Friday, 4 March 2016

How to be Single and a Mega Popcorn

Have you ever had that you wanted to go to the cinema and that the movie that you wanted to see was sold out? I never had that before but it happened two weeks ago. Me and my bestie Saschia wanted to go to How to be Single on February 13th. So we planned a Saturday night: first a dinner (?) at McDonalds and then we’d go to the cinema. But we only had our dinner at McDonalds because the movie was sold out. We went to Sas her BF house and watched ‘wie is de mol’. The best Dutch TV program EVER!!!

Then finally, last week, me and Sas managed to find some time to go and try again to see the movie. This time the cinema was almost empty, so the reservation we made was not needed. Then we decided to buy a mega popcorn. We had never done that before and we’ve been eating the second half of the movie ALL the time. It didn’t seem to go empty. And here’s a very good tip: Don’t buy salt popcorn if you buy a big one. It was too much salt and I was thirsty the whole night. My tongue even felt weird after we finally finished the popcorn. Next time –if I’m ever going to buy a big one again- I'll take sweet. Never salt again.

But if you don’t know what to do this weekend then I do recommend you this movie. This movies storyline is bad. I don’t really know what I’ve been watching exactly but it was fun. Rebel Wilson is hilarious (as always) and Dakota Johnson plays the never-single-always-in-love person, too scared to be alone. But in the end she learns how to be single. That actually is the storyline. Not as excited as I hoped it would be but if you want a laugh and a funny night with your friends then I think that this is the right movie to watch. The jokes were good though. Especially the Lord of The Rings joke got me laughing out loud. Which is very embarrassing in a cinema, but I had a good evening with Sas!

Enjoy your weekend!

Xx Rianne
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