Thursday, 14 January 2016

Thursday tips #2

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today!
This week are thing you really need in your bag, to get safe through the day.

Tip 1

Always have pens in your bag. Just in case you need one. You can’t risk that you need to write something down and you can’t write anywhere. Think about phone numbers or just important things like to do stuff. Or you need them for school! Because writing in colleges is very important. I read once that people who write down notes memorize the college better than someone who’s been typing notes on the laptop. Because you can typ mindless and for writing you really have to think about what you write, or else you write down what you were about say or something like that!

Tip 2

Tampons or pads are also very important to have in your bag. You never know when you suddenly need one unexpected or that someone else has the 'bloody' problem and you can save them from a disaster!

Tip 3

A mirror. That’s so important. I mean, what if you’re going to a meeting or just sitting in class and you have some lipstick on your teeth, some foods between your teeth or a booger in your nose... Maybe you need a little touch-up on your make-up. A mirror can help you so much. It also refelct way better than your phone reflexion. The mirror will always do a better job!

What do you think is the most necessary item for in your bag? Let me know in the comments below!

Xx Rianne

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