Monday, 29 February 2016

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash

Sometimes it’s good to spent more money on a product than you’d normally would do. This is one those products. Benefit is an expensive make-up brand. So when I’m looking for something I won’t go to the benefit section. But when I was at the airport shop in Barcelona I had time enough to look at every brand I want to. And I stumbled upon Benefit. There I found this facial wash: Foamingly Clean Facial Wash. It was around €30,- so that’s a lot of money. Normally I bought a cleanser around €4,-. But I wasn’t happy with that one so I thought, let’s do something crazy and buy this one.

And I’m so happy that I did something like that because this facial wash is so good. I always searched for facial cleaners that would remove all the oil of my face, thinking that that would stop my overly oiled face. But now I’ve realised that it’s not. Everything I had was always so aggressive that my skin was always bright red after I had cleaned my face. And I always used make-up pads to remove my make-up because I was too lazy to wash my face with water.

Now I’m using this facial wash and I have to use water, my face isn’t bright red and my face feels cleaner than ever. Because when I have cleaned my face it looks healthier, not so damaged. I can’t really tell if the oil on my face got less because I just have a fight for the rest of my life with oil/skin/hair.

About the facial wash:

This is for all skin types which I normally never buy, but I’m sure I’m going to buy it more often. Also, when I want to clean my face I first have to remove my eye make-up with a make-up pad because this cream is not good for the eyes. Then when I’ve removed that I put lukewarm water on my face. And then, I use a little bit of cleanser and then rub it softly over skin. This cleanser is called ‘foamingly’ but it doesn’t foam like a bubble bath or something. There is a little bit of it but not too much. I was scared that my face would be covered in foam but it’s not! (Pfew!)

Then I rinse it off with lukewarm water and dip my face dry with a clean towel. And then, to help my skin I apply a hydrating face crème. Because, even though my skin is oily I have dry spots on my face. My skin is very complicated... But this cleanser really makes me happy. My face looks better and I even think that I’ve seen a difference with my spots. There are less blackheads on my chin and cheeks and my pore obsession is also less because I feel like that this is cleaning my pores good but gentle. And that means: no more clogged pores which means less big pores and blackheads.

As you can see I’m praising this product into heaven but I’m so happy with this foamingly clean facial wash that I’m just so excited to tell you about.
For me it just works so well. The price makes me cry, but my face looks and feels better. And that is my life mission. Making my skin look better because what it was/is still makes me a little bit uncomfortable.

PS: Sadly this is only step one to get a better skin. There is (of course) a whole product range with step 1, 2 and 3 to get ‘a visibly radiant, hydrated complexion’ for that you also need the triple performing facial emulsion spf 15 ++ and ‘it’s potent! Eye cream.

But we all know how expensive life can be, especially the student life. So I just gave you the information and you can do with it whatever you want. Buy it or not. I don’t think I’m going but it.

Xx Rianne

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thursday Tips #6

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today!

Tip 1

When you use a bobby pin: use it with the bobbles down toward your head. Not the other way around. The bobbles will give the pin more grip in your hair and it’ll prevent from falling out.

Tip 2

Braid your hair in a very lose braid before you go to sleep if you’ve got long hair that easily tangles. This way you won’t have so much tangles in your hair. If you do the braid tighter it can cause some curl effect in your hair. If you want that, no problem of course. But if you don’t want the curls then keep the braid as loose as possible that when you wake up, there are no curls in your hair. (When I braid it loose when I wake up a lot of strands of hair has slipped out my braid. But if I braid tighter I'll have the curl effect and with my hair that doesn't look great.)

Tip 3

Buy hairbands without an iron middle. There are shops that have specials like that! Use these because the hairbands with an iron part will rip out lots of hair. The once without the iron don’t do that! I only use hairbands without iron and I rip  less hair out of my head when I remove my hairband! And I think the quality is better. The hairbands with iron middle piece always snapped in two when I tried to put them in my hair. (that hurts a LOT!)

What kind of hairband do you use? The ones with the iron middle or the ones without?

Xx Rianne
Monday, 15 February 2016

My 5 Favourite Fragrances

Everyone has favourite fragrances. And I thought, Im going to list mine and make a top 5.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

Daisy Dream is one of my favourite of the favourites. I love how fresh it smells and how it tickles my nostrils. ( In a good way, I'm not sneezing like an idiot in that way). I also love it because of its design. Look at these cute daisies! It’s one of the best and happiest designs I’ve ever seen.

Reveal by Halle Berry

This one I have for two years now and it’s still half full. I try not to use it too much because I don’t want it to go empty. So I hope it’ll stay with me for at least two more years. (Now I’m wondering, does a scent ever loses its scent? Is that possible?)

Ice Touch by MEXX

This one I got this year and is new. I have barely used it but this scent is so fresh and lovely that I have to put it in my favourite list. I can’t really describe the scent but when I spray it on my shirt I always want to bury my nose in my shirt and sniff it for the rest of the day.

La Vie est Belle by Lancôme

This is the sweetest-but-not-too-sweet-and-strongest-scent I’ve every smelled. When I spray this one on every time I fall in love with the sweet scent. Even a necklace that I’ve been wearing smells like the scent. How crazy is that? Also, this design is so simple that it makes it elegant. Especially the little bow tie around the neck. That makes it a perfect sweet scent!

Blissful Mistful by Zoella Beauty

This is a body mist. I know. But as a big Zoella fan I had to buy it and I love this body mist. I can’t dislike anything that Zoe creates with her magical fingers! Still I’m a bit sad that the sent is gone way to fast… This scent is like flowers, but not to strong.

I also have to say, I can't really discribe scents. It's just so hard to tell what I smell because there are more than one ingredient that gives these fragrances the perfect scent. I'm sorry for the worst scent description ever but I love them. And I hope that I can enjoy them for a long time! 

What is your favourite fragrance?

Xx Rianne
Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thursday Tips #5

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today!

Tip 1

Dry lips? Brush over your lips with a toothbrush and apply a good moisturizing lipbalm. Your lips are ready to get some kisses! Also, I’ve written a longer blogpost about this tip. Click on the pink words at the end of this sentence to go to that blogpost to read step by step how to get super soft lips in sixty seconds.

Tip 2

New shoes? Always try both of them on. Both feet have different sizes and make it or break if you’re going to fit the shoes. Some foots have a difference of one whole size. And it would be a pity if you can’t wear your new shoes because of this little problem.

Tip 3

Happy feet! Put marbles on the bottom of your footbath and roll your feet over them. It’s a very cheap foot massage!

Just some random tips this time! What are some random tips that you've got? Share them with me in the comments below!

Xx Rianne
Monday, 8 February 2016

My New Body Lotion Obsession

Everybody hates sticky body lotion. Because who wants to wait 10 minutes before you can finally put on a jeans or legging or, like me, want to jump in your bed after a warm shower. I never use body lotion because I always shower in the evening just before I go to bed. And I just don’t have the patience to wait till my legs are dry of body lotion. I just want to jump into my bed immediately.

Two weeks ago I saw my legs and thought, well this time I have to nourish my legs because they look a bit dry. And against my will I opened my drawer with only-used-once body lotions and grabbed this Yves Rocher So Elixer perfumed body lotion. I got it when I purchased something else and I had never used it. I hadn’t even smelled it.

Then I opened the bottle and smelled it for the first time and it’s an overwhelming but lovely smell. This makes me think of beautiful pink and white flowers. It makes me happy. And then I had to apply the lotion on my skin. Against my will I did it and while I rubbed it in, it was drying on my legs. Seconds later my legs felt like they never had lotion on it. Because I’m used to sticky legs I put even more on my legs to make sure that I did enough lotion on my legs. But it still was gone so quickly. For the first time in my life - I think - I’ve applied more than once a week a body lotion on my body.

This Yves Rocher body lotion, so tells the description on the back of the bottle, wraps me in floral and woody notes. The woody notes I would have never guessed but I was right about the floral scents. ;)

My skin feels super soft after i've applied it. I have it on my hands right now, (I had to smell it good and smelling my legs is a bit harder than the back of my hand) and my hands feel so soft and silky. This body lotion is seriously my favourite body lotion for now. I say for now, because I can have an obsession about one product for a while and then suddenly I find something else and that will become my new favourite. So it’s always temporary but it is my obsession right now!

Xx Rianne

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Thursday Tips #4

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today!
This week it is all about the nail polish basics.

Tip 1

Always use a basecoat when polishing your nails. It’ll prevent your nails from getting yellow and the polish will stay longer on your nails. And the chipping gets less.

Tip 2

After you applied the colour you wanted or made a fantastic nail art, finish your nails with a topcoat. It will protect your nail polish from chipping off for at least the first two days and it’ll also makes the polish shine.

Tip 3

When done your nails. Just sit and don’t do anything Because you just applied at least three layers of nail polish. (Base coat, a colour, top coat) Just sit with your phone in your hands or go watch youtube videos or a movie. Wait at least 30 minutes before doing anything. This way you won’t smudge your nail polish.

Extra tip:
If you are going to do nail art you have to wait sometimes very long. So make you sure you go to the toilet before doing your nails. You can't pull you pants down when you've done your nails... I'm saying this because I've smudged my nails many many times with going to the bathroom while my nails weren't fully dry. (And I got really angry at myself for ruining my nail art.)

Xx Rianne
Monday, 1 February 2016

Life update #3 I Did It!

I finished my internship! I got a 6 and a 7 and in the end it was a 6.5. Which is good! I’m so happy that I made it. Because of the difficulties I told you about it my latest life update I’m so relieved that everything turned out well. That maybe the newspaper wasn’t for me but that online is! Right now I’ve a week off to write an essay about my internship so I’m going to work on that.

All the VROUW-interns helping at the theater premiere.
Also, last week I totally forgot to upload the Thursday tips. I still haven’t figured out how I can schedule blogposts and totally failed to upload the blogpost. But I do have a good explanation for it. On Thursday I came home around 9 pm in the evening from my internship. I had to help a new intern and had a pep talk that she could do it. She only had two weeks to learn everything from me, which is a bit short. But that pep talk was longer than I expected so I came home so late. Then I still had to eat dinner, I showered and went to sleep. It was such a long day and I totally forgot the Thursday tips… I’m so sorry. 

Promoting the launch of the new VROUW website
Friday was my last day at my internship and it felt double. On one hand I was relieved. I made it, this week is sort of holiday and then I can go on with my study, go back to school. The other hand I don’t want to go to school. I wanted to stay at my internship. There was so much more to learn and to discover. But right now I've so much free time! Normally I barely had time, I typed my blogposts as fast as I could because in the evening I had to prepare for the next day and barely had time.

Presents and my own personal cover when I said goodbye the last day of my internship
Now I’ve ended this internship I feel like I can finish my study. I had moments that I wanted to give up. And now I’m like: only 1.5 years and I’m done. I can do this. I had a 6.5 as final note and that is good. (I wanted a 7 but knew it was going to be hard when it didn’t work out for the newspaper) So I’m actually really happy that I still made it. I had a blast there, did things I thought I could never do. Interviewed some Dutch celebrities and American celebrities (Randy Fenoli I watched being interviewed and I interviewed cake boss buddy myself.) I learned to overcome the fear of calling, the fear of failing. Because I’ve failed, but I stood up for myself and learned that I shouldn’t take everything personal.

Photo: Instagram VROUW_NL
Cake Boss Buddy

Photo: Instagram VROUW-NL
Randy Fenoli
I’m looking forward to the next half year of school. I’ve got so much free time. I really want to do more things outside then last year. I was always in my room working on school stuff, but now I feel like I shouldn’t be so shy and go out more often. I want to discover more. And hopefully this time I’m really going to do that!

This really feels like an end-of-the-year-speech and it sort of is. This was a huge thing these 5 months internship and now I finished it. I look back on it and I can see I conquered fears, did things I never expected I could and now there’s going to be a new start of school! I can't wait for it to start. How nerdy does that sound? :)

And, I'm going to google and see how I can schudule blogposts so I'll never miss the Thursday Tips again.

Xx Rianne