Monday, 25 January 2016

Kiko Review

When I was in Barcelona we found a Kiko store that had amazing sales. So me, my sister and my brother’s girlfriend went inside to take a look. Of course our beauty hearts beats faster than ever because the sale was a real sale! Sometimes sale is with 2 of 3 euro’s discount. But here it was like 10 euro’s discount on things. So we bought some make-up. I bought two mascara’s, one nail polish and a pencil lip gloss.

I’ll start with the nail polish. This one is so glittery. I don’t even know the exact colour because of the many glitters in it! I think is some red colour. It is number 277.
I’ll always apply two layers of nail polish and then I think it has a good covering of my nails. Also, this nail polish stays on for one week. It started to chip off after three or four days on my ‘most used fingers’ like the thumb and index finger.  On my ring finger and little finger it stayed on perfectly. After a week they still looked fine. But I had to remove the polish for work. So I couldn’t check it out longer. I’m very happy with the colour and the results.

Next is the pencil lip gloss. This is not a lipstick nor a lip gloss. It’s an in between. I think it has the sort of same effect. It’s very covering like a lipstick. I like how easily this is too apply. It’s like drawing in the lines of my lips. Easy peasy and it looks great. I wish I bought more of these! And this is the 05.

I’m always looking for comparison when it comes to mascara’s. I believe that there is an exact version of a very expensive mascara but then cheaper with the same results. And I think I found a new one! In one of my first posts on this blog I tell you that one of my favourite mascara’s is a very cheap one. Now, I’ve found the expensive version of it. This one: the ultra tech curve mascara looks a lot like it. The wands are exactly the same and even the brush has sort of the same bow it in. So this one became automatically a favourite when I found out that it was like the other but this one is expensive. So I’d stay to the cheaper one of course because it saves me money. But when I’ve got money enough I know where to go to upgrade my mascara brand!  J

The other mascara is not the best. It’s the luxurious lashes. I don’t really like the brush. It’s way too big. I always mess up when I put on mascara because the wand goes always up against my eyelid. (When I’ve done my mascara it looks like I’ve sneezed when my lashes weren’t dry. I just can’t help it.) This brush only makes it worse. My eyes look like panda’s so black and messy that it gets. Also, I don’t like how little black my eyelashes get. (Leave the black around my eyes out of the field) I feel like I’ve to do a thousand of layers to get a good effect. And that takes time, time I don’t have. So I wouldn’t buy this mascara again. It’s not the worst though, so I’ll still use it till it’s empty. I’m not going to throw it away or let it dry out somewhere on my desk.

Soo these were my little make-uppies that I bought. Hope you liked and I’ll see you around next time!

Xx Rianne
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  1. You are so lucky to have all these great brands of.make.up, we have.very few in SA,

  2. You are so lucky to have all these great brands of.make.up, we have.very few in SA,