Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Barcelona Day 2

10-10-2015. That was the official day that my parents were celebrating their 25th anniversary. In the morning we had a lovely breakfast with croissants, toasts, chocolate milk, chocolate cupcakes and Jus d’orange. At least that was wat I ate every morning. There was a lot more choice but these were my favourites.

After we got dressed we went to explore the city and did some shopping. I bought a dress in H&M and KIKO had sale so happy me bought cheap nail polish, a mascara and a lip pen. I wanted to buy more but I had to think about the millilitres in hand luggage for the flight and I was scared that I had too much so I didn’t bought more. Then we sat in the sun and eat some nachos with guacamole and half of the day was already over. The weather was so nice by the way. It was like 23 degrees so we were all wearing shorts and it was actually weird because it’s October. ;) We also wanted to visit the beach but we had to walk a long way all around the bay. So we choose to go in a riksja. The man that was driving our riksja took an awesome photo with us when we took a selfie. It was a little bit too cold to swim so we just sat down and had a drink together near the beach.

Because we were going to eat very late we also went to a market with loads of food, candy, fruit and so much fish. And the smell at the fish part of the market was horrible and the crabs were alive and that’s just something we are not used to here in Holland. So my eyes were almost plopping out of my head but it seems very normal in Spain that fish is sold like that. So I’m sorry for everyone around there who saw my shocked face...

Around 9:30 PM we went to a restaurant and had the best tapas ever. It was delicious and although fish is not my favourite I still eat some fish and a little piece of octopus. It doesn’t taste bad, it’s just when you chew on it, it’s weird. So I did like the taste but the thought of octopus and how it felt when I chewed on it made it that I don’t think I’ll eat it again. But I could eat so much other things that I didn’t had to worry that I wouldn’t have enough that night. They also had vegetarian paella which was very good too. I ate also a lot of fruit and vegetables and a lot of paella. The desserts were also delicious. The macaron was perfect and I had little cakes and of course a chocolate cake and again some fruits. 

After eating tapas we went to the next room in the restaurant and there we watched the flamenco. I had never seen this dance before and must say I was very surprised about it but I really enjoyed the show. Sadly, but of course, everything was sung in Spanish so I didn’t understand the story they were singing and dancing. But it was good to see that they had put their soul in the dance and the music and this night was the most special night of the whole weekend. The restaurant was also very beautiful and the people were very nice. After the show we discussed it with each other and because it was far past midnight we all went to sleep. Getting ready for the next day!

It was really hard to get a good photo because their dance moves were so quick there is always a blurry arm or foot somewhere.

Xx Rianne

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