Monday, 15 June 2015

London Day 7: Fish 'n Chips

Yesterday was Sunday. So I first went to church. I googled for a church here in Canary Wharf and found a floating church, it was seriously on a boat! How cool! It’s was very cosy and family like so I really liked it there. When I came home and was looking out of the window (again) I discovered something... We don’t only see London Eye, we can also see the Tower Bridge from here! I had never seen it before and suddenly it was there! The days before it wasn’t. But yeah, this makes our view even better!

Because it was really cold and rainy yesterday we decided to go to Harrods. I had been there before but again, I was so surprised by how massive that building is and how much one wineglass can cost. I didn’t touch anything and Maris and I were just walking past everything. Outside Harrods there were some very talented street artists. Normally we never stand so long watching them but this time seriously it was so good. So we stood there for a while listening to their music made with a violin and a drummer on empty cans and pots. Then we went to the Victoria and Albert museum. It was almost closing time but still we went in. It was again, amazing. Especially the fashion part was very interesting. I love how all those details are done on those dresses and coats. There was also an exhibition about shoes but it was already sold out for that day so we didn’t see that one. :( After that we decided to go to the Tower Bridge. We visited it but because it was cold we just took some photos and wanted to go home. 
Christian Dior in V&A Museum

When we were walking to the underground we suddenly saw a small shop where they sold Fish ’n Chips. We both agreed to eat that. It was delicious!! That was our Sunday. We sort of made a list before we went to London with things that we really wanted to visit. Now is the list very short and almost everything is crossed off the list! We did a good job! Because three more days and were gone... And let me tell you, most of the things we wanted to do that were on the list happened accidently. We didn’t really plan things. Like eating fish ‘n chips yesterday. We had planned to eat some wraps because we didn’t want to spend money on things. But then we suddenly saw that shop and we just had to do it because we hadn’t seen that much take away food shops for fish ‘m chips. And that’s what most of the time happens. We actually wanted to go and see this but then it turned out that nearby that place are a lot of other things that we wanted to do. And that’s what I love about this trip!

Xx Rianne
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