Sunday, 1 November 2015

November Instragram Challenge

I love to see photos of others on Intsagram but I always forget to post photo's myself. That's because I’ve such an old phone that can't take good photos and I always forget to take photos of special moments.
So when I was at my internship (shh, don't tell I was thinking about my blog while I actually had to work. I had some free time.) I thought: Let's do a challenge.
I went to Pinterest (at home, not while I was at my internship) and found a cool schedule that tells me what I should photograph for a whole month. So I thought let's get this challenge started and see how good I am...

This is the schedule I'm going to try to follow. So if you wanna join me, you can use this one too. And let me know your Instagram name in the comments if your joining me so I can follow you and see your photos!
Sadly I can't give anyone credits to this photoschedule because I found it on Pinterest and when I wanted to go the site where it's from it only shows me the photo. Nothing else. But I want to thank this person who made it! Thank you unknown person!

So go follow me on my Instagram ErikaRianne and see how I’m going to deal with this challenge.
See you there!
I also keep you here up to date on every Friday what I've been photographing the whole week and why and everything you need know about this challenge and how I feel about it!

Wish me luck!

Xx Rianne

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