Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sail Amsterdam 2015

Thursday and Friday I went to Sail Amsterdam. Sail is once in 5 years organised and is in Amsterdam on the canal ‘het IJ’. All sort of ships from all over the world come to Amsterdam and sails around there and some boats you can visit. And those boats are huge! Really there are boats from all over the world and when I walked next to them I felt like a little dwarf. On photos those boats are just boats. When you see them literally next to you or you walk on a ship you get so overwhelmed how massive it is. I’ve visited a boat from Russia, Ecuador and a boat from Sweden. All three beautiful sail boats. One bigger than the other. It was very impressive.

Sail is once in 5 years and to be honest, I didn’t know that. I started to get interested because my sister was invited to go on a boat with friends. And people said that, if you don’t own a boat, it is a once in a lifetime chance to see Sail from a boat. So it made me curious what Sail was, because people were making such a big deal about it. So I went on Thursday alone to Amsterdam. And man, I was so overwhelmed with all the boats I saw. The huge once you could visit but also all the other boats of all the people that came with their own boats to visit Sail. I had never seen so many boats together. And just overall, so many people!! It was crazy how many people were walking around the area or were on the boats.

Thursday I walked around alone and Friday my sister and her boyfriend asked me to come with them and I decided to come with them to Sail again. And we had again an awesome day. The first day I didn’t went on ships. Yesterday we did go on three ships. On the boat from Ecuador I got a rose. Because it was very warm I put my rose near the Mary and Jesus statue where a lot of other people had laid down their rose. ( This was a good place to put my rose because I by the time we got home my rose would be dead because of no water.)

I don't remember if these sails are from the ship from Ecuador or from Sweden. At least, they are so tall that I couldn't photograph them fully. This was the sail at the end. The middle one, you see half on the right, I couldn't photograph because it was even bigger than this one.
We also wanted to go on a big marine ship but it was closed by the time we got there. (It was also to big to photograph it fully and photos of 1/3 of a boat aren't really worth it to post. You really have to see it yourself to believe how big that boat was.)And if we wanted to visit the submarine we had to queue for like 2 hours. Since we didn’t have all the time of the world we decided not to go and wait for it. So slowly we walked back to the train station to go home again after hours and hours of walking. We ended the day eating a pizza in a restaurant nearby our house. 

These two days were incredible and it really is amazing to see so many boats and ships in all different sizes. It makes me want to have a boat too. ;)

Sadly I couldn’t go today or tomorrow but I would have loved to go there again. Because even though I’ve been there for two days I think I could spent those 5 days there. (That’s also how long Sail Amsterdam is organised) I’m really sad that it’s only once in 5 years. But I can say that this was a wonderful experience and I loved every moment of these two days.

Xx Rianne

On the Russian Ship enjoying the view

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  1. Stunning pictures. Amsterdam is such a beautiful place. I'd love to go back!