Thursday, 17 March 2016

Thursday Tips #9

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today! This time Lipstick is the topic!

Tip 1

Want to test a new lipstick? Swatch the lipstick on your fingertips. The colour of your fingertips is nearly the same as the one of your lips. So you can easily see if the colour fit you without using the tester on your lips. Don’t test the lipstick on your lips, because it’s also known as a good place for bacteries to chill on and infect you with someone elses infections…

Tip 2

When you’ve applied lipstick, stick you middle finger or index finger in your mouth. Close your mouth and pull your finger back. This way you won’t get any lipstick on your teeth because the too much lipstick will be sticking to your finger and not to your teeth! I always do this twice. With my index and middle finger to be sure I don't get lipstick on my teeth.

Tip 3

If you’re not really good with applying dark lipsticks, it’s easier when you apply a lipliner first. It’s true, I don’t know why, but a lipliner draws way easier then a big lipstick. With the lipliner you can ‘line out’ your lips very secure. A lipstick is a bit to big and I know that when I apply only lipstick and not a lipliner first, it’s a lot harder. And if you don't want to buy a lipliner, just invest in a little make-up brush. I have a few lipliners but I'm a bigger fan of my little brush. I swipe it over the lipstick and then neatly apply it on my lips. Then I apply the lipstick and it looks perfect!

Xx Rianne
Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Formula 10.0.6 Blemish Care & Skin-Clarifying Mud Mask Review

Lately I was in Kruidvat and found products I had never seen before. I’m not familiar with Formula 10.0.6. Have you ever heard of it? I didn’t. But I was searching for a new facemask because my dr. van der Hoog facial mud mask was empty and I really needed a new one. I actually wanted to buy that dr. van der Hoog mask again. But then my eye fell on this cute pink package with huge letters. I immediately picked it up and read what it was and thought: I’m going buy it. Also because the price was very low. I don’t remember it exactly but I think it was even below €5,-. So that’s a good prize.

I also saw that they had a cleanser and some nose strips for clogged pores and a gel for blemishes. At that moment I had a huge spot break out. And had a lot of red skin and because I can’t help myself but pick at the spots my skin... So I also gave the gel a try. I truly hate those strips, so that was a no go for me. And I already own a really good cleanser of Benefit so I didn't buy that one either. (See the review of Benefit here.)

The mask is what I’m going to talk about first. The mask helps clogged pores get clean. And you know I’m obsesses with pores to try to get them as clean as possible. So when I bought it I immediately tried it on. The mask is white and has no colour which makes me look like a funny spooky girl. The smell is very soft and not too overwhelming. I’ve had some mask that smelled like chocolate or something very sweet. I got sick in those 15 minutes of wearing the mask because of the strong smell. So the scent is a plus about this mask. 

After I had put it on my face, the mask started to ‘burn’ around my nostrils. I didn’t put it in my nose but around it and it really hurt so I quickly removed the mask around my nostrils. I also felt a sort of burn all around my face. But it didn’t hurt me as bad as around my nose. So I think this mask is kind of aggressive. But after I cleaned my face in the shower my face felt so fresh and felt like it was breathing again. So that was really good. I still don’t like that burning feeling so I’m not going to use it more often. I tried it twice and it’s just not comfortable when a facemask sort of burns your face. I always want to relax when I’ve put mask on, but with this one I can’t really relax because I keep thinking of the pain. So this mask may be cleaning very well, but it burns. So I don’t use this mask anymore.

The blemish gel is something I feel like I can’t really judge. Your skin never create two blemishes, at the exact same time, just as big as each other and completely comparable to each other. So I couldn’t really try to put the gel on one blemish and not on the other and see if it would disappear faster or not than the other. So I just like to believe that my blemishes disappeared faster. It looked like it. But maybe that was because I was extremely focused on the blemish disappearing process.
But I feel like it worked and that makes me happy.

Also, the gel is very thin. Normally when I think of gel I think of a thick substance. But this is actually very thin. The moment I opened the tube the gel run out of it. I didn’t had to squeeze to get the gel out. So they should definitely work on that. Every time I use the gel I have way too much on my finger. But I really liked the substance. It is sort of cold when you put it on your skin and then you have to rub it in your skin till the gel is gone.
They say only use it once or twice a day. When I have a blemish I use it twice a day. At the moment I don’t have big red problem areas on my face so I only use a little bit once a day on the little red problem areas.

Xx Rianne
Thursday, 10 March 2016

Thursday Tips #8

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today! This time it's a little bit about food and everything I know about it...

Tip 1

Always eat breakfast. No matter what. If you don’t have time then eat it on the way, but breakfast is the best way to start the day. You need food to get your body started and to get through the day energetic.

Tip 2

Don’t put tomatoes in the fridge. They’ll lose their taste and become very watery. That doesn’t taste very well. You can keep tomatoes outside the fridge next to other fruits and stay in perfect condition and taste. So if you’ve got tomatoes in the fridge, get up and get them out of there. Really I speak the truth. (I've worked in a greenhouse full of tomatoes for 5 years and my dad works there now almost 20 years, so believe us, we're right about the tomatoes and not putting them in a fridge!)

Tip 3

Don't eat to much of a product that is good for your body. Even if it's healthy there is always a 'too much' which can cause that you miss other vitamins because you only eat that one healthy product. Eat fruit, vegetables, potatoes, meat, fish, pasta's (and everything else I missed). But keep it varying. That's what I do and I feel perfect and I'm healthy. (yes, even as a student I do my best to keep eating varying meals and not always pasta because it's easy to make.)

Xx Rianne
Monday, 7 March 2016

London Throwback

It’s time for a throwback! I was going through my London diary blogposts and saw that I made some photo promises but that I never posted the photos. Like: seeing the queen. I did see her. But I only have the princes on a good photo.

But I thought, let’s do a throwback to London. Because I miss it so much. I had the best time ever so here are some extra photos from my 10 days in London!

I think this is princes Kate in the blue.

The weird but cool toilets somewhere in a cute restaurant. It sort of looks like eggs. (And my pose is the worst)

When our trip was almost over I suddenly saw the tower bridge from our balcony. First it wasn't there and now it was!

We thought that this Caffe was called 'nerd' but it's not a 'D' it's an 'O'

Suddenly somewhere in London, when we had no idea where we were, we found this beautiful garden with a red tree!

Some important people. The whole street was blocked by policemen and -woman for them. I don't know who they are.

Here I missed the fireworks. So all that is left is the smoke that shows how the firework got up in the air... But the sky is beautifully pink don't you think? ;)

Xx Rianne
Friday, 4 March 2016

How to be Single and a Mega Popcorn

Have you ever had that you wanted to go to the cinema and that the movie that you wanted to see was sold out? I never had that before but it happened two weeks ago. Me and my bestie Saschia wanted to go to How to be Single on February 13th. So we planned a Saturday night: first a dinner (?) at McDonalds and then we’d go to the cinema. But we only had our dinner at McDonalds because the movie was sold out. We went to Sas her BF house and watched ‘wie is de mol’. The best Dutch TV program EVER!!!

Then finally, last week, me and Sas managed to find some time to go and try again to see the movie. This time the cinema was almost empty, so the reservation we made was not needed. Then we decided to buy a mega popcorn. We had never done that before and we’ve been eating the second half of the movie ALL the time. It didn’t seem to go empty. And here’s a very good tip: Don’t buy salt popcorn if you buy a big one. It was too much salt and I was thirsty the whole night. My tongue even felt weird after we finally finished the popcorn. Next time –if I’m ever going to buy a big one again- I'll take sweet. Never salt again.

But if you don’t know what to do this weekend then I do recommend you this movie. This movies storyline is bad. I don’t really know what I’ve been watching exactly but it was fun. Rebel Wilson is hilarious (as always) and Dakota Johnson plays the never-single-always-in-love person, too scared to be alone. But in the end she learns how to be single. That actually is the storyline. Not as excited as I hoped it would be but if you want a laugh and a funny night with your friends then I think that this is the right movie to watch. The jokes were good though. Especially the Lord of The Rings joke got me laughing out loud. Which is very embarrassing in a cinema, but I had a good evening with Sas!

Enjoy your weekend!

Xx Rianne
Thursday, 3 March 2016

Thursday Tips #7

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today! This week organizing tips, because I always get crazy when it's February thinking that spring is on the way and that I need to clean and organise my room...

Tip 1

Is your room a mess and you’re not the best cleaner… then here is a tip that I always use: clean everyday 10 items. And if you feel like doing more than 10 items it’s always good but if you clean everyday like socks, clothes, books, shoes. In a week your room looks so much better. And it barely took a long time! Effective cleaning! ;)

Tip 2

If you have lots of papers from school, work or because of a hobby:use special maps. I’ve got everything in maps. Blog stuff, school stuff, contracts, work papers. Everything has it’s own map and seriously those maps aren’t very organized but at least everything is at the right place and not somewhere crumpled on the floor under my desk…

Tip 3

Is your wardrobe a mess? Plan a day free with some friends and have a clean your closet day. It’s fun because your probably trying things on you forget about and you and your friend are probably lauging your head off because of funny items. (If you don't want to have a friend burying her nose in your wardrobe, then don't invite them. I sort my wardrobe out with my sister. Not with friends, but I know that some of you guys don't have a sister.) Sort out what you want and what can go to a second hand shop or you know someone or an organisation that need clothes you give your pile to them and you both are happy. You’ve got a clean wardrobe and you made some organisation very happy! Or you can sell on a fashion vintage site!

Hope this helps you a little bit! It does help me a little.

Xx Rianne