Monday, 31 August 2015

Tips for Students

When you’re going to college/university for the first time you have to do everything by yourself. Of course there are teachers/professors but it’s nothing like the teachers you had before in middle school. Or if I’m right: middle school is secondary school everywhere else in the world. In middle school teachers are always there for you and help you with everything as soon as you ask them. In college you have to work out much more by yourself. Of course teachers are willing to help, it would be weird if a teacher didn’t want to help his students. But what I mean is, teachers give you hints, and you still have to figure it out yourself. They aren’t grabbing your hand and leading you through the year. You’re independent enough to fix the problem by yourself.

When you have to do your homework and it’s online on your school site, keep searching until you found it on that school site. The document you’re looking for really is somewhere. Maybe not on the most logical place to search... but that’s school. When a teacher says it’s on the site, it is on the site. No argument to bring against it. 99% of the time the teacher is right and you were looking at the wrong place…

Don’t forget, at this point in your life you really are responsible for yourself. If you don’t understand something about the lesson don’t be scared to ask for help. Go ask other students or email teachers. Don’t stop until they get crazy of all your emails and answer you. Only because they want you to stop complaining/asking or because you annoy them with 10 emails. You’ve got your answer!!
One time it took me 5 emails, 2 times talking to the teacher in the hall and asking another teacher to tell him to answer my question. It took me almost a month but in the end I got my answer and I finally knew what to do for that project. (A month is too long to wait for an answer, so try to get your answer sooner than I got it because the project was huge and I had not much time left.)

Also, if you have to find an internship by yourself. Please don’t wait till one month before the date you have to start your internship. To remind you, you’re not the only student wanting a good internship. Hundreds and maybe thousands of students are going to write letters to companies to get an internship. I started a little late. Like two months before the start of my internship. I was lucky that I had my internship one week before the deadline. But it was so stressy to find something because I started too late. I’ve written so much letters to magazines and online platforms but everybody turned me down. Most of the letters didn’t even get a reply.
And I had to write test articles. I was working a whole day to write those articles and then I got turned down. Really, it is so much more work than you think. You’re not just sending out some letters and think they will replay. I can luckily go on with my study right now, but I was threatened to go into a break year. That’s a year that you can’t follow any classes or anything else that year because you didn’t have an internship. And a break year costs a lot of money... So my advice on this one is: as soon as you’re allowed to search for an internship, go look for it. Write letters. The earlier the better.

I hope this helps you a little bit and makes your student life a little bit less stressy. And don’t forget, have fun! And good luck to everyone who is going to college or university for the first time!!

Xx Rianne 
Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bag To School

Everybody is going back to school again. Hopefully after a super happy summer break. But have you ever thought of what bag you want for school?
I do. Because I remember that I had a pink backpack for the first three years of secondary school… I don’t know why I choose that colour, but it makes me think a lot more now before I just buy a bag. I've bought more bags that are completely useless for school. Like there was not enough space for my books, a laptop was waaayy to big and too heavy for that bag and it had so many zippers and compartments... I like to throw everything in the bag and not a bag with much compartments because then I loose pens, keys and lip gloss even more. One large compartment and one or two small ones are enough.
So I thought, here are two bags that are perfect for school that I love. Also, these bags aren’t only for school of course. But it’s always a good excuse to buy a new bag. And since I haven't bought any of these bags yet I can't guarantee that big laptops will fit. We just have to find out by buying them. ;)

This bag from ASOS looks like I can throw everything in the bag. I love messy bags and I’m not really into organised bags. This one looks like some books will fit and a laptop. Throw some extra pens and a notebook in the bag and you’re ready for school. I also love this grey colour. I don’t own any grey bags and grey fits with almost everything just like black. But grey is little bit difference to my black schoolbag collection.

Source: ASOS

I love this bag from Mango because again; I can throw everything in the bag. Also, you can adjust the straps. So you can make a bag for only holding the straps in your hand, or make the straps longer and you can hang the bag around your shoulder, which I prefer more. I love tote bags and this one look like a perfect one.

Source: Mango

What bag is on your wish list? Let me know in the comments below!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 24 August 2015

Summer Books Review

I’ve written a books review earlier and here is a part 2 about books I’ve read. This one is about the books I’ve been reading these summer. I also read 4 Harry Potter books but I don’t think I’ve to review those books. Everyone knows they’re awesome. ;)
These books are real summer relax books. Before I start: these books are translated to Dutch. So the titles on the covers of the books are Dutch but I’m giving you the original titles so you can find the books if you want to read them too.

The first book is written by Sherryl Woods: Wind Chime Point.
This book was the book I read the last. And I must say, it looked lovely: the purple cover with those shells. And the summary on the back also looked like a good story to read for summer holidays. But I was a bit disappointed. I love how Sherryl Woods describes Sand Castle Bay. It’s so real for my imagination. But the story is a little bit boring. Not much happens. And when I feel a little bit of excitement because it was made clear to me that Wade, the man who is in in love with Gabi, wasn’t telling her his whole story. So I was like... ooh what’s going to happen. And then I read for two more pages and the secret was revealed. It was also that after 180 pages I felt like finally something was happening. I love the Sherryl Woods describes the love of the sisters. But not much happens. I hoped for more... Even though it is not bad to read. But I like it to get a little challenged or thrilled while reading.

The next writer I’m going to talk about is Nora Robberts. This books has two books in it. Surprise for me!! I didn’t know! So I could read two stories instead of one which made me really happy.
The first book is called Risky Business. A man that worked for Liz is murdered. The twin-brother of the murdered man is coming to find out who the murderer is. He suspects Liz but in the end they fall in love with each other and the there is a huge plot twist. I totally didn’t expect that!

The second book is called Treasures Lost, Treasures Found. The father of Kate died and left loads of unfinished paperwork behind about an English ship that sunk in a storm around 1750 when it was on its way to America. To end her father’s work she is going to the island where her father thinks the ship might be and she tries to find the ship. The only thing is, that she has to ask for help because she has to dive into the sea. The man that can help her is a man she once loved but she walked away from him because he couldn’t promise her a good future.

These two books look a lot like each other. Because scuba diving is a very important subject in both of the books. Both main characters go scuba diving and it’s the main cause of both problems of the main characters in the books. One person gets murdered while scuba diving. The other one comes in great danger and also finds back her true love. The way Nora Robberts described the scuba diving made me living the moments with them. The things they saw, the excitement, the pain. The first book had a very cool plot twist about who the murderer was. I loved how I thought it was someone else and in the end it’s not the one I thought it would be.
The second book had a fairy tale end. But I loved it too. 

Now my favourite book of these four books: Linda Lael Miller with her book Big Sky Summer.
I’m so in love with this book. I loved it from page number one. It is a cowboy/love story. And the way it was written really brought Parable, where they lived, alive for me. It was so wonderful written. The story is about Walker Parrish was a good looking man with a huge secret. He is the father of the two children of the famous country singer Casey. And Casey moves after years of touring back to Parable. And of course Walker loves to hang out with the children and because of a lot of happenings it comes out to press that Walker is the father of Casey’s children. Their children react their own way to the news which is very interesting to read because they didn’t knew Walker was their dad.
Also, barely two weeks later I watched to movie ’The Longest ride’ and now I can’t help but picture every cowboy like how Scot Eastwood is playing Luke Collins in the movie. That made this book so much better for me. And it made want to go horse riding even though horses scare me. 

As you can see these three books were taking me to dreamy places and I did enjoy reading the books. One more than the other but that’s because of my own expectations of a book. I do recommend these books to you.

Xx Rianne
Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sail Amsterdam 2015

Thursday and Friday I went to Sail Amsterdam. Sail is once in 5 years organised and is in Amsterdam on the canal ‘het IJ’. All sort of ships from all over the world come to Amsterdam and sails around there and some boats you can visit. And those boats are huge! Really there are boats from all over the world and when I walked next to them I felt like a little dwarf. On photos those boats are just boats. When you see them literally next to you or you walk on a ship you get so overwhelmed how massive it is. I’ve visited a boat from Russia, Ecuador and a boat from Sweden. All three beautiful sail boats. One bigger than the other. It was very impressive.

Sail is once in 5 years and to be honest, I didn’t know that. I started to get interested because my sister was invited to go on a boat with friends. And people said that, if you don’t own a boat, it is a once in a lifetime chance to see Sail from a boat. So it made me curious what Sail was, because people were making such a big deal about it. So I went on Thursday alone to Amsterdam. And man, I was so overwhelmed with all the boats I saw. The huge once you could visit but also all the other boats of all the people that came with their own boats to visit Sail. I had never seen so many boats together. And just overall, so many people!! It was crazy how many people were walking around the area or were on the boats.

Thursday I walked around alone and Friday my sister and her boyfriend asked me to come with them and I decided to come with them to Sail again. And we had again an awesome day. The first day I didn’t went on ships. Yesterday we did go on three ships. On the boat from Ecuador I got a rose. Because it was very warm I put my rose near the Mary and Jesus statue where a lot of other people had laid down their rose. ( This was a good place to put my rose because I by the time we got home my rose would be dead because of no water.)

I don't remember if these sails are from the ship from Ecuador or from Sweden. At least, they are so tall that I couldn't photograph them fully. This was the sail at the end. The middle one, you see half on the right, I couldn't photograph because it was even bigger than this one.
We also wanted to go on a big marine ship but it was closed by the time we got there. (It was also to big to photograph it fully and photos of 1/3 of a boat aren't really worth it to post. You really have to see it yourself to believe how big that boat was.)And if we wanted to visit the submarine we had to queue for like 2 hours. Since we didn’t have all the time of the world we decided not to go and wait for it. So slowly we walked back to the train station to go home again after hours and hours of walking. We ended the day eating a pizza in a restaurant nearby our house. 

These two days were incredible and it really is amazing to see so many boats and ships in all different sizes. It makes me want to have a boat too. ;)

Sadly I couldn’t go today or tomorrow but I would have loved to go there again. Because even though I’ve been there for two days I think I could spent those 5 days there. (That’s also how long Sail Amsterdam is organised) I’m really sad that it’s only once in 5 years. But I can say that this was a wonderful experience and I loved every moment of these two days.

Xx Rianne

On the Russian Ship enjoying the view

Monday, 17 August 2015

Vaseline Spray & Go

I’m probably a little bit late with this product hype because it has been on the market for a while now. But I just discovered it. I have seen it in shops everywhere and my sister bought it a while ago and she was very happy about the product. She said that I should try it too but I didn’t listen to her. Now I owe her an apology because she was right. This product is amazing. I used it while I was on holiday because I knew I had to take care of my skin and moisturize it because of being in the sun so much. 

I always had the problem with body lotions that it doesn't dry fast enough. And when you are on a camping you can’t just walk around in your underwear waiting till the body lotion is dry. I think a lot of people will stare at me then... So that was the reason why I bought the Spray & Go. It would dry quickly and I could put on my jeans without much struggles.

I hoped it would dry in literally 5 seconds but still it takes a little bit more time of course. So I came up with a good routine. I would spray myself in and rub it into my skin and then dry my hair with a towel. After I had dried my hair I could put on my jeans without much trouble!
Believe me it really dries fast! Faster than the other body lotions I have. So this really helped me moisturizing my body while on holiday. And I would recommend this to everyone who is in a hurry or has no patience to wait for a body lotion to dry. You don’t have to be on holiday for using this. ;) Also what is very nice about this bottle is that you can lock it. So when it was in my shower bag on the camping I had no worries about leaking body lotion in my bag. I wish I had bought this product earlier because I always hate to wait till the body lotion is dry. I’m definitely going to use this product more often and take it with me next year when I go to a camping again!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 10 August 2015

I'm Back From Luxembourg!

After living two weeks on a camping in Luxembourg I’m happy that I’m back again. I have had an amazing time there. I had some lovely friends and the weather was all I could ever wish for. But still coming home after living in a tent for two weeks is also one of the best things! I really missed my own bed and the shower and that the toilet is so close. On the camping I had to walk for like 5 minutes before I could wash, shower or go to the bathroom. Now everything is in one house. This always makes me realise how fortunate we are and that we’re so lucky to have a home where’s water, a bed, food, electricity and not to forget WI-FI. I didn’t really missed not having internet. I could buy WI-FI on the camping but I didn’t buy it. The last two days we got the WI-FI code of one of our friends who left so I checked my mail and Instagram. But I didn’t missed it at all. Although now I’m home I immediately checked my twitter, Instagram and of course my blog. And I started writing this blogpost because I’m really excited to show you what I’ve been up to these two weeks!

When we arrived we had to install/build our tents. A big one for my parents and a little one for me and my sister. Within three hours our permanent house was ready. We ate some fries and it was soooo cold the first night. Like 8 degrees. So I slept with 10 layers of clothes so I wouldn’t feel the cold. (Still my nose was very very cold...) But after that one cold night the weather got better and better.

We went to Luxembourg city and shopped a little. I bought shoes and a Sephora lipstick and a Too Faced make-up set. I really love the deep purple colour of the lipstick. It’s not a hard colour and I love that it has tiny little glitters in it. I also bought this Too Faced make-up package. Only because I really wanted the ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara. I read so much about it and I wanted it so bad. But they only had this little make-up set so that’s why I bought it. If I like it as much as everyone else does I'm probably going to buy the normal sized mascara online because we don't have Too Faced in The Netherlands.

I also ate a delicious Poulet Caesar Salad in Luxembourg city and it was so much I couldn’t eat it all. The chicken tasted so good!!

And when you’re in Luxembourg you have to visit Müllerthal and walk there. We chose a route that we had to walk for like three hours. Sadly enough we walked wrong and walked for like 6 hours. My feet hurt so badly and I was tired but the nature was wonderful. It was like a fairy tale. The bridge with the waterfall was lovely and the dark rock places we had to walk through were scary. But it was so cool to walk into the darkness not seeing a thing. And then in the end seeing the sunlight again. We really enjoyed the beautiful views we had when we were on top of the mountains.

We had to walk through this dark entrance. It was wonderful to walk through this thing. (I don't know what it's called? A cave?) But it was cool to be surrounded by rocks and darkness! We had to use our flashlights.

I had to use flashlight.. so that's why the rock in the front is very white. It actually was just as green as the rock on the left.

In Vianden was a huge castle. We visited it while there was a themed week so everyone was dressed up and we could buy waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. The waffles were still warm and were delicious! I also thought I was brave enough to strike a pose with a huge sea eagle. The sea eagle was very heavy and I was a little bit scared but I still thinks it’s very cool that I had that animal chilling on my arm! ;)

And of course we went to the swimming pool, I ate a lot of doughnuts and macarons and pizza and I just had a wonderful time there. Now I go back to normal again. Holidays are over and I hope I go back to work soon. While I was on holidays I had to deal with a stomach inflammation. The medicines the doctor gave me didn’t really work so I’m still not feeling very well. Hopefully that’ll be over soon.

How was your holiday?

Xx Rianne

The sea eagle was shrieking and it scared me a little! But this truly is a wonderful creature!