Saturday, 19 September 2015

Life Update

So lately I've been very busy. I've got an internship at the biggest newspaper of the Netherlands. And as you can imagine, that is crazy and it makes me feel a lot of pressure about the articles that I have to write. It is fun though, I learn a lot and I’m allowed to do some cool stuff. Still it takes up a lot of time and I have to make long days and long travels.

So that's what I've been up to these past three weeks actually. But what I’d love to tell you is that yesterday I got the chance to meet Randy Fenoli. You know him from the TLC program Say Yes To The Dress. (Do I even have to tell you that?!) I didn't interview him but I helped carrying the camera and had to write a ghost article. That is like writing an article but it never gets published. So my coordinator can look at it and help me getting better at writing. So I was pretty nervous about that!

Randy is a very kind man. When we came in he shook our hands and we all got greeted by a 'Hello beautiful'. Then we introduced ourselves and he could not pronounce my name right. My name is 100% Dutch so I don't really mind that it goes wrong. It’s just hard for people who are not Dutch to say my name. I always say: it's something like Rihanna, the singer. He apologized like three times but  I said that it was all right. Then we quickly started with the interview and because we only had half an hour it was soon over. I mean, that half hour felt like two minutes.
Randy also showed us his book and now I want it so bad. I'm not getting married soon, but who doesn't want tips from Randy about finding The Dress or just dream about their wedding!

Photo from instagram vrouw_nl

My internship is for 5 months. I try to post as often as I can. But it’s very busy and all. I’ll try to keep my promise: every Monday a new post!

What have been up to these weeks?

Xx Rianne
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