Monday, 6 July 2015

London Haul

As you know I was in London. So here is a haul about everything that I bought. I bought a lot and I wanted to buy way more but London is so expensive. So the prices were all lies (because pounds looked cheaper because in euros it costed much more) and sometimes I spent more money then I wanted but I’m happy with everything I bought. So let’s start!

The first two things I bought in Boots the first day were this Soap & Glory hand cleansing gel and Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer. The hand cleansing gel smells like grapefruit and I love it! It is way better than the hand cleansing gel I own. That one actually stinks a little and is almost empty so I bought this one because I needed one that smelled good!

And I bought this Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer. In The Netherlands we don’t have these concealers. And I have Wake Me Up foundation and I really wanted the concealer so when I saw it in Boots I immediately bought it. I’m still thinking that maybe I should have bought two of them and not just one. (Now I’ve another reason to go back to London)
I’m really happy I bought this concealer because I always get a really red skin where a spot is coming or has been. This one makes those red spots less visible. 

And another day but also bought in Boots: Soap & Glory Scent-sationalism. I couldn’t smell anything when I bought it because of my cold but when I asked Mariska to smell it she said it smelled alright. So I trusted her.  Now the cold is over and I smelled them too and I think they have a weird smell and I’m not sure if they are going to be my favourites. But I’m definitely going to wear them. The names of these body mists are: Mist You, Girlingo and Glam-A-Lot. Girlingo is a moisturising body mist the other two a normal body mists. Only the names make you want to buy it! Soap & Glory is a really fun make-up brand that we really need in The Netherlands too!!

In Urban Outfitters there were a lot of clothes that I loved! But the prices… Also I had one white shirt on but there was a lot of foundation smudged on the collar of the shirt. And it wasn’t in the same seize anymore so I didn’t buy it. What I did buy was this cute little necklace. I love how simple it is but it still catches your eye. It’s look like some sort of pearl rain drop or tear.

New Look was amazing!! But these are the only clothes I bought because the euro prizes were on it. So I finally knew the exact prices and found this cute white top and these shoes. I love the flower that is above my chest and that the rest of the top just falls over my chest.
I was looking for ages for shoes like that so when I saw them I had to buy them. They’re simple again but I think they will add just that little thing to my outfit that completes it. Because they’re different that the normal flat shoes you see here a lot.

M&M’s world!!
In M&M’s world I bought two bags full of different colours of M&M’s for my parents. We ate them immediately when I came home so I had no time to take a picture of the colours of M&M’s. All I can say is that it tastes sooo good. And the colours are just funny because those colours aren’t in the normal M&M’s bags you buy in grocery stores. I bought some pink, really dark red, light green, very dark green and gold M&M’s.

We do have Aussie in The Netherlands but we don’t have these dry shampoos. So I bought one and I still have to try this one out. But I can already tell you that it’s smells delicious! I hope this one has good result! Can’t wait to try this one too! This dry shampoo is for normal or greasy hair.

I don’t know where I bought this book. It was nearby Piccadilly Circus if I’m right but I’ve heard of this book a lot and I was very curious. And when I was looking for little presents for my brother and sisters this book caught my eye and I bought it. I love the golden pages and the paper cover. And when I remove the paper cover, it looks like a very old book. So cool!! I can’t wait to read it. You can't see the golden pages but it looks like an old bible.

In Superdrug I bought three things that I’ve wanted for soo long. I even considered buying these products online because I wanted them so bad. You all know the bloggers Tanya Burr and Zoella. I’ve read so much about their products and I wanted to try them so badly. I bought Zoella’s body mist Blissful Mistful. The other products were really heavy and I still had to remember that I had to carry everything back home. So I didn’t buy them. But I love this body mist. The smell is really good! Ironicly today Zoella released her new products... again: I really have to go back to London!!

Tanya Burr’s lip gloss and nail varnish I haven’t tried out yet. I actually wanted some different colours but the Superdrug didn’t restored while we were in London so I bought Tanya Burr’s Smile, Dream, Sparkle lip gloss which looks like a soft colour and I’m really excited to try that one. I also bought Riding Hood nail varnish. The red colour like very deep shade of red and I only have very bright colours so I think this is a good decision to buy this one. 

We do have MUA here but the lipsticks were just one pound. So I had to buy this one. No reason at all but I loved the pink glitters in it. So I just bought it.

Also bought some Twinings Tea!! I haven't tried it yet.

Soo this is everything I bought. It is a lot and I couldn’t be happier about it. I tried to buy stuff we didn’t have in The Netherlands and I think I did a good job! Hopefully I visit London more often because I love it so much there and I’ve still so much on my list that I have to buy there!

Xx Rianne
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  1. Love love love Pride + Prejudice! Great read :D I would suggest watching the 2005 Joe Wright movie version as well as the 1995 TV mini series of Pride and Prejudice, they're awesome adaptations.


    Daisy || daisydaisydaisies

    1. I haven't read the book yet but I can't wait to read it! And thank you for mentioning the movie and TV mini series. I'm definitly going to watch them after I read the book!

      Xx Rianne