Tuesday, 16 June 2015

London Day 8: Feeling Not Very Well

The last few days are approaching and I’m proud to say that we almost did everything that we wanted to do. Only the changing of the guards we haven’t seen. But I’ve already seen it and Maris doesn’t really want to see it because our underground ticket has expired and she doesn’t want to spend too much money anymore. (Same here too, London is so expensive.) But about yesterday; we wanted to visit the St. Pauls Cathedral. We thought it would be free entrance but it was not. Again it costs a lot of money so we decided not to go in there. (And again I had already been there the last time I was here.)

Then we went to search for a student we wanted to interview for a newspaper. We had been wondering around London in hope to find a student. But we couldn’t find any so we went to Westminster abbey and there we talked to a student. He was very kind to us and I’ve learned a lot about the school there. Very interesting. One thing I would like to see in The Netherlands too is that you can choose some more subjects then the subjects you usually get. Like he told us, he choose for Chinese! I would love to learn another language but our school just doesn’t offer any extra classes. This semester we only had 1 English class and that was it... I don’t have German anymore but I don’t think it would be bad if I could choose that subject again!

By St. Pauls Cathedral there were a lot of flowers. I took this photo and I'm proud of it ;)
After the interview we went home. I didn’t felt very well. I’ve got a cold and I had a massive headache yesterday so I was glad to be home and just chilling on my bed! I felt/ still feel horrible. All I can hope for now is that when it's Thursday it'll be over because I don't feel like travelling right now.... But we did watch two Harry Potter movies. And every time I see something that I’ve seen in the Harry Potter Studio Tour I’m like: ooh I’ve seen that! Ooh that is in this movie. I couldn’t remember in what movie it was! It’s funny for me but I think that someone else would go crazy for every time I said: ‘I’ve seen this in real life’. J Lucky me Maris did the same thing.
And this was day 8!!

Xx Rianne
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