Tuesday, 5 May 2015

My 8 Struggles of Being a Student

I’m a student for almost 2 years now. The first year I lived with my uncle and aunt because I thought the step to go live on myself would be too big for me. (I was only 17 years old then.) So after living there for a year, getting used to not live with my parents, I was sure I wanted to keep going on with my study and I decided to look for a room where I could live in Ede. Lucky me, a friend of me was moving to a different place and said that I could hire her room. So now I live on an attic in a house somewhere in Ede. And now there are some struggles I have to deal with:

1. No money.
Every month I have days left over and no more money. Mostly the last two weeks of the month I’m broke. And every time I ask myself: where did the money go?? I realise I gave it out on make-up, clothes, books, going out, birthday presents for friends or just stupid things I’m probably never going to use. (I still hope that those things will be useful someday).

2. What am I going to eat today?
This is one of the hardest questions I ask myself almost every day. You forget to question this when your mom or dad is cooking for you every night. Normally you ask your mom or dad what (s)he made tonight. But now I'm the one that is going to decide what I'm going to eat.
And well, if you’re good in cooking it’s less difficult. But when you’re like me and you’re not the best cook ever it’s a little bit more difficult. And eating pizza every night isn’t the best decision ever, even though it sounds great. I just need some easy-to-make recipes for one person. (I’m still looking for a blog or something. Do you know one? Please let me know!)

3. What movie am I going to watch tonight?
This is a real life question. I mean what else should I be doing? (Homework maybe??) I’ve watched lots of movies and now it’s getting harder to find some good movies I like. 

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4. Slow Wi-Fi.
So annoying when I want to watch a movie and it just keeps loading because of slow Wi-Fi. -.-

5. Planning.
I’m a master when it comes to planning a homework schedule. But I lack at discipline. Sometimes when I’ve a free day in the week I’m like: oh I’m going to do all the homework that day I’ve got free. And I make a fantastic planning. But I end up doing half of it or nothing and I watch movies instead. The planning completely ‘forgotten’ of course.

6. Have no sleep in de last two weeks of the semester.
Because my planning sucks I have to stay up late to do all the homework and the study I could’ve done when I was watching series. So I make a promise that next time I will do all the work in time because I really need to sleep… (Next time it’s the exact same situation)

7. Losing everything.
I’m always looking for something. I lost a book, a reader, a file I had downloaded and saved somewhere on my laptop, clothes, keys, shoes. Everything! Every weekend I’m going home and then I’ve no idea if something is at home or in my room in Ede. Last Christmas holiday I lost my camera. I thought it was home and it wasn’t. I came to my room and it wasn’t there either. (I was convinced it was stolen!) Then a few days later I found it in my school bag. I still can’t remember why I put it there…

8. Having no idea what I'm doing.
So much is going on. So much homework, stress or whatever I'm worrying about. It’s just that I’ve no idea what I'm doing most of the time and I just pretend I know what's going on.

Do you recognise any of my struggles? Let me know in the comments!

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Xx Rianne

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  1. This was a really cute post! <3 I truly understand you on the wifi issue and the no money issue lol My motto is "at some point it has to get better right?" good luck!

    1. Aww thank you so much! And I love your motto. I really have to remember that one! Xx Rianne