Thursday, 28 May 2015

I'm Going to London Part 2

It’s official!! We booked our trip to London!( A few weeks ago we booked, but I forgot to tell you guys!) I couldn’t be more excited! Me and my friend are going to London! Can you believe it? Well, it’s still a little bit unreal for me.
It’s been a dream of me to go there and now we booked, you can read that in this blogpost (<-- click the link) when I told you guys we’re going! We’ve been looking for the cheapest options and we found one via Airb&b. (Such a good site.) And we are staying in someone’s house that has the view on the Thames! How beautiful?! We saw photos and me and my friend were like: ‘Okay, it’s probably going to be this place where we are going to stay’. And a few weeks ago we got the confirmation that we’re going to stay there for 10 days!!

Source: Pinterest
After that we’ve been looking for musicals to go to, the studios of Harry Potter, museums we want to visit. And just 100 more places we want to visit. In less than two weeks we’re going and I’m so excited! We also got some ideas to write about for our study. It’s amazing and I’m looking forward going to London again. I’m already thinking about what I should be taking with me and what I really have to buy when I’m in London.

It’s a very short blogpost but I promised you guys to keep you up-to-date. So here is a little update. I think that when I’m in London I’ve got a lot more to talk about. I’m thinking about some sort of diary for when I’m there but it depends on how many free time we give ourselves.
 And how much energy is left over after a whole day of walking around in London! I don't promise anything but I think it would be awesome to have a little online diary. Also I'm thinking about small updates on my instagram so keep an eye on that one too because that will be easier I think.

Xx Rianne

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