Monday, 2 November 2015

Benefit The PORE fessional Review

I’ve tried a lot of things to get rid of my pores. Unfortunately there is no remedy for it. I found it out after some research. There are only remedy’s to keep your pores smaller and that’s by cleaning your face. So that’s what I did but I still hated to see my pores on my cheeks. You get big(ger) pores when you’re in puberty or as I believe is my case: it’s in my genes. My dad has it too. So I guess I got it from him... thanks dad ;) But yeah, all I did was keeping my face as clean as possible so the pores wouldn’t get clogged and become spots.

But now I’ve found a products that hides my pores. And I’m so happy about it! Benefits POREfessional is so good. Seriously, since I bought this product I haven’t stopped using it. Before I bought this product I tried it out in the shop, because this product is kind of expensive. But I was very happy with the results. I hadn’t applied it on both my cheeks so I could compare them to each other. And all I saw was a huge difference. Not a suddenly pore-less cheek but less pores on the cheek I had the POREfessional on.

What does this product exactly do?

Well, it doesn’t make my pores vanish like magic. It just covers my pores up, precisely what Benefit promised the effect would be. I don’t know exactly how it works but it looks like some kind of BB cream but then way lighter than that. Again as Benefit promised it feels silky soft. It also has a little pigment in it as you can see in the photo below. So you can also wear it without make-up. Which I also do often when I don’t feel like doing all my make-up.
It also makes my cheeks feel super soft. So that’s an extra you get when you use The POREfessional.

In the end I can still see my pores, so it’s not all gone. But they are much less visible and it makes me feel good about that. I mean, I see my face every day in the mirror and now I’m less insecure about it. So for me, this product is amazing and is doing its work very well!

For 300 ml I paid €30,-. And I think that’s a lot. But hey, it does its work and then I’m okay with the price. I’ve tried lots of products and this is the only one that really made me see difference.
I would really recommend you this product if you have the same ‘problem’ as I have.

Xx Rianne

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2 comments on "Benefit The PORE fessional Review"
  1. Hi Erika!

    What is the formula like? The picture of it on the back of your hand it looks kind of thick and silicony if you know what I mean? Does it apply like that?

    1. Hi Rachel,

      It looks thick, but the moment you put it on your skin it's very light and easy to apply. And it feels super soft and also your fingers after you’ve applied it. ;) I think it's a bit silicony because it feels different than a crème or foundation. But it does hide some very big pores (in my face) and the crème doesn't clog them or irritates my skin. My advice is to try out a tester in a shop. Then you notice that it's some sort of cream with a little pigment and that the consistence is hard to describe. Benefit describes the crème as: oil-free, lightweight, translucent, silky.
      Hope this helped you a little. :)

      Xx Erika Rianne