Saturday, 13 June 2015

London Day 5: Harry Potter Studio Tour

We went to the Harry Potter Studios!!!!!!! In the morning, again I did some schoolwork and I planned the route to the studios. It was really easy so Maris and I were soon at the bus station waiting for the Harry Potter bus. There the first problem showed up. We had no cash money anymore and for the bus to the studios you had to pay 2 pounds. So we stood there and the bus driver pointed towards a pin device (google translate words). We run towards that and got our money as fast as possible. Then we were seated in the bus and you know what? An explanation video starts and says that you have to keep your reservation tickets ready because the journey will start now… Good, we don’t have any reservation. We had no idea! So in the bus we were sort of stressing out because we paid the trains and the bus and it was 1,5 hours travelling and we were really scared that we could not get in.

We arrived and everybody else just walked into the studios and we went to the tickets counters. We just did like we didn’t heard about that you have to do a reservation for the tour and the lady who helped us said that we had to do a reservation. We told her that we had no idea about the reservations. And seriously we hadn’t. Yes, we had seen the prices on the site. And yes we’ve seen that you could buy tickets there. But we thought, that’s just so you don’t have to stand so long in line and that you could also buy tickets there. We thought wrong… -.-
But the lady was very nice and she came up with an idea. She told us that maybe two people have cancelled for today. And the lucky girls we are!!! Yes, two people cancelled. She told us that we were so lucky and that they normally never do this. So in the end we got our tickets and we thanked her a 1000 times for helping us! She was so kind and we were so happy.

So one tip for everyone that’s going to Harry Potter Studio Tour: BUY YOUR TICKET ONLINEEE!!!!!!! Please do this because we were really really lucky. If those two people hadn’t cancelled for that day we would have to go back home. (I think we had some Liquid Luck in our drinks that morning.)

Then we went into the studios and that was just brilliant. It was so beautiful to see all those details that were on the sets. Literally, they thought about everything. The smallest thing is not forgotten and I’ve been looking around and around and I still feel like I haven’t seen everything although we've seen everything. But I think when I go back there (and I definitely go back one day) I think I will discover new things that I didn't noticed yesterday.

I'm a Hufflepuff. Here is what I should be wearing if I ever recieve the letter from Hogwarts

And the great hall. That was amazing! The moment those doors opened and those candles were on fire and the tables were standing there. I can understand how impressed little Daniel, Rupert and Emma were when they walked through those doors the first time. I loved everything. I also loved that the costumes and almost everything is used in the films. I mean, I’ve seen Harry’s little glasses in the cupboard under the stairs. And his little bed. But also the Gryffindor common room and Hagrids hut. Dumbledore’s office and Umbridge office, the ministry of magic and of course Diagon Alley! 

And the best thing is that they literally filmed on all those sets I’ve seen. And then you realise how an amazing actors and actresses play in this movies. There’s so much so different than in the movie but it’s still the same. In the movie it just looks bigger. And when they explain about quidditch, you have to find out yourself but that’s unbelievable. We’ve walked around there the whole afternoon and I feel like I can go back there today and be surprised again with everything that is there. 

If you love movies and you’re also interested in how movies are made this is seriously something you have to visit! And now I definitely want to read the books. And those three extra books J.K Rowling wrote for charity. (Don’t judge me for not having read the books yet. I know it’s bad and I’m sorry.) 

Xx Rianne
2 comments on "London Day 5: Harry Potter Studio Tour"
  1. Amazing place I want go there! :) I like Harry Potter so this places are really interesting for me. 9 3/4 great!
    Greetings from Poland :)

    1. This was one off the best days we had here. I loved it there so much, it was so interesting. If you ever go to England/London then you should really go there! :D

      Xx Rianne