Friday, 12 June 2015

London Day 4: London Eye

So yesterday was a busy day. We started off again with some schoolwork. I’m going to write an article about the Twinings Tea and the tea culture in England. So we prepared an interview and then we visited The Twining museum/shop. What a lovely place is that! And so many different teas! I loved it. And I bought a tea that is for when you’re going to sleep. So I can’t wait to try that when I’m in my student room, stressing about the homework, then make a cup of tea and then I fall asleep very fast! Hahaha!

After the tea experience we went to London Eye. Well, near London Eye. We wanted to go in London Eye when the sun was setting. So we just lied of the grass and enjoyed the sun because it was beautiful weather yesterday! We also walked around and past the Big Ben and Downing Street to Trafalgar Square. I had to recreate the photo I posted with the big lion on it in the first blog when I announced that I was going to London. So Maris photographed me and I’m so happy right now! Then we bought some food and sat down on the stairs in front of the national museum and enjoyed the sun again.

Waiting till the sun sets takes a lot of time. So we got bored and started to walk around. We walked to Leicester Square and there was the Minion Premiere!!!! YAY! We were a bit late and it was already at its end but I saw Sandra Bullock and I took a photo of her! How cool? Then we went back to London Eye, bought our tickets and also went to the 4D movie. I loved that movie. It was short but 4D is kind of magical with the snow and the wind and the clouds. And then we went into London Eye. The sun was setting and it was amazing. The view was wonderful and I took about a hundred photos that I’m probably never going to look back at because the memory of standing in that cabin thing is the best one I made that day. Viewing it with your own eyes is way better than all those photos together. Except for this photo with the sunset. I love this one! I also tried to find the house we’re staying at but I had no idea if the house is one the south, east, north or west side of London Eye. So I haven’t seen it. ;)

After that we waited till it got a little bit darker and then we took some more photos. It was getting cold so we walked quickly to the underground to go home. After that I almost went immediately asleep because I was so tired. It’s really warm in our bedroom and I don’t sleep very well here. Every morning I wake up very early so I had to take all the time I could get to sleep because today I was going up early because I had to write the tea article. (Maris is still asleep now...)
So this was day 4 and I loved it! It was really one of the best days till now.

Xx Rianne
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