Monday, 16 February 2015

Katy Perry Killer Queen

Katy Perry has more than one fragrance but this is the one I got a few months ago. When my mom gave this to me I immediately loved the package. The name is ‘Killer Queen’ and the design is for a queen. Also the fragrance is beautiful in its glass form, it’s like a diamond with a crown on top of it. This is the small edition but I’ve seen in shops that you can buy I little thrown for the bigger bottles so it can rise above all of your other fragrances. I don’t have it and have to lay it down. The body lotion in the package is also beautifully designed. Very simple, which is in contrast with the bottle. But the colour red is warm and the golden words ‘Killer Queen’ makes it look very elegant.

The most important thing about this is the smell of course. It’s a really nice but very strong smell. When I spray it on me, I have the feeling that I have to sneeze because it’s tickling my nostrils. But when I’ve had it on me for a little while I can still smell it and it’s not as strong as it was in the beginning. It became a nice fresh smell. 
Since I cannot describe a scent or even tell you what I smell, I went to 
Katy Perry’s site and saw that she used this description to describe what the scent exactly is:

Own the throne in an intoxicatingly and charmingly playful scent fit for royalty.

Dark Plum, Wild Berries and Bergamot

Red Velvet Flower, Rainbow Plumeria and Natural Jasmine Sambac

Cashmeran, Natural Patchouli Heart and Liquid Praline

I totally agree that this is an intoxicatingly and charmingly playful scent. But have to tell you that I totally fail when it comes to a point of describing so I just copy and past it from her site.

Most of the time when I wear a fragrance I don’t smell it anymore after a while. And sometimes even after some minutes the smell is gone but this one is different. When I wanted to take of my shirt at the end of the day I was like: do I still smell the fragrance on my shirt? Then I sniffed my shirt and yes! It was still there! Two sprays is enough to smell delicious.
The body lotion has a very similar smell but less strong. It match the fragrance very good. Sometimes when I buy a body lotion and a matching fragrance I don’t like the smell of the body lotion but with this one it’s different. The only thing about the body lotion is that it takes a little time to dry on your skin. But that’s with every other body lotion too so that’s just normal but I thought I will still mention this.

I don’t know the prize of this fragrance set because it was a present. But I do know that this is affordable when you’re not very rich just like me. ;)
It’s also a very good present to give to someone since it’s affordable. I was very happy when my mom gave me this present! This is definitely one of my favourite scents.

Xx Rianne
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  1. Hi Erika,
    The very reason I don't like celebrity perfumes is that they don't last long. They're only good for 20 minutes and they're gone. They are made that way to keep production cheap and so that you keep spraying and you keep buying. But if you say this stays, then I should check this out. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Jo of Say Cheesy Cake
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    1. Yes that's true I think. I didn't really test this on my skin... After a while I get used to the smell of the fragrance and I can't smell it on myself anymore.(at least I think so, maybe the fragrance is gone then but I don't notice) On a shirt is always different I think. I've no idea if other people could still smell the fragrance on me after a little while. Maybe I should test that for a next post if I'm doing a fragrance review! Thanks!
      And maybe you should use a tester first before you buy it! Then you can check out what works for you and if you like this fragrance.