Thursday, 10 March 2016

Thursday Tips #8

Every Thursday I give you tips that I’ve heard of and tried out. I’ve always written them down somewhere and now I’m passing them on to you guys! Enjoy these three tips for today! This time it's a little bit about food and everything I know about it...

Tip 1

Always eat breakfast. No matter what. If you don’t have time then eat it on the way, but breakfast is the best way to start the day. You need food to get your body started and to get through the day energetic.

Tip 2

Don’t put tomatoes in the fridge. They’ll lose their taste and become very watery. That doesn’t taste very well. You can keep tomatoes outside the fridge next to other fruits and stay in perfect condition and taste. So if you’ve got tomatoes in the fridge, get up and get them out of there. Really I speak the truth. (I've worked in a greenhouse full of tomatoes for 5 years and my dad works there now almost 20 years, so believe us, we're right about the tomatoes and not putting them in a fridge!)

Tip 3

Don't eat to much of a product that is good for your body. Even if it's healthy there is always a 'too much' which can cause that you miss other vitamins because you only eat that one healthy product. Eat fruit, vegetables, potatoes, meat, fish, pasta's (and everything else I missed). But keep it varying. That's what I do and I feel perfect and I'm healthy. (yes, even as a student I do my best to keep eating varying meals and not always pasta because it's easy to make.)

Xx Rianne
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