Friday, 20 November 2015

Life Update #2 Struggles

So as you may have noticed. I haven’t updated any of my social media this past week. No November Instagram Challenge, no tweets, nothing. And I think I can explain now what happened.

In my latest life update I was talking about how happy I was with my internship. Sadly things are never going the way you want it to. That’s the shitty thing about life. And things went bad for me. Thursday last week I received the bad news that it was better for me to stop my internship AND study. My internship coordinator of the newspaper said I wouldn’t make it in the world of journalism and told me I could better stop. (Later she told me the newspaper world isn’t my place because I’m too soft and happy for the hard newspaper world... So I’m going to search for other opportunities.) I don’t like to share it on here because who wants to hear this news and share this embarssing moment with others?! I was so happy and thought things were going okay. They never gave me signals that I had to work harder or something like that. And when the bad news came on Thursday last week I cried. But after having a conversation with the coordinator from the newspaper and my teacher I decided that I’ll stop. At least, working for the newspaper. I’m going to work online now for two weeks. If that goes okay I’ll stay and if not I’ll end this internship and go find a new one for the last two months.

So now the big word is finally out. It all the time in my head and I kept thinking about it and I had to focus on making the right decision to stop or to go on with this internship. And that’s a decision I had to think about for a whole week. And I couldn’t focus on my social media/blog.

I just needed a break. The giveaway was already planned and ready to post so I just posted it because I had to. But I didn't feel like being on other social media then... It’s been hard for me to make the right decision on my internship. I just didn’t see it coming and was for at least that day out of the running. I still hope that I made the right decision and hope everything will go better after this.
So this is to everyone out there who has huge struggles at the moment. We all have them. Share them with people, because it’s so good to hear others advice and to notice you are not alone with the tears and pain.
I wasn’t very happy with the news that I could better stop my internship and study. I am ashamed of it. I’ve been studying journalism for 2 years, and I still fail at the job I want to do later?! (In her opinion…) How embarrassing is that!
But when I told people around me about this, they told me that it’s hard to deal with but that it never is a failure and that I’m not a failure either. This is a learning process. That I received this news is only better for me. Although at the moment I do not see it that way. I just hope that, after this is behind me, I’ll see the lesson behind it. And I hope that you can think like that too. That maybe right now you’re embarrassed by what you did or what happened to you. But that you’ll see later that it made your stronger. No matter how much you cried about it or felt horrible and no matter how much pain it was.

I believe that in the end it’s going to be okay. Maybe right now your future looks not very exciting, but you have to keep going. Share your problems with friends and family or trust person at your school. (Also calling some anonym help line can sometimes relieve so much weight from your shoulders. Every country has them, just google for your country’s phone number.)
In the end we’re going to be fine. We have to break to get stronger. Even though right now you don’t see the main point of these bad things happening in your life.
Don’t give up, stand up and fight!!

All the love!
This is something we all have to remind ourselves off! (photo found on WeHeartIt)

Xx Rianne
Monday, 16 November 2015

Giveaway - Dresslink Jumpsuit, Dress and Short (EU)

I’m so excited to tell you guys that I'm allowed to give away some awesome clothes from*. I already created a blogpost with clothes that I would love to have hanging in my wardrobe this Autumn and now I’ll give you the chance to win a really nice dress, jumpsuit and super handy little short that I choose from their collection. The winner is going to be so lucky because secretly I want to keep these clothes myself!! :)
I hope I can make one of you really happy with these three items! You can click on the pink words (link to Dresslink) to get more information about the clothes.
Also the clothes are Size S. The conditions about this giveaway are mentioned below.

I choose this jumpsuit because it looks so stylish and you can't see it right now but it has a crossed back strap which looks really great! 

This dress looks a bit cold for Autumn but it has fake furr on the inside of the dress that'll make it perfect for this time of the year. You won't be cold! Also, you can combine a grey dress with every accesoires that you own to spice your outfit up a little.

This has nothing to with Autumn but when I saw this short I was so happy. This is a perfect short to wear under your dresses and skirts. If you wear this underneath it you don't have to worry about walking in your underwear when the winds catches your dress or skirt because this cute short will be shown and not underwear! I just thought that this is something that everyone needs in their wardrobe! So that's why it's in this giveaway.

The giveaway conditions:
~ You can enter by emailing your name and why you want to win these clothes to Use mail subject: Dresslink Giveaway. (If you don’t use this subject, you’re email gets lost in the sea of other emails)
~This giveaway is open for people that live in Europe only.
~Monday 30th of November is the last day that you can enter. If you still enter after that date you’re too late and you won’t be in the competition.
~Follow me on at least one of my social media accounts: Instagram, Twitter, Bloglovin'google(+). And share this post with your friends if you like :) Repost with the hashtag #DresslinkGiveaway and tag me in the post.
~I’ll announce 1 winner here on my blog on December 4th. And I email the winner. If you don’t answer you’re email within three days I’ll have to choose a new winner.

So please, don’t forget to check your email!!

Xx Rianne

This contest is closed now.                                                                                                 
Saturday, 7 November 2015

November Instagram Challenge Update #1

So I've been doing this challenge for almost a whole week now and I must say it's going very well. Especially since I wrote all the days down in my diary.
My diary is my everything since I’m at this new internship so every day I look in it at least ten time so that is a good reminder. And I'm surprised I haven't missed a day yet.
But I sneaked day 1. I used an old selfie because I'm so bad at taking selfies and this one was alright... I think, so I posted it. But I had to go through almost all my photo albums to find a selfie that I was happy with. All the other days I had photographed/screenshotted (5sos image) myself.
And don't you think the drawing of the piggy in the sand is cool?
I still love that photo and love the unknown person who drew it.

Also, this post is posted on Saturday but that’s because it’s past midnight right now that I'm writing. So for me it still feels like it's still Friday. My planning was messed up, like always. So that's why it's a bit later...
The next update will be on Friday the 13th!!! Prepare yourself and take care of yourself!;)

Xx Rianne
Monday, 2 November 2015

Benefit The PORE fessional Review

I’ve tried a lot of things to get rid of my pores. Unfortunately there is no remedy for it. I found it out after some research. There are only remedy’s to keep your pores smaller and that’s by cleaning your face. So that’s what I did but I still hated to see my pores on my cheeks. You get big(ger) pores when you’re in puberty or as I believe is my case: it’s in my genes. My dad has it too. So I guess I got it from him... thanks dad ;) But yeah, all I did was keeping my face as clean as possible so the pores wouldn’t get clogged and become spots.

But now I’ve found a products that hides my pores. And I’m so happy about it! Benefits POREfessional is so good. Seriously, since I bought this product I haven’t stopped using it. Before I bought this product I tried it out in the shop, because this product is kind of expensive. But I was very happy with the results. I hadn’t applied it on both my cheeks so I could compare them to each other. And all I saw was a huge difference. Not a suddenly pore-less cheek but less pores on the cheek I had the POREfessional on.

What does this product exactly do?

Well, it doesn’t make my pores vanish like magic. It just covers my pores up, precisely what Benefit promised the effect would be. I don’t know exactly how it works but it looks like some kind of BB cream but then way lighter than that. Again as Benefit promised it feels silky soft. It also has a little pigment in it as you can see in the photo below. So you can also wear it without make-up. Which I also do often when I don’t feel like doing all my make-up.
It also makes my cheeks feel super soft. So that’s an extra you get when you use The POREfessional.

In the end I can still see my pores, so it’s not all gone. But they are much less visible and it makes me feel good about that. I mean, I see my face every day in the mirror and now I’m less insecure about it. So for me, this product is amazing and is doing its work very well!

For 300 ml I paid €30,-. And I think that’s a lot. But hey, it does its work and then I’m okay with the price. I’ve tried lots of products and this is the only one that really made me see difference.
I would really recommend you this product if you have the same ‘problem’ as I have.

Xx Rianne

Also I've started the November Instagram challenge. Follow me on there!
Sunday, 1 November 2015

November Instragram Challenge

I love to see photos of others on Intsagram but I always forget to post photo's myself. That's because I’ve such an old phone that can't take good photos and I always forget to take photos of special moments.
So when I was at my internship (shh, don't tell I was thinking about my blog while I actually had to work. I had some free time.) I thought: Let's do a challenge.
I went to Pinterest (at home, not while I was at my internship) and found a cool schedule that tells me what I should photograph for a whole month. So I thought let's get this challenge started and see how good I am...

This is the schedule I'm going to try to follow. So if you wanna join me, you can use this one too. And let me know your Instagram name in the comments if your joining me so I can follow you and see your photos!
Sadly I can't give anyone credits to this photoschedule because I found it on Pinterest and when I wanted to go the site where it's from it only shows me the photo. Nothing else. But I want to thank this person who made it! Thank you unknown person!

So go follow me on my Instagram ErikaRianne and see how I’m going to deal with this challenge.
See you there!
I also keep you here up to date on every Friday what I've been photographing the whole week and why and everything you need know about this challenge and how I feel about it!

Wish me luck!

Xx Rianne