Sunday, 21 June 2015

London Day 11: Going Home

June 18

The last day is here I’m still in London while I write this. Because I’ve already packed everything and have enough time to sit down. (Like I’m 2 hours early but I couldn’t sleep anymore, the other people in this house left the house around 4 am this morning and they made a lot noise to shut the door so I’m awake since then).
But seriously I’m going to miss the view here. I love watching out of the window and see the whole city. It’s so amazing and I always loved views but this was so surprising when we arrived. We thought we could only see the Thames but London Eye and the Tower Bridge? We had no idea!!

I can’t believe that these days have gone by so fast. I loved every day and I loved to write about every day. I truly hope you liked reading these posts. When I come home I’ll finish this blogpost probably by telling you how the travel went going home.
I’m actually looking forward going home. Seeing my brother, sisters and mum and dad again and... My own bed. I’ve really missed my own bed. There’s nothing better than my own bed.

* two days later*

I’m home!! Thursday around half past 11 in the evening I was finally home. It was a long way home but I was so happy to be back again and see my family. I really missed them.
But ehm. To start when we were leaving. On Thursday we left from St. Pancras station around 2 pm but we arrived earlier because next to our station was Kings Cross station. We had to visit it because Harry Potter was filmed there. So we’ve seen the station and walked passed platform 9 ¾. Fun!
Friday I went to my grandparents to say hi and tell them about my adventure in London. And Saturday I’ve been in the garden playing with our rabbits Sammy and Pluisje (Pluisje’s name is literally translated: Fluffy) and I finally finished a book I wanted to finish for so long but I never found a good moment to read it. It was a book of Nicci French, medeplichtig. A really, really good book. I don’t know the official title because it was a translated book. And now I finally had time to write the last diary post of this trip. I really hope you enjoyed reading it! Now I’m going back to my normal life. Doing a lot of school work till summer holiday and I’ve found a fulltime summer job. So life is going to get a little bit boring if you compare it with these past 10 days. I’m still going to try to post on every Monday!

Xx Rianne
Wednesday, 17 June 2015

London Day 9 & 10: English Breakfast & Packing Bags

So today I write about yesterday and today because yesterday we literally did nothing but homework and watching two Harry Potter movies and skyping with friends. So that’s not really interesting at all. Today isn’t that interesting too and tomorrow morning we’re leaving so I just do two days in one blogpost!

As I said yesterday was a lot of homework. Finishing story’s for school and I’ve written down some more ideas I’m going to work out when I’m home. It feels good that I did a lot of homework yesterday. It was all the time in the back of my head and now it’s finally finished and that just feels so good!

Today we had planned to eat an English breakfast. So we googled a restaurant nearby where they served English breakfast and we went there. I had heard about this English breakfast of course but I just had no idea how much it would be and what I exactly would get on my plate when I ordered it. So when my plate with breakfast arrived my eyes almost plopped out of my head! So much food for in the morning... I couldn’t believe it. But I started eating and I actually liked it. It’s weird because I normally eat just a slice of bread with Nutella or hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) and this was seriously two eggs, two sausages, the biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen and bacon and beans and toast. SO MUCH!

But I eat it all and I’m actually really proud of myself that I finished it all. I was so full afterwards but it was good. I wouldn’t eat this every morning. Are there actually people that eat this every morning or not? For one time it was delicious but I don’t want to eat this for breakfast tomorrow again… Although I would really recommend this breakfast for everyone that’s going to visit England. It’s just fun to try this out! :)

I also just finished packing. My suitcase weights so much and I’m glad that we’re travelling with the train because I would have to pay extra money for my luggage if I was travelling by airplane. I bought a lot of stuff/make-up that we don’t have in The Netherlands.
Now I still have to do some other homework and I hope I finish that today too. Tonight we’re going to watch the last Harry Potter movie and then we’ve seen all the movies while we were here! We can also cross that off of our to do list. The only thing we didn’t do was going to Kings Cross station where HP was filmed... But I think I can live with that and use it as an excuse for coming back another time to London!

Xx Rianne

Ps. I’m feeling a lot better than Monday. I still have the cold but I don’t feel that miserable anymore!! Yay!
Tuesday, 16 June 2015

London Day 8: Feeling Not Very Well

The last few days are approaching and I’m proud to say that we almost did everything that we wanted to do. Only the changing of the guards we haven’t seen. But I’ve already seen it and Maris doesn’t really want to see it because our underground ticket has expired and she doesn’t want to spend too much money anymore. (Same here too, London is so expensive.) But about yesterday; we wanted to visit the St. Pauls Cathedral. We thought it would be free entrance but it was not. Again it costs a lot of money so we decided not to go in there. (And again I had already been there the last time I was here.)

Then we went to search for a student we wanted to interview for a newspaper. We had been wondering around London in hope to find a student. But we couldn’t find any so we went to Westminster abbey and there we talked to a student. He was very kind to us and I’ve learned a lot about the school there. Very interesting. One thing I would like to see in The Netherlands too is that you can choose some more subjects then the subjects you usually get. Like he told us, he choose for Chinese! I would love to learn another language but our school just doesn’t offer any extra classes. This semester we only had 1 English class and that was it... I don’t have German anymore but I don’t think it would be bad if I could choose that subject again!

By St. Pauls Cathedral there were a lot of flowers. I took this photo and I'm proud of it ;)
After the interview we went home. I didn’t felt very well. I’ve got a cold and I had a massive headache yesterday so I was glad to be home and just chilling on my bed! I felt/ still feel horrible. All I can hope for now is that when it's Thursday it'll be over because I don't feel like travelling right now.... But we did watch two Harry Potter movies. And every time I see something that I’ve seen in the Harry Potter Studio Tour I’m like: ooh I’ve seen that! Ooh that is in this movie. I couldn’t remember in what movie it was! It’s funny for me but I think that someone else would go crazy for every time I said: ‘I’ve seen this in real life’. J Lucky me Maris did the same thing.
And this was day 8!!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 15 June 2015

London Day 7: Fish 'n Chips

Yesterday was Sunday. So I first went to church. I googled for a church here in Canary Wharf and found a floating church, it was seriously on a boat! How cool! It’s was very cosy and family like so I really liked it there. When I came home and was looking out of the window (again) I discovered something... We don’t only see London Eye, we can also see the Tower Bridge from here! I had never seen it before and suddenly it was there! The days before it wasn’t. But yeah, this makes our view even better!

Because it was really cold and rainy yesterday we decided to go to Harrods. I had been there before but again, I was so surprised by how massive that building is and how much one wineglass can cost. I didn’t touch anything and Maris and I were just walking past everything. Outside Harrods there were some very talented street artists. Normally we never stand so long watching them but this time seriously it was so good. So we stood there for a while listening to their music made with a violin and a drummer on empty cans and pots. Then we went to the Victoria and Albert museum. It was almost closing time but still we went in. It was again, amazing. Especially the fashion part was very interesting. I love how all those details are done on those dresses and coats. There was also an exhibition about shoes but it was already sold out for that day so we didn’t see that one. :( After that we decided to go to the Tower Bridge. We visited it but because it was cold we just took some photos and wanted to go home. 
Christian Dior in V&A Museum

When we were walking to the underground we suddenly saw a small shop where they sold Fish ’n Chips. We both agreed to eat that. It was delicious!! That was our Sunday. We sort of made a list before we went to London with things that we really wanted to visit. Now is the list very short and almost everything is crossed off the list! We did a good job! Because three more days and were gone... And let me tell you, most of the things we wanted to do that were on the list happened accidently. We didn’t really plan things. Like eating fish ‘n chips yesterday. We had planned to eat some wraps because we didn’t want to spend money on things. But then we suddenly saw that shop and we just had to do it because we hadn’t seen that much take away food shops for fish ‘m chips. And that’s what most of the time happens. We actually wanted to go and see this but then it turned out that nearby that place are a lot of other things that we wanted to do. And that’s what I love about this trip!

Xx Rianne
Sunday, 14 June 2015

London Day 6: Seeing The Queen & Biggest Lush Shop Ever!

Saturday we had planned to go to see the changing of the guards by Buckingham Palace. But we were a little late and decided to go the national gallery instead. So we walked and suddenly there were a lot of people all lining up to see something. We had no idea what the people were waiting for but we stopped also and asked a man in front of us what was happening. He said: the Queen is coming out of this building soon. We waited for like half an hour and yes, there she came out the building (We don’t know what building/house it was) so we’ve seen the Queen and Kate and maybe more royaltys but we didn't recognised them. (I don’t have photos right now because Maris is still asleep because I got up early so I can go to church today) The photos will be up tomorrow or something or I’ll update this blogpost later today. I just read on the internet that the queen’s birthday wasn’t today but that she celebrated it today. But still Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

After that we went to the National Gallery and saw our Dutch painters work of Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rubens and Rembrandt and of course a lot of others. It’s so amazing what they could paint. We spent a lot of time there and then we went to see a teahouse that Mariska had found on the internet and really wanted to see. So we were looking for it and in the end we found it. It was all pink and it had some awesome toilets. (Photos are also on Maris her camera, they’ll come later)

Some street artist did an act in front of the Natioal Gallery. This guy jumped over 8 people!

And we’ve been in the biggest Lush in the world. (At least that was what they told us.) I was so sad that we don’t have a bath at home because what a shop is that! It’s so big and it smells so good. And everywhere we looked were bath bombs and they were trying out some of those bombs and then we could feel the water and our hands felt so soft after. And just the smell. It’s like your walking into a candy shop. And then to think that everything is handmade. Every single ball or soap or facemask. I didn’t bought anything there because first off I don’t have a bath and second it was soo expensive. I would be sick in my head to give so much money for a facemask!

Then we went to do some grocery shopping and my bag was so heavy that the string that was going over my shoulder broke. So when I was crossing the road suddenly, ploff, my bag was on the middle of the street. Lucky me only the case my glasses are in was not in its perfect shape anymore. I was really scared that maybe the yoghurt was exploded in my bag but it was alright! Pfew!
We cooked some delicious pasta and then we went to sit down with again a Harry Potter film and… a bag of chips!!! We found a bag of chips with chips in it instead of 6 bags of air!
This was day 6 of being in London. We are already over half of the trip. Time is going so fast when you enjoy what you’re doing. We still want to do a lot of things so we hope we can make it in these last few days!

Xx Rianne
Saturday, 13 June 2015

London Day 5: Harry Potter Studio Tour

We went to the Harry Potter Studios!!!!!!! In the morning, again I did some schoolwork and I planned the route to the studios. It was really easy so Maris and I were soon at the bus station waiting for the Harry Potter bus. There the first problem showed up. We had no cash money anymore and for the bus to the studios you had to pay 2 pounds. So we stood there and the bus driver pointed towards a pin device (google translate words). We run towards that and got our money as fast as possible. Then we were seated in the bus and you know what? An explanation video starts and says that you have to keep your reservation tickets ready because the journey will start now… Good, we don’t have any reservation. We had no idea! So in the bus we were sort of stressing out because we paid the trains and the bus and it was 1,5 hours travelling and we were really scared that we could not get in.

We arrived and everybody else just walked into the studios and we went to the tickets counters. We just did like we didn’t heard about that you have to do a reservation for the tour and the lady who helped us said that we had to do a reservation. We told her that we had no idea about the reservations. And seriously we hadn’t. Yes, we had seen the prices on the site. And yes we’ve seen that you could buy tickets there. But we thought, that’s just so you don’t have to stand so long in line and that you could also buy tickets there. We thought wrong… -.-
But the lady was very nice and she came up with an idea. She told us that maybe two people have cancelled for today. And the lucky girls we are!!! Yes, two people cancelled. She told us that we were so lucky and that they normally never do this. So in the end we got our tickets and we thanked her a 1000 times for helping us! She was so kind and we were so happy.

So one tip for everyone that’s going to Harry Potter Studio Tour: BUY YOUR TICKET ONLINEEE!!!!!!! Please do this because we were really really lucky. If those two people hadn’t cancelled for that day we would have to go back home. (I think we had some Liquid Luck in our drinks that morning.)

Then we went into the studios and that was just brilliant. It was so beautiful to see all those details that were on the sets. Literally, they thought about everything. The smallest thing is not forgotten and I’ve been looking around and around and I still feel like I haven’t seen everything although we've seen everything. But I think when I go back there (and I definitely go back one day) I think I will discover new things that I didn't noticed yesterday.

I'm a Hufflepuff. Here is what I should be wearing if I ever recieve the letter from Hogwarts

And the great hall. That was amazing! The moment those doors opened and those candles were on fire and the tables were standing there. I can understand how impressed little Daniel, Rupert and Emma were when they walked through those doors the first time. I loved everything. I also loved that the costumes and almost everything is used in the films. I mean, I’ve seen Harry’s little glasses in the cupboard under the stairs. And his little bed. But also the Gryffindor common room and Hagrids hut. Dumbledore’s office and Umbridge office, the ministry of magic and of course Diagon Alley! 

And the best thing is that they literally filmed on all those sets I’ve seen. And then you realise how an amazing actors and actresses play in this movies. There’s so much so different than in the movie but it’s still the same. In the movie it just looks bigger. And when they explain about quidditch, you have to find out yourself but that’s unbelievable. We’ve walked around there the whole afternoon and I feel like I can go back there today and be surprised again with everything that is there. 

If you love movies and you’re also interested in how movies are made this is seriously something you have to visit! And now I definitely want to read the books. And those three extra books J.K Rowling wrote for charity. (Don’t judge me for not having read the books yet. I know it’s bad and I’m sorry.) 

Xx Rianne
Friday, 12 June 2015

London Day 4: London Eye

So yesterday was a busy day. We started off again with some schoolwork. I’m going to write an article about the Twinings Tea and the tea culture in England. So we prepared an interview and then we visited The Twining museum/shop. What a lovely place is that! And so many different teas! I loved it. And I bought a tea that is for when you’re going to sleep. So I can’t wait to try that when I’m in my student room, stressing about the homework, then make a cup of tea and then I fall asleep very fast! Hahaha!

After the tea experience we went to London Eye. Well, near London Eye. We wanted to go in London Eye when the sun was setting. So we just lied of the grass and enjoyed the sun because it was beautiful weather yesterday! We also walked around and past the Big Ben and Downing Street to Trafalgar Square. I had to recreate the photo I posted with the big lion on it in the first blog when I announced that I was going to London. So Maris photographed me and I’m so happy right now! Then we bought some food and sat down on the stairs in front of the national museum and enjoyed the sun again.

Waiting till the sun sets takes a lot of time. So we got bored and started to walk around. We walked to Leicester Square and there was the Minion Premiere!!!! YAY! We were a bit late and it was already at its end but I saw Sandra Bullock and I took a photo of her! How cool? Then we went back to London Eye, bought our tickets and also went to the 4D movie. I loved that movie. It was short but 4D is kind of magical with the snow and the wind and the clouds. And then we went into London Eye. The sun was setting and it was amazing. The view was wonderful and I took about a hundred photos that I’m probably never going to look back at because the memory of standing in that cabin thing is the best one I made that day. Viewing it with your own eyes is way better than all those photos together. Except for this photo with the sunset. I love this one! I also tried to find the house we’re staying at but I had no idea if the house is one the south, east, north or west side of London Eye. So I haven’t seen it. ;)

After that we waited till it got a little bit darker and then we took some more photos. It was getting cold so we walked quickly to the underground to go home. After that I almost went immediately asleep because I was so tired. It’s really warm in our bedroom and I don’t sleep very well here. Every morning I wake up very early so I had to take all the time I could get to sleep because today I was going up early because I had to write the tea article. (Maris is still asleep now...)
So this was day 4 and I loved it! It was really one of the best days till now.

Xx Rianne
Thursday, 11 June 2015

London Day 3: Huge Tesco

Yesterday we didn’t do that much. In the morning we were doing some schoolwork. And checking out what we could do more the next days. We didn’t feel like doing anything that day but we really wanted to visit a Superdrug. So we googled a store nearby our house and went there. It turned out that there was a huge Tesco too. A store like Carrefour in France and I had no idea that Tesco was something like that. But we first went in Superdrug and bought some stuff. Sadly Tanya Burr’s collection was almost sold out. So we have to find another Superdrug because I really need a lip gloss of her collection. We also went shopping because this was in shopping centre and then we went to Tesco where we spent a lot of time just watching everything that you could buy there. It was so much. You can literally buy everything there: food, TV’s, baking stuff and vacuum cleaners. Think about something and I think you can find it there. Unbelievable! We have 10 different shops for that. And here it’s simple; everything in one store! 

The fountain we walk past every day to get to the underground.
We bought some food and again here is a question: in this country you buy more air than chips. We bought a bag of chips. And in that bag of chips are 6 little bags of chips that are also more empty than full. Does this country have a normal bag of chips? Not with little bags in a big bag. Because we can’t find them. And it’s also so much extra plastic because of all those little bags.

In the evening when we were eating we heard the song of the ice cream car so we run outside. I thought I was filming it. But I pressed the wrong button. L So it’s not filmed. Only that we have our ice cream. I’m filming some parts of this trip so Maris and I can make a video of these 10 days. I don’t know if it’s going up online or that we keep this for ourselves. We found out that vlogging is really difficult and we’re lazy so we don’t really talk. And we also talk Dutch. So if I want it online for on the blog I have to do subtitles. I don’t know how to do that... so I have no idea about that video.
We also tried to watch a Harry Potter movie but it kept buffering so it was an early night for us that day! So that today can be full of action!

Xx Rianne
Wednesday, 10 June 2015

London Day 2: Fun in Rivers Island & M&M's World

I actually wanted to post yesterday but Maris and I decided that from now on we’re going to watch Harry Potter movies every night. So yesterday we saw the first movie. Well, part of it. We were really tired of walking all day so we stopped half an hour before the end. (We both know how it ended so it’s not a big deal.) We watch Harry Potter because we want to go to the Harry Potter Studio’s on Friday because the weather doesn’t look that good on that day. So spending a day in the Studio’s would be perfect. But this is the reason why I’m blogging the day after.
I know that Day 1 is about Monday posted on Tuesday but it was past midnight. So actually that was also the day after but it felt like it was still Monday. You know what I mean?

About yesterday: we went to the centre London. We had not really planned anything. So we went to the underground, thought we had found the right train and then, when we were in the train, we discovered that we drove into the wrong direction. So after 45 minutes we finally were in the centre of London. We’ve been hopping on and off the underground and we went to Green Park, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

And we did sort of shopping. It was more like, oooh we’re going back here at the end of the trip to buy this and this and this and this. Because we feel like we’ve to watch out that we do not spent too much money the first days we’re here. And I’m mainly talking about Boots. That was one of the first shops we went in and man oooh man… I’m afraid I’m going to buy so much make-up here. I already bought a concealer that is not available in The Netherlands and a cute hand soap cleaner without using water from Soap & Glory because I couldn’t not buy it. I also bought a cute little necklace in Urban Outfitters.
But I’ve got one big question: we went shopping and all we see is crop tops. Everywhere. Every time I think I see a lovely blouse or shirt it’s cropped. There’s barely something else… Why? I don’t really like crop tops. They make me feel uncomfortable. But I’ve got still 8 days left so there’s enough shopping time to find something that I like.

And we visited M&M’s World. It’s so much fun there. It’s so big and there are so many different colours M&M’s. I have been there before but it still amazed me! Because it was already late we only took some photo’s there. We’re going back and buy M&M’s another day. We ate at Leicester Square at Pizza Express and ordered a delicious Lasagne. But I must say this: mum, yours is better! ;) We also visited China Town and took this awesome selfie with a red phone box and we just took a lot of photo’s in general everywhere but that’s way too much to show on here. We also got lost again trying to find our house. This time it was just a half hour. Shorter than yesterday. Hopefully today will be better. :)

Xx Rianne
Tuesday, 9 June 2015

London Day 1: Arriving

Sooo! I finally arrived in London today! After a long 10 hours of travelling I’m lying in my bed. So happy with our view! We can see London Eye when we’re looking out of the window!!! Isn’t that amazing? And we also see the Thames. I love it here!!

I’ll explain why we are so late: We travelled for 10 hours because, of course, we got lost. This is completely normal to me so after we walked for like 2 hours round and round we finally found our house! We missed the welcome thing/speech of the housekeeper. So we went grocery shopping and now we just wander around this house like it's ours but actually it’s not. And we have no idea how things work. At first we couldn’t even get the window open… but now we fixed it! The same was with the oven. When we arrived here we were really hungry and we had bought pizza. But we had no idea how the oven worked. So in the end we went to get some fries and a hamburger.

We came with the train and the weird thing about it is that we travelled under the sea! I can’t stop thinking about Spongebob. WHOOOOOOOOO lives in pineapple under the sea???!? Spongebob Squarepants! I sang it in the train with Maris. But don’t you think it’s weird. Normally you swim in the sea, or you see boats floating in the sea. Weird don’t you think? Or is it only me?
I have visited Great-Britain twice and then I came with the boat. The train is so much faster! I really recommend that for people from Europe! What also is a plus is that a train doesn’t have a limit of how much you pack in your suitcase. As long as you can carry your suitcase it’s fine. (And my suitcase is, of course, waaaaayyy too big. But I carried it with me. And now I’m supper happy with my big suitcase.) My suitcase wasn’t full by the way. I hope that when I return from London that my suitcase is filled with a lot of souvenirs, clothes and little presents for my mum, dad, brother and sisters!

Xx Rianne

PS: let’s also celebrate that this blogpost is the first post written in a different country than The Netherlands!!