’M SO HAPPY!!

These whole two weeks we have to organise by ourselves and there are no teachers coming with us. (YAY!) The main plan is that we have to write stories that we can sell in The Netherlands for newspapers or magazines. So we still have to plan a lot of things and actually we still have to do everything. We’ve only had this idea and now we have to start and actually make our ideas reality. So we’ve still a long way to go but I wish you could see how happy I am. It’s going to happen in June so it’s still a long way to go. But I’m just so excited!!

I hope I can update you guys more about how the plans are going. I could also use some advice from you guys who live in London or nearby because I don’t know anyone there (read that as, we need your help like; do you know a cheap place to stay for two weeks, or if you know a place with great history or just beautiful nature to write about you really have to tell me.)
Or you just know places that we REALLY have to visit as a tourist! Maybe you know some great shops or beautiful museums that are very unknown but worth to visit. Whatever it may be. Let me know! I can use any advice, idea and help. You can leave your ideas in the comments below or email me!

I hope I can make some sort of update series about my plans. But I’ve no idea if there’s so much news every time to tell. But I’m really going to try to let this work. And again I can really use your help/advice!

Xx Rianne
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