Saturday, 7 November 2015

November Instagram Challenge Update #1

So I've been doing this challenge for almost a whole week now and I must say it's going very well. Especially since I wrote all the days down in my diary.
My diary is my everything since I’m at this new internship so every day I look in it at least ten time so that is a good reminder. And I'm surprised I haven't missed a day yet.
But I sneaked day 1. I used an old selfie because I'm so bad at taking selfies and this one was alright... I think, so I posted it. But I had to go through almost all my photo albums to find a selfie that I was happy with. All the other days I had photographed/screenshotted (5sos image) myself.
And don't you think the drawing of the piggy in the sand is cool?
I still love that photo and love the unknown person who drew it.

Also, this post is posted on Saturday but that’s because it’s past midnight right now that I'm writing. So for me it still feels like it's still Friday. My planning was messed up, like always. So that's why it's a bit later...
The next update will be on Friday the 13th!!! Prepare yourself and take care of yourself!;)

Xx Rianne
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