Monday, 7 March 2016

London Throwback

It’s time for a throwback! I was going through my London diary blogposts and saw that I made some photo promises but that I never posted the photos. Like: seeing the queen. I did see her. But I only have the princes on a good photo.

But I thought, let’s do a throwback to London. Because I miss it so much. I had the best time ever so here are some extra photos from my 10 days in London!

I think this is princes Kate in the blue.

The weird but cool toilets somewhere in a cute restaurant. It sort of looks like eggs. (And my pose is the worst)

When our trip was almost over I suddenly saw the tower bridge from our balcony. First it wasn't there and now it was!

We thought that this Caffe was called 'nerd' but it's not a 'D' it's an 'O'

Suddenly somewhere in London, when we had no idea where we were, we found this beautiful garden with a red tree!

Some important people. The whole street was blocked by policemen and -woman for them. I don't know who they are.

Here I missed the fireworks. So all that is left is the smoke that shows how the firework got up in the air... But the sky is beautifully pink don't you think? ;)

Xx Rianne
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