Monday, 10 August 2015

I'm Back From Luxembourg!

After living two weeks on a camping in Luxembourg I’m happy that I’m back again. I have had an amazing time there. I had some lovely friends and the weather was all I could ever wish for. But still coming home after living in a tent for two weeks is also one of the best things! I really missed my own bed and the shower and that the toilet is so close. On the camping I had to walk for like 5 minutes before I could wash, shower or go to the bathroom. Now everything is in one house. This always makes me realise how fortunate we are and that we’re so lucky to have a home where’s water, a bed, food, electricity and not to forget WI-FI. I didn’t really missed not having internet. I could buy WI-FI on the camping but I didn’t buy it. The last two days we got the WI-FI code of one of our friends who left so I checked my mail and Instagram. But I didn’t missed it at all. Although now I’m home I immediately checked my twitter, Instagram and of course my blog. And I started writing this blogpost because I’m really excited to show you what I’ve been up to these two weeks!

When we arrived we had to install/build our tents. A big one for my parents and a little one for me and my sister. Within three hours our permanent house was ready. We ate some fries and it was soooo cold the first night. Like 8 degrees. So I slept with 10 layers of clothes so I wouldn’t feel the cold. (Still my nose was very very cold...) But after that one cold night the weather got better and better.

We went to Luxembourg city and shopped a little. I bought shoes and a Sephora lipstick and a Too Faced make-up set. I really love the deep purple colour of the lipstick. It’s not a hard colour and I love that it has tiny little glitters in it. I also bought this Too Faced make-up package. Only because I really wanted the ‘Better Than Sex’ mascara. I read so much about it and I wanted it so bad. But they only had this little make-up set so that’s why I bought it. If I like it as much as everyone else does I'm probably going to buy the normal sized mascara online because we don't have Too Faced in The Netherlands.

I also ate a delicious Poulet Caesar Salad in Luxembourg city and it was so much I couldn’t eat it all. The chicken tasted so good!!

And when you’re in Luxembourg you have to visit Müllerthal and walk there. We chose a route that we had to walk for like three hours. Sadly enough we walked wrong and walked for like 6 hours. My feet hurt so badly and I was tired but the nature was wonderful. It was like a fairy tale. The bridge with the waterfall was lovely and the dark rock places we had to walk through were scary. But it was so cool to walk into the darkness not seeing a thing. And then in the end seeing the sunlight again. We really enjoyed the beautiful views we had when we were on top of the mountains.

We had to walk through this dark entrance. It was wonderful to walk through this thing. (I don't know what it's called? A cave?) But it was cool to be surrounded by rocks and darkness! We had to use our flashlights.

I had to use flashlight.. so that's why the rock in the front is very white. It actually was just as green as the rock on the left.

In Vianden was a huge castle. We visited it while there was a themed week so everyone was dressed up and we could buy waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. The waffles were still warm and were delicious! I also thought I was brave enough to strike a pose with a huge sea eagle. The sea eagle was very heavy and I was a little bit scared but I still thinks it’s very cool that I had that animal chilling on my arm! ;)

And of course we went to the swimming pool, I ate a lot of doughnuts and macarons and pizza and I just had a wonderful time there. Now I go back to normal again. Holidays are over and I hope I go back to work soon. While I was on holidays I had to deal with a stomach inflammation. The medicines the doctor gave me didn’t really work so I’m still not feeling very well. Hopefully that’ll be over soon.

How was your holiday?

Xx Rianne

The sea eagle was shrieking and it scared me a little! But this truly is a wonderful creature!

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  1. Luxembourg looks beautiful. It's so cool you got to hold the eagle!!

    1. It really is beautiful. I would love to go back there again. And I was so frightened to hold the eagle but it was such a cool experience!

      Xx Rianne