Tuesday, 9 June 2015

London Day 1: Arriving

Sooo! I finally arrived in London today! After a long 10 hours of travelling I’m lying in my bed. So happy with our view! We can see London Eye when we’re looking out of the window!!! Isn’t that amazing? And we also see the Thames. I love it here!!

I’ll explain why we are so late: We travelled for 10 hours because, of course, we got lost. This is completely normal to me so after we walked for like 2 hours round and round we finally found our house! We missed the welcome thing/speech of the housekeeper. So we went grocery shopping and now we just wander around this house like it's ours but actually it’s not. And we have no idea how things work. At first we couldn’t even get the window open… but now we fixed it! The same was with the oven. When we arrived here we were really hungry and we had bought pizza. But we had no idea how the oven worked. So in the end we went to get some fries and a hamburger.

We came with the train and the weird thing about it is that we travelled under the sea! I can’t stop thinking about Spongebob. WHOOOOOOOOO lives in pineapple under the sea???!? Spongebob Squarepants! I sang it in the train with Maris. But don’t you think it’s weird. Normally you swim in the sea, or you see boats floating in the sea. Weird don’t you think? Or is it only me?
I have visited Great-Britain twice and then I came with the boat. The train is so much faster! I really recommend that for people from Europe! What also is a plus is that a train doesn’t have a limit of how much you pack in your suitcase. As long as you can carry your suitcase it’s fine. (And my suitcase is, of course, waaaaayyy too big. But I carried it with me. And now I’m supper happy with my big suitcase.) My suitcase wasn’t full by the way. I hope that when I return from London that my suitcase is filled with a lot of souvenirs, clothes and little presents for my mum, dad, brother and sisters!

Xx Rianne

PS: let’s also celebrate that this blogpost is the first post written in a different country than The Netherlands!!
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