Monday, 31 August 2015

Tips for Students

When you’re going to college/university for the first time you have to do everything by yourself. Of course there are teachers/professors but it’s nothing like the teachers you had before in middle school. Or if I’m right: middle school is secondary school everywhere else in the world. In middle school teachers are always there for you and help you with everything as soon as you ask them. In college you have to work out much more by yourself. Of course teachers are willing to help, it would be weird if a teacher didn’t want to help his students. But what I mean is, teachers give you hints, and you still have to figure it out yourself. They aren’t grabbing your hand and leading you through the year. You’re independent enough to fix the problem by yourself.

When you have to do your homework and it’s online on your school site, keep searching until you found it on that school site. The document you’re looking for really is somewhere. Maybe not on the most logical place to search... but that’s school. When a teacher says it’s on the site, it is on the site. No argument to bring against it. 99% of the time the teacher is right and you were looking at the wrong place…

Don’t forget, at this point in your life you really are responsible for yourself. If you don’t understand something about the lesson don’t be scared to ask for help. Go ask other students or email teachers. Don’t stop until they get crazy of all your emails and answer you. Only because they want you to stop complaining/asking or because you annoy them with 10 emails. You’ve got your answer!!
One time it took me 5 emails, 2 times talking to the teacher in the hall and asking another teacher to tell him to answer my question. It took me almost a month but in the end I got my answer and I finally knew what to do for that project. (A month is too long to wait for an answer, so try to get your answer sooner than I got it because the project was huge and I had not much time left.)

Also, if you have to find an internship by yourself. Please don’t wait till one month before the date you have to start your internship. To remind you, you’re not the only student wanting a good internship. Hundreds and maybe thousands of students are going to write letters to companies to get an internship. I started a little late. Like two months before the start of my internship. I was lucky that I had my internship one week before the deadline. But it was so stressy to find something because I started too late. I’ve written so much letters to magazines and online platforms but everybody turned me down. Most of the letters didn’t even get a reply.
And I had to write test articles. I was working a whole day to write those articles and then I got turned down. Really, it is so much more work than you think. You’re not just sending out some letters and think they will replay. I can luckily go on with my study right now, but I was threatened to go into a break year. That’s a year that you can’t follow any classes or anything else that year because you didn’t have an internship. And a break year costs a lot of money... So my advice on this one is: as soon as you’re allowed to search for an internship, go look for it. Write letters. The earlier the better.

I hope this helps you a little bit and makes your student life a little bit less stressy. And don’t forget, have fun! And good luck to everyone who is going to college or university for the first time!!

Xx Rianne 
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