Monday, 9 February 2015

Take Care of Your Hair

I care a lot about my hair. I’m always looking for new products and last summer when I was in France I bought this wonderful hair mask: Garnier Fructis Nutri Repair. My French is not really good so I just guessed some words and thought: well, this one looks good and has something with oils. And this was a 1 minute mask, which was it that I decided to buy this hair mask.
The three oils in this mask are: olive, egg nog and shea. (Not sure if I translated these oils right because I translated this from French to Dutch and then to English. In French it says: 3 huiles nutritives: Olive, Avocat et Karité.)

I didn’t use the hair mask immediately on holidays because I thought my hair didn’t need it. It felt soft then and so I believed it was fine. (Stupid me:  it was summer and I was on summer holidays and then hair needs more care) But yeah, I just only washed my hair with a shampoo not using a conditioner because I forgot mine... Then after the summer holidays and when I was back in my (new!) room I noticed my hair wasn’t in a good condition at all! It was very dry and it felt like a rope and I had much more bad hair days then I’m used to. And I was wondering why I didn’t need a hair mask!?!

So when I came home I went for a shower and used the new hair mask and I remember how much difference there was. I still don’t know what I was thinking that my hair didn’t need a hair mask on holidays… but seriously. Every time I open that jar it reminds me of the holiday fail and I try to use this mask once a week because it’s so good; the smell, the results. Every time I’m like... oooh this is so good for my hair. And then I ask my sister to touch my hair and ask her to sniff it to proof her how good it smells.
My hair smells nice for a whole day! Lucky me, it’s Saturday now I’m writing this and I do not have to go anywhere because I just used the mask again and every time I have to sniff my hair. Which looks pretty weird of course. ;)

Now I’ve used this hair mask not every week because sometimes I forget it. But even after a half year the jar isn’t empty yet. And I still love the results of it.  And the last thing I have to say: hair masks are sooo good for your hair!!! (Especially this one.)
Don’t forget: Take care of your hair!

Xx Rianne

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  1. Tankyou for this post ! I'll have to try this now xo