Saturday, 7 February 2015

Waiting for the Bus & Girl Online

So last night I went home from my student room to my parents’ house for the weekend. The train was delayed (as always) and because of that I missed my bus. And then I had to wait for 30 minutes till the next bus was coming. While I had to wait for the bus I wrote this little blogpost to waste some time.

Normally I don't think waiting is that bad. But this is different, it is dark outside and I stand here alone. And I get a little scared. Being alone in the darkness in the evening isn't a very good idea I think.

I wanted to go into shops that were nearby, forgotten that those shops are obviously closed by 8:30 pm. One shop was still open and I walked in there. I was looking at the makeup part because everything else wasn’t very interesting. Then suddenly one of the people that work there said that they were closing. I wanted to pick up my bags and walk to the door and saw they already closed the doors! Then a guy said: “Oh sorry I already closed the doors. I didn't see you in the lanes!” If I walked a little bit slower to the exit I think I would have been locked in that shop! :o

So I just walked out the shop and put my really heavy bags beside me. I started to write this post in hope the time would pass by really fast and to get my mind of the idea that I’m standing here alone waiting for my bus in the city while it's dark outside. Oh and not forgetting to mention that it is freezing cold right now! I can barely feel my fingers while I write this. Even though there are two other people waiting next to me and so I'm not really alone I make this note to myself: Never travel alone with the bus at this time of the day. Even though it's around 8:30 and not really late it is because it's dark outside and that's just creepy! In summer I think this wouldn't have been such a big problem.

All I can think of right now is sitting (read laying) on the couch with a cup of tea and read my new book: Girl Online. I bought this book yesterday and started today when I sat in the train a few minutes ago on my way home. Everybody on Twitter and jsut general internet said about her book: I can't stop reading. And I was on one hand very excited to read this book. On the other hand I was a bit sceptical about the book. I thought everyone said this because they love Zoella so much. (Don’t get me wrong. I really love Zoella!!)
But to be honest. I can't stop reading either. I want to read it so bad right now. But it's dark outside :( I guess there will be a blogpost soon about this book! So stay tuned!!

I also hope you like this blogpost. While I'm checking spelling and grammar right now I feel scared to post this. Is this interesting? Or do you not care about these kind of posts? Because maybe I'll do this more often but maybe not. I don't know. Let me know in the comments what you think about it!

Xx Rianne
2 comments on "Waiting for the Bus & Girl Online"
  1. I love this post :) I have to admit, being a lover of horror and fantasy books I really didn't want to read Girl Online. But I love Zoella, so I thought that I would give it a shot. Lets just says its written so well, its amazing! How far through it are you?

  2. Yes she wrote it very well! Currently I'm very busy with school so I don't have that much time to read, so I'm now half way through. I hope I finish the book this week. Or I will make some free time to read it this week :)

    Xx Rianne