Monday, 18 January 2016

Cien Lip Butter

Lip butter with colour. Who doesn’t want that? I want it! So when Liddle had their budget make-up range back in store I got myself four lip butter in the four different colours. I loved how the colours looked like and thought I would love them all four. Sadly the colour on the stick is not the colour that is on my lips. But that is also obvious. It’s a lip butter not a lipstick.

I also really like the design. It looks beautiful in the black case with the shiny letters on it. The only thing that they didn’t thought about was the see through lid. It’s all smudged with the lip butter and that doesn’t look very good. But hey, it’s not the lid I’m wearing. I wearing the colour and I just hide the butter in my bag!

The purple one and pink one are way too light. You can see my own lip colour through it very clearly. The pink one is just not matching my skin and makes me look like a pale girl. The purple one is not fully covering and that makes me looks like I’m really cold. When I’m cold I always get ‘purple’ lips. I don’t know why but it’s not very flattering and I always try to avoid it. But this lip butter makes my lips looks like I’m cold but I’m not. Not very flattering…

So those are the two baddies. There are also two goodies. The red one and orange/coral one. Those two are better and the red one is my favourite. The colour is more intense and it really makes my lips red but not too much. And it also nourishes my lips so it’s perfect. I’ve worn it the most out of all these colours.

The orange coral one is very light but it just adds that little colour to my lips that I like. Normally I’m not a big fan of orange/coral. It’s not my colour. It just doesn’t match my skin but because this colour is so light and barely visible I like that I just have that little colour on my lips. I don’t use it much but I’ve worn more times that the purple and pink once. 

Red, Pink, Purple, orange/coral

In the end I’m still very happy with the results. For a price of €2,- per lip butter it’s not bad. That the other two aren’t good isn’t that much of a disaster I think. It would have been if I paid €10,- for it and and never wear it. 

Xx Rianne
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  1. Love all the Colors

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    1. Hi Jeannette,

      I've visited your blog. My german isn't that good but I could read it and I really liked the content on your blog!
      I'm a follower!

      Xx Erika Rianne

  2. I like lip butters,lot of bennefits is in that idea of lip care.
    Maybe we could follow each other. Let me know :)


    1. Hey Maja,

      Yess! These lip butters are doing a really good job at that taking care of my lips!

      Xx Erika Rianne