Monday, 11 April 2016

Life Update: Writers Block

As the title says: I had a writers block this month. I had loads of ideas but everything I tried to write sucked. I couldn’t just write one blogpost at all. Normally when I write a blogpost I write it in one session. This month I just kept writing, deleting, writing, deleting. So then I decided to put the blog pen down for a little while and see when I able again to write a proper blogpost.

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So after this break of a month I hope I can pick it up again and don’t have these writers block anytime soon again. I really hated it. I couldn’t make one normal sentence. I was a bit stressed about school because the past weeks we had a lot of deadlines to work on and I put all my energy in my school essays. After I had finished school all the happiness was drowned out of me and I just couldn’t write a happy blogpost. Also, my birthday is coming up. (This Friday!! YAY!) And that got me thinking a lot. And thinking is okay but my thinking turned into overthinking. So I also wrote about that and it’ll be a blogpost next week I think. If I’m brave enough to post my thoughts about this subject… But we'll see.

I hope you understand why I was absent for the past weeks.

Love you lots!

Xx Rianne
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