Monday, 19 October 2015

Barcelona Day 4

I'm so sorry for this post being so late. I had planned on doing this on Friday or Saturday but the weekend has been crazy and I haven't been feeling very well. So finally here is the last post of our weekend. Day 4. This day was all about football because we were going to the stadium Camp Nou. We really wanted to see a game of Barca but sadly October 17th they had to play in Camp Nou so we did a tour through it and didn't see a game..

This is the biggest stadium I’ve ever seen. And of course some Dutch football players were proudly shown there. Names like Koeman, Cruijff and De Boer. Funny to see those Dutch names there and how proud everyone is at them. It makes me proud too.  The stadium is very impressive and the information we got through our ‘telephone’ < the thing that talked when you typed in a number to get information about a cup or shoes or changing rooms.
Of course I had to sit down in the press seats and enjoyed the view over the whole stadium. We walked through it and at the end we wanted to buy shirts. Until we realised how much one football shirt costed and we walked away because we’re not going to pay more than €100,- for a football shirt. That a bit crazy we thought.

After visiting Camp Nou we all separated to do the last things we really wanted to do. Marijke, Tjerk and I went to a little Tapas bar and eat some tapas and to go to some shops and I spotted a Sephora. We don’t have a Sephora in Holland so I told Marijke & Tjerk that we had to go in so I could watch and maybe buy. But when we walked into the shop we first had to walk down a red carpet, then a staircase down and…. there was make-up heaven. This shop was so big. I’d never seen a Sephora so big. There was so much make-up I couldn’t choose and I was more interested in the expensive make-up I can never buy but still tried out testers for fun. We quickly walked away because I think that some prices are absurd and I just don’t have the money.

We had also spotted people with flower ice cream and we really wanted to get that too. So we searched for the ice cream shop and bought these cute flower ice creams. The ice cream was so good. I had chocolate ice cream and it literally melted on my tongue and the stracciatella flavour was also really good.
Then it was time to go back to the hotel and pick up our bags to go to the airport. We checked in, ate some food and then had to wait till we were boarding. Because it was dark I couldn’t take any photos during the flight because my body was reflecting in the window. But flying at night is also wonderful. The bright lighted places where cities and villages are look like lava on the ground because of the lighted streets that looks orange from above.
This weekend was amazing with the whole family and we had so much fun! I’ll never forget this!!

Xx Rianne

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