Wednesday, 14 December 2016

5 Tips for Planning a Bachelorette Party

Last Saturday we celebrated my sisters bachelorette party. We went to a party centre and played bubble football, a sort of Wipe Out idea, giant table football and we played a laser game. It was so fun! But all this needs an organisation. And Jess, Inge and I organised it for my sister. It’s loads of fun, but when we were organising I found out that some tips would have been welcome about organising a bachelorette party. So I wrote a blogpost about things we wish we knew when we started to plan this party.

1. Be in time with inviting people so you can hear in time who is coming and who is not. This is very important because of the reservations being made at centres and for the foods and drinks you need to buy. 

2. Make sure everyone pays on time. For us, that didn’t happen. I burgled my own bank account to pay in advance but that’s not how it’s supposed to go. Everyone has to pay. And there’s no reason for being late if it was announced in time.

3. Know your Bride! If she doesn’t like to get all the attention, then don’t make it too crazy. For example, my sister doesn’t like it so much, so we bought cute buttons with ‘Team Bride’ and ‘Bride To Be’ on it. Visible but not too crazy. My sister would hate us if we gave her a tutu and a crown or something weird. But if you know your bride loves crazy things like that, then sure do it!

4. The party is about the Bride To Be. For everything you do or plan keep the Bride To Be in mind. Ask with everything you choose, would she like it? And maybe that means that you don’t really like it that much. But it’s the party for the Bride to Be, not for you!

5. If you’re a guest, don’t cancel for stupid reasons. If you do this, how loyal as a friend are you to the bride? We had one week before the party started a few people who cancelled. Some had a good reason, some didn’t. And it was a sh*tload of work to call that centre again that we had a change in number of people who would come. Which also bring a lot of counting and miscounting in the budget because it keeps changing and changing. Only cancel for a good reasons, you know by yourself which reasons are good and which are not...

These are my lessons from organising a bachelorette party. If you have more tips, please tell me in de comments below about it! We all like to have a party like this to go as smooth as possible. Also, this post went up later than normal because I forgot to take my memory card with me to Ede. And I went home yesterday so that is why I posted it today!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 5 December 2016

Frugal fun for Students

Autumn is doing its best to prepare us for winter. It’s raining and storming and all the leaves has almost fall down to the earth. As much as I love autumn that just saddens me a little. And to make us students a little more happy in these dark days, I came up with fun things to do with friends for not that much money!

1. Pamper night!
I love pamper nights. Masks, nail polish, etc. Most of the things you need for a pamper night you already have. So you don’t have to buy much. Maybe some food. But food isn’t necessary. ;) You just need to invite some friends or just one friend and light up some candles, set everything ready, make it cosy and have a lovely pamper night. Maybe even end it with a sleep over. It’s so much fun and it’s good for your skin to give it some extra help in these cold days.

2. Photo shoots
These are also lots of fun. Dive into your wardrobe, put outfits together with your friends, try them on and get your camera. You always have the perfect room or wall in your house where you can take photos. Oh, and it doesn’t always has to be serious. Ridiculous photoshoots are the best photoshoots!

I made this side

3. Build a gingerbread house

This is the best idea I’ve had so far. I bought a little gingerbread house package and bought the candy. It costs me less than €10. (And I had to buy everything new, but if you’re baking much more than I do, then it probably only cost you some money to buy the little house and not all the decorations.) I had so much fun with my cousin. We’re studying at the same school so we’re both dealing with the money problems… We had been building and decorating the house the whole evening. We had Christmas music on very loud and sang along and laughed at our decoration skills. It was the best idea I’ve had in such a long time. We had so much fun!

My cousin made this side. I'm loving the cow with the bear on its back!

4. Sneak on houses for sale
This is amazing. I’m a very curious person so this is perfect for anyone like me. There are websites that put photos of houses for sale online. It’s the best way to sneak on very expensive houses and criticise or admire their way of designing it. I’ve done this with a friend and we went from normal priced houses to the very expensive ones that looks like castles and we’ve been judging their interior. Commenting on kitchens, colour matchings and how we would have designed that house or why we would or wouldn’t buy it. This is the best way to check out people’s houses without breaking into a house ;)

5. Netflix is the best
This one is not very surprising but I just have to mention Netflix. Watching movies with friends is great. I often go to the cinema, but money won’t let us go as often as we want to. And so we go to Netflix. Last time, my friend connected her laptop to a bigger screen, we had cosy blankets and some food and just lay on her couch watching movies. Easy peasy and very cheap.

I really hope I inspired you a little for some cheap fun with friends!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 21 November 2016

Book Review: After You

This book was on my bookshelf for a few weeks, but I couldn’t read it because there was too much schoolwork to do. And then I finally found some time to read this book and I read it, just like Me Before You, in two days. I couldn’t stop reading and it was way past midnight when I finished reading it. I had complete other feelings about this story when I finished the book then when I had read Me Before You.

I was really excited to start reading about Lou again. But it was so different to go back to her world. I loved how she was when she was with Will. And now, after Will, she turned into a different person. Still a nice person, but different. Lou has to deal with a life without her beloved Will. And that’s hard to read.

Lou lost her taste in clothes (which I loved so much reading about and imaging the dresses and skirts and shoes) after she has travelled through Europe and settled down in London with the money Will gave her. Then she gets a tragic accident and meets a girl that changes her whole life. And she also meets a new man. And to read the process of how she learns to love again, the moment she realizes that she needs him is heart-breaking to read.

What I learned about this book is that it’s totally wrong to expect someone to be the same person after someone they loved died. I was so wrong about that when I started reading this book. And while getting further into the story I understood Lou much better.

I hope this will also help me understand people better who have lost someone. The pain doesn’t go away and time does not heal everything. I think that everyone should read these two books to understand people better who lost someone. That people will not be same, and never get cured because there is no cure for loss. It makes things much clearer when you’re not the person in grieve. I loved reading this book and also the message in this book is amazing. Thanks Jojo Moyes.

Xx Rianne
Wednesday, 16 November 2016

4 Things I Do to Actually Finish My Homework

The moment I’m typing this I finally finished two crazy weeks of non-stop studying and writing and researching for school. That’s also why I’m not posting this on Monday but Wednesday. I’ve relaxed the whole weekend and I’ve literally threw away my whole social life these weeks but now I can finally breath again and I have time to write a blogpost on how I actually get some work done. After three years of studying I’m still looking for better ways to get homework done. And I’ve found four ways. Number three is completely new. Number one and two I discovered in the past three years. Number four is one I do not recommend but because I always lack of planning it is my bring-the-test-and-deadline-week-to-a-good-ending-rescue plan. So here are my tips!

1. I turn off my music. I’ve always convinced myself that I could work better with music on in the background. But that is a big lie. I always recognise a song and start humming or singing it. Which means I’m not totally focussed on my homework anymore. So I turn it off. And I think that people who say that music in the background is good for their concentration are just lying bastards or wonderful creatures that can block out catchy songs while learning. ;)

2. I have to have a clean desk. Yes, my desk is always messy with pens, books, notebooks and my phone. I clean it. I know, at first it’s procrastinating but once it’s clean I do get some stuff done. But I have to say, my desk is very very small so there can’t be much on it. If you have a large desk and it takes you two hours to clean that up, than you probably should have cleaned it way earlier and it also means that you barely studied before in the semester. Which I don’t think is very smart… But, when everything is clean, I can work.

3. This one is new to me and very effective for big essay writing sessions. When I have to write essays or do research on a subject I go to school. At school there is literally no distraction of music, YouTube, TV or a messy room or just a comfortable bed. School is an uncomfortable place to relax so I want to go home as soon as I can. So I just work and work and work till I’ve finished my essay or got to my personal set deadline for the research project. Then I go home and know that I’ve actually done something and I can relax without feeling guilty. I started doing this the past few weeks and I really wish I found this out earlier in my school carrier, because at school I can work for an hour or two straight on. At home I can never do that.

4. I studied for tests like crazy. I really had to pass those tests. So what I did was: I studied till midnight. Then I went to sleep for four hours so I’ll have at least a little bit of sleep. Then I wake up at four and study until I’ve got my test. It did help me with one. I studied non-stop and barely had breaks. I just couldn’t afford to lose time this time. I only do this when I started too late with studying for a test or when a test is really really important. If I don’t pass the test I’m talking about, there is a chance that school won’t let me graduate and that I’ll have to wait till next year November…

I hope I could help you with this a little bit and I hope that after you read this you actually go and do some homework so you won’t have the stressy weeks I just had... I really want you to prevent from those weeks. Because it’s exhausting and killing and not good for a student’s heart or sleep or life in general. Take this from me, its complete madness what I did, to do everything in two weeks instead of ten. So please, start planning, doing some extra work while you can. It will makes things easier.

Xx Rianne
Monday, 24 October 2016

Life update: Moving House and School Stress

Yes, you read that title well! I’m going to move again! Two weeks ago a friend of mine offered me to come and see their house since someone is going to move out. I agreed to take a look and I met the other girl who lives in the house too. We had a nice conversation and yesterday I decided that I’m going to move to that house.
I can’t wait to move out from this house and the attic. I’ve lived alone for 2 years now and I think it’ll be nice to have some company. 

Photo: Wonderlass
I have to admit I am scared. I’m always afraid for the ‘new’. And this is completely different and since I’m an introvert I like to be alone. But I realised that I often feel alone on the attic where I live now. And I think that living in the new house I can be alone but not feel alone. I’m just really excited! (I also get a real kitchen so maybe I can improve my cooking skills to something better than what I am right now.) 

Also, going to the USA is coming closer and closer. I am getting more excited to go there and see what America is! I can’t wait to blog about that! I still have to get my passport and ESTA. But I hope I’m going to get that settled this week. So I can cross that off of my USA to do list. I still have a lot to do and long to wait but I’m just so excited about it!!

I can also give you a little sad update about my study. It is not going very well. Stress level is close to 10 and sometimes I can’t sleep because of all the work I have to do. I’m procrastinating since I don’t know where to start. So that’s building more and more stress. This morning I checked my schedule and found out that the next two weeks have no lessons planned and I hope that I can work my ass off and that I can finally keep up with the homework and that I won’t miss more deadlines. So I don’t know if there is going to be a blogpost next week. But I’ll see and try to make some time free for this!

Xx Rianne

Monday, 10 October 2016

Products I Regret Buying

Foot crèmes, hand bath lush soap, 3x dry shampoo. Sometimes I’m walking into shops and see stuff that I think that it’s going to be extremely useful. And then sadly it turns out that I barely use it or not even use it. And I think we all have products we regret buying and here is my list.

I was in Lush and couldn’t resist buying this. Because I don’t really have a bath I thought I’d buy this to have a little Lush experience on my hands. But I’ve never tried it. I don’t have the patience to put my hands in a bath for 15 minutes and not being able to do something but sit. When I do a footbath I can use my hands to paint my fingernails, read a book, check my phone or be on my laptop. When my hands are in the water there is nothing I can do. So I won’t put hands in a hand bath…

Pores pores pores. I’m obsessed with them and not in the good way. I have tried a lot of products that promised me to make my pores look smaller or even disappear. And so promised Skin Perfection by L’Oréal Paris. But it didn’t work. All I know is that products like this irritate your skin. So your skin will swell up a little. A teeny tiny little bit, it doesn’t look like you are stung by a bee or something. Because of the swelling the pores are less visible. But I don’t think irritate my skin is a good idea. So after I used this very expensive cream for a little while I put it aside after reading the stuff above in an article. (If I only could remember what article it was that I read. Then I could link it.) Now I use Benefit and I’m happy with it!

Why on earth did I buy foot crème? Well, because it said ‘foot crème’ and I didn’t have it. Sadly my brain started working again when I got home and thought that hand crème is probably doing the same as foot crème and that it only has a different name. So now I have lavender smelling foot crème and spent money on something that I already had at home only with a different smell and name. (It’s all very hydrating for a dry skin…)

So a long long time ago I bought a Nivea clean deeper gel. It was in the period where I had lots of pimples and blackheads and an extremely oily skin. Not knowing how to handle an oily skin (it’s still hard to find the right products) I bought this gel. It would clean all my pores and get rid of the grease on my skin. But what it really did was completely drying out my skin. My skin would feel like paper after using it and then my skin was like: Where did all the natural oils go? And started to overproduce oil and my face got shinier than ever. So after using it for a little while I threw it in my closet and I found it when I was looking for long lost never used products for this blogpost.

I’ll tell you something: never buy a body lotion this big. You never get it empty since it’s so big. And I always forget to use it and now I have this thing for years. Right now I’m sharing it with my sister and still the bottle feels like it’s never been used. Also, I don’t like the scent of it anymore. So if you buy body lotion, buy a smaller bottle. Unless you are sure this is what you want to smear on your body for the next 20 years or so.

Dry shampoo that doesn’t work on my hair... It was a sales thing. Buy 2 get 1 free. And I thought, let’s do this. Only to find out that this hairspray immediately turns grey on my hair and I’m not able to use it without looking like I’ve run through a spider web and then threw dust on my hair. So now I have three bottles of this and I don’t know what to do with it. Especially since I don’t know which one I’ve used and which one I haven’t….

What products did you buy and do you totally regret?

Xx Rianne

Monday, 26 September 2016

A Brighter and Whiter Smile? Not for me!

A brighter and whiter smile. Isn’t that something everyone wants? Well I do! So when I got the offer to whiting my teeth at home I almost excepted it. And I’m going to tell you why I didn’t do it. 

Photo: Wonderlass

A little while ago I got the offer to whiten my teeth. I’m not going to name the company since I think that is not fair. They were very nice to me and understood why I last moment cancelled the deal. But I was very excited when I read the email that told me that I could try this out with a friend.  And that it was very easy to whiten my teeth at home.

Still I felt a little something nibbling in my stomach and a whisper telling me something was wrong. At first I put that feeling away and emailed that I was open for a try. I told Jess about it and she was also excited to try this out. I still kept saying to the man that I was very careful and also very careful about the health of my readers. I wanted to be sure that when I try something and HAVE to write about it that it doesn’t cause any pain or whatever to anyone. The man understood and gave me a little more time to think about the deal.

Finally I came up with the idea to call my dentist and ask for his advice. Sadly he was on holiday so I called another dentist nearby to ask for help. A nice lady asked me how much carbamide peroxide was in the whitening paste. I told her on the package stood 22%. She almost dropped her phone and said: “ Did you say 22%?!’ A little shocked by her reaction I said yes and immediately asked her why she was so shocked. She then told me that in Holland we only use up to 6 or 10% and that even now were going to a lower % because there are people complaining about pain in their teeth after a while. She told me that nowhere in Holland is used 22% and that that is A LOT of carbamide peroxide to paste on your teeth.

I kindly thanked her for the explanation. But I still couldn’t believe her so I called another dentist with the same question. (Here comes the journalist in me above, I had to be sure about the first answer and checked it by calling another dentist.) Her respond was almost the same. She told me that 22% is a lot of carbamide peroxide and that she wasn’t quite sure if so much carbamide peroxide is okay to put on your teeth. Again, in Holland we don’t use so much of that stuff in the whitening paste.

I thanked her and sadly put down my phone. I was hoping that I would hear good news but I decided to call off the deal. I explained to him that the dentist told me that the amount of carbamide peroxide was way too much. And I could guess that for Jess, who has sensitive teeth, it wouldn’t be a good plan too to cancel. The man understand and wasn’t complaining while I said sorry for taking his time and calling the deal off.

Now what I want to tell you is this: Please be careful if you’re going to whiten your teeth with a do it yourself at home package. Always ask your dentist if you don’t trust things or are a bit scared or if you’re trying it for the first time. Don’t just put that paste on your teeth. I don’t want that your teeth are going to hurt in a few years. Who knows what that much of carbamide peroxide can ruin in those two or three times you use the paste? What if your teeth fall out? What if they get softer and are easier to get holes in? I don’t know what can happen but all want to say is that you have to be careful. And when in doubt call your dentist just like I did!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 19 September 2016

Life Update: Typing in the Train

As you have noticed, I haven’t written a blogpost these two weeks. I feel so bad about it. I really wanted to but the problem was that I just didn’t have any energy to write one. I had many ideas popping up in my head this week and I’ve written them all down in my 'Book of Thoughts' that I always take with me anywhere I go. 

Photo: Wonderlass
But last week we had an amazing summer week. It was 33 degrees and it was too hot to even pick up a pen. So last week I didn’t even do any homework only reading. The week before was the start of my last school year. And I thought: "oh this is going to be just like the previous years. Easy start, lots of free time." But I was wrong. I barely have time. If I want to graduate at the end of the year I really have to do all my homework and not fall behind. And so these past weeks I’ve been reading schoolbooks and made a lot of summaries. And I had to come up with an idea for my graduation research project. While thinking about that project time flew by and two weeks were over. And last weekend I helped organizing the opening weekend of our church season and had no time to even open my laptop...
So I’m in the train right now and I just finished to summarize a chapter and thought that this was a good moment of rest so I could finally sit down and write this blogpost. 

School is taking so much of my time and I feel really bad for not posting anything. I really should plan better and maybe have some backup blogposts or something that I won’t let you guys down again. *Writing this down on my to do list immediately*

But I hope that everyone had a good start of their new school year and that it was hopefully less hectic than mine was. Also, I hope I can take you with me on the way to graduation… I don’t know how or when I’m going to start these kind of blogposts. But I hope I can make something of it. I’ll let you know whether I’m doing this and how or not. It’s just a thought that also came across my mind while typing this down in the train.

Sorry for the past two weeks. I really hope it won’t happen again. (Or at least not any time soon, you know me… ;) )

Xx Rianne
Monday, 12 September 2016

September Shopping Haul

I’ve seen this a lot on other blogs but I never did one. So I thought, lets do this! So I  just tell you what I bought last month because I’m very very happy with my clothes!

Asos Pinafore Dress

I saw this dress and fell in love with it. I put it in my basket and couldn’t wait to pay for it and have it home to try on. At first I was a little insecure about this dress. It’s very different than any other dress I own and as far as I know no one has this dress. At least, not someone I know... It is a complete different style, something I really like but I was too scared to wear something like this. But now I love it. And I get very kind reactions to it and I’ve worn it with a cute blouse under it or a white T-shirt with lace on the shoulders. (€20)

Asos Sugarhill Boutique Neomi Top

I love this shirt because of the see through sleeves. Not only that, also the pattern of these cute golden flowers with black background. Also, with a little imagination you can see vertical glasses in the hearts of the flowers. But then you have to take a real close up of the flowers. ;) (€38,67 but last time I checked for price it was in sale for €24!)

Asos Yumi Dolly Jumper with Colar

The collar! Look at the lace collar and the deep blue with sort of see through dots on it, it makes the shirt special. When I wear a white shirt under it you can see white dots in the fabric. It’s a really nice shirt but a little bit short on my tummy. So I wear it with a high waist jeans because I don’t want everyone to see my bum, when I bent over, or my belly. €33,33)

Van Haren shoes
Van Haren is shoe store that has a lot of cheaper brands. Once in a while I go in there to check it out and I found these cute shoes! Perfect for the winter under a skinny jeans. What I like about these is that the nose has no print but that the heel has a snake print and zippers on both sides. I don’t know if this is nice when I’m wearing a skirt or dress. But I’ll have to try that on later! (Van Haren €29,99)

Grey Suede Button skirt
This skirt is from ZoYou. I love this suede look and with my black vogue shirt it’ll look amazing I think. I also bought it with a white T-shirt that says ‘take me to paradise’. With a pair of thights it’ll be perfect for autumn and winter. (€25,95)

Baby Blue Flower Skirt
I'm not sure about this skirt. I kept it since returning would cost me more than this skirt costed. It was in the sale by ZoYou. I love the print of this skirt but the fabric is a bit weird. It't very stiff so it doesn't just 'fall' around you legs but it stands from you legs. So I kept it but I'm not sure if I'm ever going to be brave enough to wear this skirt. (€10)

Rivers Island had sale and all bought was socks. But looks at these cute socks! Old pink with glitters and frills and a caramel colour with black frills. Both pairs €1. Before the sale they were €5 and I’m not going to pay €10 for two pairs of socks. But now it was a more acceptable price for these cute socks. I love wearing these with the Van Haren shoes. The frills are visible above them!

I don’t know how to exactly do this kind of blogpost. So I hoped you liked this. And if you have tips let me know! Thanks!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 5 September 2016

Night of Lights: A Magical Tradition in our Village

Every village has its own traditions. And so have we! We just had the ‘party week’ here. And because this is an extremely fun and lovely tradition I thought I’d tell you about this tradition in particular.

We are surrounded by kraut fields. We also are surrounded by loads of water. And a 1000 isles. Some people counted the isles and there are literally 1000 isles here. Lots of isles are build full of houses but there are also still isles which you can buy and where you can grow plants or food or whatever. But I believe you’re not allowed to build houses on those special isles. But to get there you have to go with boats. So lots of people own boats.

And Friday 26th of August we had our night of lights. This is a lovely tradition where everybody that owns a boat, light their boats up with every light they own. From cute fairy lights to disco lights to glowing balloons. Whatever that shines is put on the boat. And then they join the boat parade which is fantastic. It was my first time on a boat. (And before last Friday I never went because I was a boring person back in the days.) But I enjoyed it so much. Almost everybody is there watching the parade on a boat or on the little bridges or in gardens on the route we sailed. Some boats, like ours, did have lights but we did not compete in the parade. We brought loads of food, eat our dinner there and had some drinks and watched all the boats that had themes and hoped to impress the judges and that they would win the parade competition. We all would sail till it’s dark and then it’s almost magical. All those boats on the water with lights everywhere and (loud) music. It’s so nice with friends on the boat watching other boats. And then there is of course the after party. Near the fully lighted market place, which is the start and finish, there are two cafeterias where everybody comes together to party after they stepped of their boats.

I didn’t take my DSLR-camera with me because I was afraid that I might drop it in the water so I took photos on my phone, which isn’t the best quality. But enjoy the photos of awesome decorated boats and dressed up people partying on their boats.

Xx Rianne

This boat is an 'original' which they used back in the days, but you still see very often around here. It has no moter but with the wooden stick - kloet-  in the hand of the man he pushes the boat forward. Most of the boats have a moter now ;)

Read about other traditions:
Dutch Tradition: Sinterklaas
Dutch Tradition: Kings Day
Monday, 22 August 2016

6 Mistakes I Made as a Freshman

When you’re about to start a new study it means your life is going to change drastically. You might be moving out and live on a campus! How cool is that?! It might also scare you a little… It did scare me SO much! But since I’m going to my fourth year I’ve been looking back at the mistakes I made when I started college. And I want to prevent you from those mistakes! These tips will get you a lot further!
Photo: Wonderlass

1. Be who you are

This is the most important tip I can give you. Please be who you are. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Don’t let yourself get pushed in the corner of ‘people-think-I am-like-this-so-I-am-going-to-pretend-I-am-what-they-expect-me-to-be’. Break free from that! You’re preparing for the 'adult life'. Experiment with your clothes, wear what you want to wear. Do what you like, go out and find out who you want to be!

I was too scared to be myself for almost the past three years because in secondary school not everybody liked me for who I was. So I turned into a grey mouse. A wall flower, I lost my smile. And here everybody was so themselves and I wasn’t. I’ve worked really hard for almost three years to find myself. To become comfortable with myself. Find my own style, find my own friends.
I cried the first time I told my teacher how scared I was, how I didn’t believe in myself because some people had told me it repeatedly in secondary school that I wasn’t good enough. And she helped me. I went to classes to become more confident in my own competence. I was so afraid to tell my friends about this, so I only told my closest 3 friends about it and they helped me through it!

So if you feel the same like I felt and you have the chance to go to classes like this GO! It helps so much. I didn’t change completely in those 10 weeks when I followed the course, even though my friends told me that they saw progress. But now, after three years I can finally say that I feel comfortable with myself. I know I’m not there yet. But I finally can say that I feel better and can tell people what happened in the past without feeling ashamed about it. (There is no need to feel ashamed about it but still you do. I don’t know why that is…It's not you, it's the people who hurt you that should be ashamed.) But those classes helped me and I strongly recommend you to do the same. Be yourself or become yourself as soon as possible. You’ll enjoy so much more of the student life as yourself than as someone else you don’t want to be!
(Sorry for the very long personal story here)

Edit: I was so positive at the beginning of this schoolyear, but a few months later I fell into a depression which you can read about here.

2. Study books

I don’t know everything of all the schools everywhere in the world. But I’ve figured out that my school gives me a mega list of books with sky high prices. And at the end of the year I’ve used 3 books of a list where 15 titles were mentioned. So to save you some money: only buy the books when you’re teacher says you really need it. (Don’t follow this tip if you’re not allowed in your class without books. Then be prepared and buy the books that are on the list. I don’t want to cause you a horror first day of not being allowed in your class because you don’t have the books that you should have.) But if you have heard of stories like this. Buy the books a little later. Most services deliver books within 3 work days. So you won’t fall far behind IF you had to read some chapters to prepare for class.

3. Talk

Please, talk to people. No matter how scared you are. I was shitting myself the first day at college. I was so nervous and barely talked. I watched how people made friends. Luckily my class had three really nice girls that I did become friends with but still… Talk, make contacts, smile, and introduce yourself. Don’t sit and look at the others. You need these people if you want your student’s life to succeed. They will help you with homework or group projects, make you laugh and you’ll survive boring classes together! You need friends, everybody does!

4. Say yes.

I’m the kind of person that said no to EVERYTHING the past two or three years. I was scared that I would end up alone somewhere at a place where I didn’t know anyone. Now I’ve learned that it’s not okay to say no to everything. Of course, if you really don’t want to go somewhere say NO. But if you’re saying no because you’re scared, people will not really understand. In the end they won’t invite you anymore because you always say no to where ever they invite you for. Just say yes one time or two times. It’s scary, I know but don’t get isolated from the outside world. It’s so beautiful with so many lovely people. You just need to get over your fear.

Tip: Ask a friend to come with you, tell him or her you’re scared to stand alone. If she is really your friend she will keep an eye on you and make sure you are not alone and probably introduces you to other people!

5. Find a job

I was looking for a job but not hard enough. So I was kind of lazy... And I thought, I stay at home all the time, why do I need money? Well, these thoughts are stupid, you need to go outside your student room. And most of the time that cost money. Sometimes I was invited and then I couldn’t say yes because I had no money. If you have a job you can also save for awesome trips, your driver’s license but you can also have some fun with friends. Going to cinema’s in my case or have a drink in bar somewhere. Money is not the key to happiness but it can make it possible for you to make memories with your friends!

6. Live and laugh

I feel like I was too stressed when I started college. I was freaking out about a lot of things. But you must know that you’re not going to secondary school with people who need to stand out -read bully- to become the cool kid at school. Those things don’t happen in college anymore. People are here because they want to study for their future. You’re all with the same goal at school: to graduate and get a job.

Do what you love. You choose this study. Enjoy it, live it, do your best, and when a school assignment goes wrong don’t panic. You’re here to learn. You get a second chance, learn from the mistakes and don’t let it take you down. And if you can’t figure it out; ask for help. (Read more about that in this blogpost!) And just smile every day. Enjoy this time of your life. It’s over before you even know it. (I just blinked and within one week I start my last year. Starting this study feels like yesterday.)

I feel like I’ve given you the most important tips I could ever give you. I struggled a lot and hope this will make it easier for you to start. Make this the best time of your life in your own way. I didn't party myself to death. That's not who I am. But I did party, I went to movies, I traveled with my friend to London and Brussels. Be who you are and don't look to much around you at others 'being better than you are'. Because you are doing perfectly fine doing things your own way. I wish you all the best for this new college year!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 8 August 2016

The Beauty of France

These are my favourite pictures of this year holiday in France. I had so many photos that it took me a while to pick the very best to show you guys. (In my blogpost '14 days 14 polaroids' you can read how I spent my holiday.) But I love these photos so much and it's weird to think that next year I probably won't see these places again. Maybe even never again. I don't want to think about that.

I would love to go back to the waterfall in Autoir and walk down the stream again. Or walk again in Sarlat and enjoy the crowd or watching the stars at night. On the full moon photo sadly you can't see stars but I had never seen so many stars at night. And also, shooting stars! Me and my friends would get some chairs, settle on the footballfield where weren't any streetlights or campinglights and we would talk and watch the stars, waiting for a shooting star. I loved those nights! I loved just simply driving to another place so I could look around me to see mountains and trees and just beautiful landscapes. (The sunflowerfields!!) I loved the holiday and right now I'm back to work and I can dream about the holiday and even though the work isn't very exciting memories of this holiday brings a smile to my face!

Also, I'm still uploading photos on my Instagram about France so make sure you take a look there too to see more beauty of this country.

Xx Rianne
Monday, 1 August 2016

14 Days 14 Polaroid’s

I challenged myself on summer holiday to take every day one photo. It turns out that that is very difficult. Sunday I forgot because we were the whole day at the swimming pool and the last day was a 12 hour drive home and I forgot to take my camera out because I was sleeping most of the time in the car. Still I have 14 polaroids and that was what I was hoping for!

As you can see is there one white polaroid on the right side of the camera. I don't know why that happened but it did..
This year we went for the 3th time to the same camping in France. We loved it so much there that we wanted to come back several times. This was our last year there we decided. We camped in our tent and lived the campinglife without laptop and only 1 hour of very slow wifi a day. It was good not to have wifi all day long. Also, camping means: no dishwasher. So the picture below is me doing the dishes. I'm not looking at the camera because this was my least favorite thing to do while camping ofcourse ;)

We also went to a beautiful waterfall nearby our camping. The village next to it is so peacful that I wanted to live there. The only thing is that the next big city would be more than 2 hours away from there and I can't live without shops nearby. There wasn't even a grocery store! But we really enjoyed the waterfall and walked down the stream to the little 'brigde' and then went home again.

Eating pizza is something that can't miss on a holiday for me. So here's is happy photo of me and my sister ready to eat our pizza's.

And of course our friends. On the camping it is easier to make new friends. We had a lovely group of friends we've been with 2 weeks in a row keeping each other company while relaxing at the swimming pool or doing a little dance in the bar on the camping.

We also visited some places like Domme, Sarlat, Souillac, Rocamadour
and Brive. This beautiful cake was eaten by me in Sarlat when we visited the market. The market there is huge and we had been there several times and decided to eat and drink at a tea house and watch all the people passing us by. It was a lovely morning!

The standard breakfast I had every morning while being there. I loved it so much and right now I miss it so much!

This is an overposed photo of me at the swimming pool where I spent most of the time this holiday!

In Brive I bought sandals and then we sat here by the fountain for a little while because it was a little to hot to shop and there weren't much shops. But there was also a little Sephora shop and I did buy a lipstick and a nail polish! I don't know what the three white dots in the middle of the photo are..

I have 14 photos but making a photo of a photo is really hard and you can see in some of my photos the reflection of my camera. And I have some darker photos in which you only saw the reflection so I couldn't use those. And they all look much darker on here then in real life...

I had a lot of fun trying to make a good photo. Photographing with a Polaroid camera is so much harder than with a DSLR camera. I mean, I only had one shot for the perfect photo so this was a real challenge and I learned that you shouldn't take a photo too close. It doesn't focus very well then... I had fun and loved my summer holiday. I need to think of a good place to stack them in my room. If you have a good idea, let me know in the comments below!

Xx Rianne