Monday, 2 February 2015

The Original Tangle Teezer

Last year one of friends gave me a Tangle Teezer for my birthday. And I’m really happy with it. I used to have a brush I didn’t like but I was too lazy to buy a new brush. So my friend said. I know the perfect present for your birthday. And yeah! She was right! I love this present.

I immediately opened the package and brushed my hair when my friend gave it to me. At first I had to get used how to hold the Tangle Teezer in my hand. It’s very weird. I always had a brush with a grip (is that the right word? I have no idea..) But now I’m in love with the Tangle Teezer. Normally when I brush my hair it hurts a little. I’ve long hair and lots of tangles in it. This hairbrush detangles my hair easily even after I have showered(!) A thing that didn’t change is that I still lose a lot of hair when I’m brushing my hair. But I think that just me. I lose a lot of hair all day…

Shaun P invented this product. The story on the package tells why he helped us with this perfect hairbrush:
“I invented Tangle Teezer because tangles were not just a salon problem, but a global one. Colouring hair for 30 passionate years enabled me to identify and invent a true solution. Years of research and development led me to create a first never-seen-before detangling hairbrush. A hairbrush that looked different, felt different, so naturally performed differently. Now you have no excuse for bad hair days”.
Go on, change your hairbrush, not your lifestyle.

And I think this is a lovely little story and I truly believe it. Normally I’m a bit sceptical when it comes to story’s that tell me that “it’s going to change my life”. (I’ve been disappointed enough with all those wonderful story’s on packages.) But this is a really good hairbrush if you’ve long hair or just hair that easily tangles and is hard to detangle.

Last Pentecost weekend I went on a sort of camp with the youth from our church. And when I used my Tangle Teezer everybody wanted to use it too. The whole weekend I was looking for my brush because every time I wanted to use it someone else was using it. So I guess the Tangle Teezer is for everyone. ;)

Xx Rianne
2 comments on "The Original Tangle Teezer "
  1. Should this be added to my birthday wish list? I have always wanted a tangle teaser, they look amazing and so ideal for my thick hair. (sorry If I seem like I am commenting on everything, I am loving your blog, I chucked you a follow on bloglovin' )

    1. I would say yes! Every time I brush my hair I'm so happy that I've got my Tangle Teezer and not my old hair brush! I don't have thick hair but I think that this brush is for every hair type.
      Thanks for the follow.

      Xx Rianne