Thursday, 11 June 2015

London Day 3: Huge Tesco

Yesterday we didn’t do that much. In the morning we were doing some schoolwork. And checking out what we could do more the next days. We didn’t feel like doing anything that day but we really wanted to visit a Superdrug. So we googled a store nearby our house and went there. It turned out that there was a huge Tesco too. A store like Carrefour in France and I had no idea that Tesco was something like that. But we first went in Superdrug and bought some stuff. Sadly Tanya Burr’s collection was almost sold out. So we have to find another Superdrug because I really need a lip gloss of her collection. We also went shopping because this was in shopping centre and then we went to Tesco where we spent a lot of time just watching everything that you could buy there. It was so much. You can literally buy everything there: food, TV’s, baking stuff and vacuum cleaners. Think about something and I think you can find it there. Unbelievable! We have 10 different shops for that. And here it’s simple; everything in one store! 

The fountain we walk past every day to get to the underground.
We bought some food and again here is a question: in this country you buy more air than chips. We bought a bag of chips. And in that bag of chips are 6 little bags of chips that are also more empty than full. Does this country have a normal bag of chips? Not with little bags in a big bag. Because we can’t find them. And it’s also so much extra plastic because of all those little bags.

In the evening when we were eating we heard the song of the ice cream car so we run outside. I thought I was filming it. But I pressed the wrong button. L So it’s not filmed. Only that we have our ice cream. I’m filming some parts of this trip so Maris and I can make a video of these 10 days. I don’t know if it’s going up online or that we keep this for ourselves. We found out that vlogging is really difficult and we’re lazy so we don’t really talk. And we also talk Dutch. So if I want it online for on the blog I have to do subtitles. I don’t know how to do that... so I have no idea about that video.
We also tried to watch a Harry Potter movie but it kept buffering so it was an early night for us that day! So that today can be full of action!

Xx Rianne
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