Wednesday, 17 June 2015

London Day 9 & 10: English Breakfast & Packing Bags

So today I write about yesterday and today because yesterday we literally did nothing but homework and watching two Harry Potter movies and skyping with friends. So that’s not really interesting at all. Today isn’t that interesting too and tomorrow morning we’re leaving so I just do two days in one blogpost!

As I said yesterday was a lot of homework. Finishing story’s for school and I’ve written down some more ideas I’m going to work out when I’m home. It feels good that I did a lot of homework yesterday. It was all the time in the back of my head and now it’s finally finished and that just feels so good!

Today we had planned to eat an English breakfast. So we googled a restaurant nearby where they served English breakfast and we went there. I had heard about this English breakfast of course but I just had no idea how much it would be and what I exactly would get on my plate when I ordered it. So when my plate with breakfast arrived my eyes almost plopped out of my head! So much food for in the morning... I couldn’t believe it. But I started eating and I actually liked it. It’s weird because I normally eat just a slice of bread with Nutella or hagelslag (chocolate sprinkles) and this was seriously two eggs, two sausages, the biggest mushroom I’ve ever seen and bacon and beans and toast. SO MUCH!

But I eat it all and I’m actually really proud of myself that I finished it all. I was so full afterwards but it was good. I wouldn’t eat this every morning. Are there actually people that eat this every morning or not? For one time it was delicious but I don’t want to eat this for breakfast tomorrow again… Although I would really recommend this breakfast for everyone that’s going to visit England. It’s just fun to try this out! :)

I also just finished packing. My suitcase weights so much and I’m glad that we’re travelling with the train because I would have to pay extra money for my luggage if I was travelling by airplane. I bought a lot of stuff/make-up that we don’t have in The Netherlands.
Now I still have to do some other homework and I hope I finish that today too. Tonight we’re going to watch the last Harry Potter movie and then we’ve seen all the movies while we were here! We can also cross that off of our to do list. The only thing we didn’t do was going to Kings Cross station where HP was filmed... But I think I can live with that and use it as an excuse for coming back another time to London!

Xx Rianne

Ps. I’m feeling a lot better than Monday. I still have the cold but I don’t feel that miserable anymore!! Yay!
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