Wednesday, 10 June 2015

London Day 2: Fun in Rivers Island & M&M's World

I actually wanted to post yesterday but Maris and I decided that from now on we’re going to watch Harry Potter movies every night. So yesterday we saw the first movie. Well, part of it. We were really tired of walking all day so we stopped half an hour before the end. (We both know how it ended so it’s not a big deal.) We watch Harry Potter because we want to go to the Harry Potter Studio’s on Friday because the weather doesn’t look that good on that day. So spending a day in the Studio’s would be perfect. But this is the reason why I’m blogging the day after.
I know that Day 1 is about Monday posted on Tuesday but it was past midnight. So actually that was also the day after but it felt like it was still Monday. You know what I mean?

About yesterday: we went to the centre London. We had not really planned anything. So we went to the underground, thought we had found the right train and then, when we were in the train, we discovered that we drove into the wrong direction. So after 45 minutes we finally were in the centre of London. We’ve been hopping on and off the underground and we went to Green Park, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square.

And we did sort of shopping. It was more like, oooh we’re going back here at the end of the trip to buy this and this and this and this. Because we feel like we’ve to watch out that we do not spent too much money the first days we’re here. And I’m mainly talking about Boots. That was one of the first shops we went in and man oooh man… I’m afraid I’m going to buy so much make-up here. I already bought a concealer that is not available in The Netherlands and a cute hand soap cleaner without using water from Soap & Glory because I couldn’t not buy it. I also bought a cute little necklace in Urban Outfitters.
But I’ve got one big question: we went shopping and all we see is crop tops. Everywhere. Every time I think I see a lovely blouse or shirt it’s cropped. There’s barely something else… Why? I don’t really like crop tops. They make me feel uncomfortable. But I’ve got still 8 days left so there’s enough shopping time to find something that I like.

And we visited M&M’s World. It’s so much fun there. It’s so big and there are so many different colours M&M’s. I have been there before but it still amazed me! Because it was already late we only took some photo’s there. We’re going back and buy M&M’s another day. We ate at Leicester Square at Pizza Express and ordered a delicious Lasagne. But I must say this: mum, yours is better! ;) We also visited China Town and took this awesome selfie with a red phone box and we just took a lot of photo’s in general everywhere but that’s way too much to show on here. We also got lost again trying to find our house. This time it was just a half hour. Shorter than yesterday. Hopefully today will be better. :)

Xx Rianne
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