Friday, 13 March 2015

High Tea Swipe & Shop

February 25th I was invited to a high tea because I use the app Swipe & Shop. The idea was that we, users of the app, could tell the crew what we would like to see in the next update of the app. So yeah, I was really curious about what we would discuss or what I could expect and I went to the high tea to meet the crew of this app.

Let me first explain a little bit about the app. We all know Tinder right? (If not, where have you been???) This app is like Tinder but then with clothes. You see items on your screen and then you swipe it right if you like it and you swipe left if you don’t like the item. The items get collected in your wish list and then you can shop the items immediately. Or just keep them there in your wish list to shop them later. Now, to be honest I only use this app when college is boring. I’ve never shopped anything from the app. I use this app so I get some inspiration. And then I just go shopping in real shops and not online. 



So I had to go to Sanoma, one of the biggest publishing companys of magazines in The Netherlands. And me being a student journalism, was very excited to go in there and see how it looks like. So I walked into the building (After I was lost for 20 minutes) and was overwhelmed how huge this building was.  I haven’t seen anything else inside the building because I wasn’t there for a tour of course.

Pamela, one of the Swipe & Shop crew came and picked me up and brought me to the high tea. And then we had tea and lots of food. There were brownies, Oreo brownies(!), cake, chocolate and of course tea. Then we started and they asked lots of questions about online shopping and if we wanted to see something new on the app that they haven’t featured yet. I think it was very interesting to also meet other users and see how they thought about the app and what they wanted to see in the next updates. We talked a lot and before I knew it, time was up and we had to go home. Last but least they gave us a goodie bag. YAY!! Presents or gifts always make me feel special. :) In the goodie bag was: a little wrist band by aiby, Noir bodylotion by Hunkemöller, Nestle Chai Tea Latte, Bros chocolate, Flair magazine, Shampoo by Guhl and sunglases by Your Own Stylist. I really love the sunglasses!! They're so cool. Look at them!

This app is Dutch, but I think it’s very easy to use even if you’re not Dutch. We Dutchies use a lot of English words in our language, so I think if you see ‘Mijn Wish list’ that you can guess that it’s “My Wish List’. The only thing that is harder to understand is the description of the products under the button with the € sign. But as I said I only use this app to get inspiration and don’t look very often for more information about the product. And I think you girls can use this app as inspiration too. If you're not Dutch and you've downloaded the app. Let me know in the comments if you understood how it worked... Or else I have to add to this post that it's just an app for Dutch girls.

Xx Rianne

Ps: This post may look like a promotion post but it’s not. I just think it’s very special that the crew of an app invited us, users, to a high tea to talk with us about the new app and see what we would like to see on the app or what we want to change. I think this is just a very good idea and I’m very excited to see the next update and see what they used from our input.

Pps: Here's the link to their blog for the Dutchies if they'd like to read about the high tea from the crew themselve. And that's also their blog where they keep you up to date about everything about the app.
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