Monday, 1 February 2016

Life update #3 I Did It!

I finished my internship! I got a 6 and a 7 and in the end it was a 6.5. Which is good! I’m so happy that I made it. Because of the difficulties I told you about it my latest life update I’m so relieved that everything turned out well. That maybe the newspaper wasn’t for me but that online is! Right now I’ve a week off to write an essay about my internship so I’m going to work on that.

All the VROUW-interns helping at the theater premiere.
Also, last week I totally forgot to upload the Thursday tips. I still haven’t figured out how I can schedule blogposts and totally failed to upload the blogpost. But I do have a good explanation for it. On Thursday I came home around 9 pm in the evening from my internship. I had to help a new intern and had a pep talk that she could do it. She only had two weeks to learn everything from me, which is a bit short. But that pep talk was longer than I expected so I came home so late. Then I still had to eat dinner, I showered and went to sleep. It was such a long day and I totally forgot the Thursday tips… I’m so sorry. 

Promoting the launch of the new VROUW website
Friday was my last day at my internship and it felt double. On one hand I was relieved. I made it, this week is sort of holiday and then I can go on with my study, go back to school. The other hand I don’t want to go to school. I wanted to stay at my internship. There was so much more to learn and to discover. But right now I've so much free time! Normally I barely had time, I typed my blogposts as fast as I could because in the evening I had to prepare for the next day and barely had time.

Presents and my own personal cover when I said goodbye the last day of my internship
Now I’ve ended this internship I feel like I can finish my study. I had moments that I wanted to give up. And now I’m like: only 1.5 years and I’m done. I can do this. I had a 6.5 as final note and that is good. (I wanted a 7 but knew it was going to be hard when it didn’t work out for the newspaper) So I’m actually really happy that I still made it. I had a blast there, did things I thought I could never do. Interviewed some Dutch celebrities and American celebrities (Randy Fenoli I watched being interviewed and I interviewed cake boss buddy myself.) I learned to overcome the fear of calling, the fear of failing. Because I’ve failed, but I stood up for myself and learned that I shouldn’t take everything personal.

Photo: Instagram VROUW_NL
Cake Boss Buddy

Photo: Instagram VROUW-NL
Randy Fenoli
I’m looking forward to the next half year of school. I’ve got so much free time. I really want to do more things outside then last year. I was always in my room working on school stuff, but now I feel like I shouldn’t be so shy and go out more often. I want to discover more. And hopefully this time I’m really going to do that!

This really feels like an end-of-the-year-speech and it sort of is. This was a huge thing these 5 months internship and now I finished it. I look back on it and I can see I conquered fears, did things I never expected I could and now there’s going to be a new start of school! I can't wait for it to start. How nerdy does that sound? :)

And, I'm going to google and see how I can schudule blogposts so I'll never miss the Thursday Tips again.

Xx Rianne
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