Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Dutch Tradition: Kings Day

Another Dutch tradition that you have to know about is Kings Day! Kings Day is the king’s birthday and it’s a national free day in Holland. That day we all go crazy with our orange outfits and have a lot of fun together. And you’ve probably heard about it but I’m still going to explain a little bit how it goes here in my village!

In 2013 when our king and queen had their coronation day the date changed. We had three queens who celebrated their birthday on April 30th. Now the kings birthday is on the 27th and he changed Queens Day into Kings Day. From April 30 to April 27.

A few photo's of dressed-up people for the best 'car'. right in the corner are some friends of mine who made a formula 1 car. 
As you understood: Kings Day is the kings birthday. And our national colour is orange. So what do we do at the king’s birthday? We go as crazy and orange as we can. Everywhere in the country all villages and cities have their ‘oranje commité’. (The orange organisation.) They organise all sorts of events on the day. In our village we have a flea market a competition who makes the best ‘car’ and the whole week all sorts of parties and events for kids in the big party tent at Havenplein. 

At the end of Kings Day there is a huge party in the party tent and that’s how we end the day here in my village.

Special made for Kings Day: The Orange Tompouce
The king himself goes to a place somewhere in Holland and celebrate his birthday in that city with the people. There are a lot of old Dutch games, special food from the place (to show off to the king and queen :) ) and I think all day long the king, the queen and their three daughters are smiling and waving at all the orange crowd. That’s what their day looks like. 

Oh, and the children! I totally forgot the children. In school, the last Friday before the May holiday (which is two weeks for them) they have ‘the king games’ or ‘games of the king’. (I don’t know how to translate it but I like the second one. That sounds more like Game of Thrones
J ). It’s a whole day filled with a lot of activities and games. I never got to do it because I’m too old but I guess it’s a lot of fun for them.

If you ever get the chance, make sure you go to Holland on April 27th and dress up in orange and party along with us! Go to the flea marked, play the fun Old Dutch games like ‘koekhappen’,  ‘spijkerpoepen’ and ‘spijkerbroekhangen’.  I’m not going to explain these three games because then you guys think we’re all mad here in Holland. But make sure you come and celebrate the day with us!

More souls is more fun!

Xx Rianne
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