Sunday, 14 June 2015

London Day 6: Seeing The Queen & Biggest Lush Shop Ever!

Saturday we had planned to go to see the changing of the guards by Buckingham Palace. But we were a little late and decided to go the national gallery instead. So we walked and suddenly there were a lot of people all lining up to see something. We had no idea what the people were waiting for but we stopped also and asked a man in front of us what was happening. He said: the Queen is coming out of this building soon. We waited for like half an hour and yes, there she came out the building (We don’t know what building/house it was) so we’ve seen the Queen and Kate and maybe more royaltys but we didn't recognised them. (I don’t have photos right now because Maris is still asleep because I got up early so I can go to church today) The photos will be up tomorrow or something or I’ll update this blogpost later today. I just read on the internet that the queen’s birthday wasn’t today but that she celebrated it today. But still Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

After that we went to the National Gallery and saw our Dutch painters work of Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rubens and Rembrandt and of course a lot of others. It’s so amazing what they could paint. We spent a lot of time there and then we went to see a teahouse that Mariska had found on the internet and really wanted to see. So we were looking for it and in the end we found it. It was all pink and it had some awesome toilets. (Photos are also on Maris her camera, they’ll come later)

Some street artist did an act in front of the Natioal Gallery. This guy jumped over 8 people!

And we’ve been in the biggest Lush in the world. (At least that was what they told us.) I was so sad that we don’t have a bath at home because what a shop is that! It’s so big and it smells so good. And everywhere we looked were bath bombs and they were trying out some of those bombs and then we could feel the water and our hands felt so soft after. And just the smell. It’s like your walking into a candy shop. And then to think that everything is handmade. Every single ball or soap or facemask. I didn’t bought anything there because first off I don’t have a bath and second it was soo expensive. I would be sick in my head to give so much money for a facemask!

Then we went to do some grocery shopping and my bag was so heavy that the string that was going over my shoulder broke. So when I was crossing the road suddenly, ploff, my bag was on the middle of the street. Lucky me only the case my glasses are in was not in its perfect shape anymore. I was really scared that maybe the yoghurt was exploded in my bag but it was alright! Pfew!
We cooked some delicious pasta and then we went to sit down with again a Harry Potter film and… a bag of chips!!! We found a bag of chips with chips in it instead of 6 bags of air!
This was day 6 of being in London. We are already over half of the trip. Time is going so fast when you enjoy what you’re doing. We still want to do a lot of things so we hope we can make it in these last few days!

Xx Rianne
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  1. I live here, London, and I never had fish and chips! :D

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    1. Your blog looks lovely but I can't read the posts because of the different language.. :(
      How come you never had fish and chips?

      Xx Rianne