Sunday, 20 December 2015

My Blog Turns One!!

Today my blog turns one! How crazy is this? My first blogpost is an under construction blogpost. I’m not quite proud of that but hey, I had to post something because my blog was changing every 3 seconds because I was trying out things. I thought it would be very confusing to someone that is visiting my blog and everyday it looks different because I changed colour, header, font. Just everything you can change I changed the first week. Even for me it was sometimes confusing. One day I had changed settings and I was happy with it. The other day I saw my blog and was like: what was I thinking yesterday??

Little me on my first birthday. (I took of the hat immediatly. I didn't like it)
But that post was not my very first post. I’ve had a blog with two friends before this blog. We had big plans and February 2014 we got the blog online. The deal was: before my 17th birthday and we made it! I was so proud of it and I kept coming with ideas and stuff. But as the time flew by and the new school year was coming both my friends dropped out of the blog. So I decided to start my own blog. I got all my blogposts of that blog and rewrote them and posted them on here. So the first two month’s I could post a lot. It was quite good to have a buffer like that!

I had amazing plans for my blog but failed miserably because I’ve seen how hard it is to post on every Monday and how hard (good) photography is. Sometimes I just had nothing to blog about. Sometimes I had thousand ideas and not a single second to take photos or write the post. Every Monday that I don’t post I feel guilty. I really want to, but these last months has been a crazy rollercoaster with internship, life, no social life, work, no sleep. And especially December is crazy with Christmas parties, dinners and school. (And worst of all: I don’t have Christmas holidays this year.) On the train I was working on this blogpost because even on Sunday I barely have time to sit down and write a post…

But for next year I’ve got some amazing plans. I’ve already planned new blogposts, got a little new idea and hope it’s going to work out. And I hope that after January, when I have finished my internship, things will be a little bit less busy. 
I hope everyone has loved the journey so far and I hope you still keep visiting my blog because even though I didn’t post every Monday I have enjoyed everything and loved writing and sharing about my life experiences. Again, I hope you enjoyed this just as much as I did. And I enjoy it a LOT! Hope you'll visit me for another few years!!

All the love, Rianne
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