Monday, 20 July 2015

NOTD Daisies

Summer is now fully here and yesterday hasn't been a very sunny day and I was on my phone looking for some summer nail art and then I found a photo of someone who made daisies on her nails. I fell in love with the design and had to recreate it. So this is the result! I'm in love with it!!

The colours I’ve used:
Base Coat: Cosmetica Fanatica (I bought this polish somewhere on a market in Germany)
Blue: Rimmel London 842 Too Cool To Tango
Yellow: New York Color 294 Lexington Yellow
White: Rimmel London Rita Ora Collection 703 White Hot Love
Base & Top Coat: Miss Sporty

Xx Rianne

PS: I changed my instagram name. It has now the same name as this blog because I thought it was a bit confusing. So go click this --> word <-- and click on the follow button to see what I'm up to!

PPS: I'm going on holidays next two weeks so I won't be blogging because I barely have internet on the camping and I just don't want to take my laptop with me!

Enjoy the summer!!!!

4 comments on "NOTD Daisies"
  1. aweeeee they look adorable!!!
    I'll try this on my own nails :3

    1. Thank you! It looks very difficult to make the flowers but actually it's not! Good luck!

      Xx Rianne

  2. You did a great job, they look so good!
    Julie //