Thursday, 11 February 2016

Thursday Tips #5

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today!

Tip 1

Dry lips? Brush over your lips with a toothbrush and apply a good moisturizing lipbalm. Your lips are ready to get some kisses! Also, I’ve written a longer blogpost about this tip. Click on the pink words at the end of this sentence to go to that blogpost to read step by step how to get super soft lips in sixty seconds.

Tip 2

New shoes? Always try both of them on. Both feet have different sizes and make it or break if you’re going to fit the shoes. Some foots have a difference of one whole size. And it would be a pity if you can’t wear your new shoes because of this little problem.

Tip 3

Happy feet! Put marbles on the bottom of your footbath and roll your feet over them. It’s a very cheap foot massage!

Just some random tips this time! What are some random tips that you've got? Share them with me in the comments below!

Xx Rianne
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