Friday, 2 October 2015

Autumn Time

While I’m writing this it is 7:45 PM and it’s already so dark I had to put on my lamp to see things clear. It’s getting dark so soon and it’s also getting colder and colder. So yeah, time for autumn! I love every season but what I love about autumn is the leaves. They are colouring red, yellow and brown. And I also love chestnuts when they’ve just fallen from the trees. They’re so beautiful and shiny. Oh and the crispy leaves on the ground. Who doesn’t love to step on crispy leaves? I always do that. But when autumn comes it also means, new clothes! So I made a wish list with these lovely clothes from dresslink*<-- click the link!

This grey cosy sweater is what I need for winter. When it’s freezing outside and Christmas time. I would sit inside watching the snow fall with a hot chocolate in my hand. This is perfect for winter.

This cardigan is just it. Look at the marshmallow pink colour. And I love how the black line on the edge makes it little less my-little-pony-ish.. I think it look very comfortable. I can't decide if I would go for the apricot colour or the pink one. I love both them.

This shirt with nice collar I love because how the ends look like a peplum. I mean, look at it. Isn’t it cute? The collar, the shoulders and the back are white and I just love it. A normal black jeans with it and the outfit is simple but cute. I want!

I love stripes. I don’t know why. I love it more than dots. And I think this blouse will go so well with my pencil skirt. I can easily use a jacket over it and its autumn ready.

I love this dress. Especially because it has long sleeves. So good for autumn! Wearing some tights under it and the outfit is ready. I love that it has gold in it. But that it doesn’t shine like crazy.

I hope you enjoy Autumn just as much as I do.

Xx Rianne
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